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Chapter 1

Summer Love

I wake up with a yawn. Stretching my body, I fall less than gracefully out of bed. I move to my bathroom before heading to make breakfast.

"Hey, kiddo. It's summer break, which means you get to sleep all day and party all night."

I raise my brow at my dad. He's the chief of police for this small town we live in. I find it ironic for him to tell me—his soon-to-be nineteen-year-old baby girl—to go out and party. It would almost be like the Pope giving direction of which birth control is best.

"What, kid? I mean, soon you'll be leaving for college. You've got six weeks before school starts. It's time to enjoy yourself." He kisses my head, giving me his signature sidearm hug.

It's always been me and him. I never knew my mother; she walked away when I was hours old.

"Okay, kid. I need to get to work. I've got to get things set for this new detective. He'll be starting tomorrow. Now, your direct orders are to relax and have fun – do it or I'll arrest you."

"Ah, yes, the whole failing to party law. I forgot all about it."

My dad smirks at me before he walks out the door.

I head back up to my bedroom and grab some clean clothes. I take a relaxing shower before getting dressed for the day. I go downstairs and pack a nice lunch. Leaving the house, I grab my trusty Schwinn from the garage.

I get some power and pedal as fast as I can. When I have enough speed and stop my leg movements, I lift my chin, smiling up at the sun, and let go of the handles. Most people would think this is unsafe to do, but the small town I live in doesn't have many cars on the side roads.

I reach the library and park my bike before heading inside. I love the library; it's my favorite place in the whole town. For me, it's a place full of adventure, love, hope, and dreams, with just the right amount of fear, keeping your blood pumping.


I glance down, feeling a tug at my dress.

"Hi, Seth," I say, crouching down.

"Will you read me a story?" he asks in a timid voice.

I nod with a smile and lead him to a quiet corner.

I start to read when a few more children run over and sit. They all sit in a circle, smiling and laughing with the story I'm reading.

"Come on, Bella. Read another one," Leah pleads, pouting her lip.

"I just read three books, and now, I need to go. It's time for me to take Chief Swan his lunch, or he'll be in a bad mood. You don't want that do you?"

They all shake their heads. I laugh under my breath before saying my goodbyes. I go to the desk and get the book Mrs. Cope was holding for me. I walk out to my bike, place the book in my basket, and make my way to the police station.

"Hi, Bella," Mark says as I walk past him, waving.

I knock on my dad's door before entering. "Hi, Dad," I say, walking in. "I've got your lunch."

"Thanks, kid," he says, looking at me for a moment.

"I'm going to head to the beach for a while. There's going to be a party and drinking?"

"Hmm, sounds nice. Have a good time," he replies, sounding disinterested.

I slap his arm, and he looks up at me.

"What?" he huffs.

I cross my arms, looking at him.

"Look, kid. I know about the party, and I trust you not to drink ... too much. I'm also aware you won't go swimming. Besides, Sam and Jacob will be there."

I roll my eyes, giving him an incredulous glare. "Sometimes it feels as if you want me to break the rules and party."

"Kid, I just want you to live your teen years having some fun. I did a shitload when I was your age. Hell, I got your mother pregnant when she was your age. Not that I'm saying, you should go out, have sex, and get pregnant." He stops talking and sighs. "You're eighteen, kid. I've allowed you to take care of my ass far too long. You're a teenager still, not some thirty-year-old spinster. I want to make sure you live your life. Do a few crazy things before you're thrust, face first, into the world of all work and no play," he says, tapping his messy desk.

"Fine, I'll do all the crazy stuff you said, but when I bring home some old-tattooed-motorcycle-riding dude – it'll be on your own head."

My dad grins and takes a big bite of his sandwich. "You do that, kid. Don't worry – I've saved money so you can have a pretty decent wedding."

"Ugh," I huff. "It would be more fun if you were against me having fun. Breaking the rules while trying not to get found out, it's part of the fun. Not having you beg me to go do things that are against the law," I rant. I get up and march out of his office, but stop at the door to glare at him, one last time, over my shoulder.

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