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Chapter 25 – Epilogue

Charlie Swan's POV

I feel Sue kiss my back as I pull my pants on.

"Edward and Bella are coming for dinner. They will be here soon, so none of that," I say giving her a smile in the mirror.

Sue rolls her eyes at me, but gets off the bed and starts to get dressed.

I watch her reflection the whole time. It feels good to see her in my room like this. Not just because she's now my beautiful wife of two weeks or because we just had mind blowing sex, but because my life seems to be coming together.

It's a hard life being a single father, but Bella did make it easy. If everyone had children as easy as Bella, the world would be more overpopulated than it already is. She's a good egg, and I'm a lucky man, for sure. I'd have a dozen more kids, if they could be like her.

I have always worried about her. She was such an old soul. She always faced everything with an adult mindset. Not only is she a sweet girl, but her heart is always there in all she does. Bella does and would do anything for anyone.

Two years ago, Edward—this town's very own bad boy—applied for the detective job at the station. Straight away without looking at the other applicants, I gave him the job.

I knew that I owed him; he had put some not very nice men behind bars. I also knew he wanted and needed a new start on familiar turf.

Before he arrived he asked if I would mind him wearing a police uniform, versus normal suits and dress clothing. It came as a surprise to me, at first, but he had good reasons. After all he had been through, I understood. See Edward had a deceptive past of sorts. Not just with the men he was undercover to fish out, old friends around town, but also the police men and women in the area, who had no idea who, or what he was now. I knew the uniform was his way of making sure everyone knew he was on the right side of the law.

I knew the second I saw Bella with Edward that they would be a couple. Where I was a little worried, it helped knowing that Edward was a good guy. I knew my daughter's heart would be safe with him. Slowly, with Edward's help, Bella started to come out of her shell.

Things were going so well, until she was kidnapped. Those fifty hours were the worst of my whole life. Bella still has some nightmares, even now, almost two years later. However, I knew she was fine, and was going to be fine, the day Edward and she got married.

I've never been prouder than I was that day. Not only was my daughter getting married, but she was marrying a man, I had—for several years—already thought of as a son. There was no big surprise when three months later they announced Bella was pregnant, for real this time.

Carlisle Emmett Charles Swan Cullen was born early, on the thirteenth of November. It snowed so badly the night before and the full day of, that Edward, Bella and Carlisle were snowed in at the hospital.

I walk down the stairs and start to help Sue set the table.

"Hi, Daddy," Bella says hugging me. "Sue," she greets and moves off to hug her.

"Hey, Pops," Edward says as he passes me my grandson with a smile.

"How's the station, still standing?" I ask Edward, as he grabs two beers, and heads into the living room.

"Yes, we're managing so much better without that old chief hanging around."

I roll my eyes at him. "What happened to your shoulder, Bella?" Sue asks as she follows Bella into the living room.

"Oh, nothing, just got a tattoo."

I look at Edward who's grinning, and then to Bella who's biting her lip.

"Tattoo, really, what of?" I ask nonchalantly.

"A Celtic cross," Bella says like she's worried I'll be mad.

I try not to smile, but I feel my mustache twitch a little, and I can't help but give her a big grin. "That's great kid. A Celtic cross, huh, you know I got one, too, when I was seventeen?"

"No, you don't have a tattoo, do you?" Bella says as Sue chuckles.

"He does really have one and it's a beaut," Sue says as she takes Carlisle from my lap.

"You want to see?" I ask standing up.

Bella nods, but blushes as I undo my buckle pulling down the side of my jeans so she can see the cross on my left hip.

"Nice, Dad," Bella says shaking her head while walking away.

I shrug looking to Edward, who's now holding his sides as he laughs silently.

"You couldn't give her that one?" I shake my head at him as he brings out a notepad.

"You still taking notes of this old dog?"

Edward nods. "Dad, if I'm planning to be half as good of a father as you are, then I'll learn well from it."

"You three … dinner is done," Bella says with a small glare my way.

"You'll do fine," I say to Edward as I stand. I take Carlisle back in my arms as we make our way to the dining room.

"How's the college classes going?" I ask as we all sit down.

The first year Bella did online courses, because of what happened to her. By the time her second year came round she was pregnant, so she did them online again. Now she's onto her third year, and is attending courses back in Port Angeles.

"It's going well; I'm just hoping this pregnancy goes as smooth as the last one."

I stop eating and look at her.

"You're pregnant again?"

"Yes, and I'm just glad I have someone pregnant with me this time," she says with a wink at Sue.

"Congratulations," I say to Edward and Bella.

"To you, too, Dad," Edward says as Bella nods.

I shrug a little. "Well, thank you," I chuckle out as do the others. "I just hope you have a girl this time, and then I will have one of each," I say as I start to eat.

"So you want Sue to have a boy?" Edward asks.

I shrug as my brain processes what he asked. "Wait, what?" I ask looking at Sue who looks worried.

"I'm pregnant – we're going to have our own baby," she says quietly.

I feel my breath leave my body, SHIT, I'm going be a dad again!

"Smile!" Bella says taking a photo. "I need this, for proof," she carries on as I just sit there,

"Please let this be as good as my first one," I say looking up as the others laugh.

I know right here and now – it's not going to be easy. If anything, I'll end up having a son just like Edward was ... Who am I kidding, things could be worse!

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