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Background Information: 100 years after the ring was destroyed. However, the elves haven't left Middle Earth.

"Are you done being an exile prince, Legolas?" King Thranduil murmured, hearing his son walk in from the side door to the private library. Though, the king never took his eyes off the long letter that had been sent to him from another elven king further west. Legolas sighed, walking past his father and grabbing a book off one of the many shelves in the large room.

"I doubt I'll ever be, Ada." Legolas responded, flipping through the pages of the book to get to a particular page.

"You plan on running from your duties even after my departure?"

"Perhaps." Legolas smirked to himself, knowing how to pull his father's strings.

King Thranduil chuckled "That's too bad. I thought you would be an interesting king." This sparked Legolas' attention. Legolas was instantly curious as to why he hadn't chosen the usual words; being either the 'horrible', 'unworthy', or 'disappointing' heir to the throne.

"Interesting?" Legolas questioned. "That's a new one." Legolas shut his book, no longer interested in and forgetting whatever he had been looking for before. He placed the book properly back on its shelf, slowly walking over to his father. King Thranduil smiled, however coyly as if he had planned something perfectly.

"What, did I say something to upset you?" the tall king pretended to care if he had 'unintentionally' hurt his son.

"You've never used that term to describe my possible reign."

"It seems to fit, if I'm not mistaken."

"How would it be interesting, father?" Legolas questioned, standing in front of his father now. However, not once did Thranduil look up towards his son who was eyeing him suspiciously. After sighing, Thranduil began folding his letter and stood up. Before Legolas could question his father further, the tall elven king had left the room.

Confused and agitated, Legolas decided to wander out of the palace area and into the forest, walking aimlessly. As he walked, he took in the beauty of the crisp fall foliage around him. The trees of Mirkwood were beginning to get their beautiful crimson red, sunset orange, and sunlight yellow colors that showed winter wasn't too far away. It would be hard for one not to be nostalgic in such a beautiful scene before them, Legolas remembering his friends and the quests he had only been on a hundred years ago. Now, his friends had set sailed or were simply gone.

Slowly, Legolas took out an arrow from behind him and put it in the bow Lady Galadriel had bestowed upon him so long ago. He began aiming it randomly about, remembering how this had been his most valued weapon when beating his friend Gimli in the count of dead enemies. The bow had never showed weakness, even up to this day. It was still as beautiful and resilient since he had first seen it and used it in battle. Legolas always kept the bow and his arrows on him the majority of the time.

Wandering aimlessly around the trees surrounding him, keeping the arrow close to him, something took his eyes. His eyes widened at the girl before him. She was a human in a long, light blue cloak. She put her hands up, trying to show the statuesque prince she meant no harm. As relaxed as her body appeared, her wide green eyes and quivering bottom lip said otherwise.

"I mean you n-no harm." the young girl said, keeping her hands raised. Feeling bad for frightening the girl, he lowered his bow and secured everything back in place behind him. He raised his left hand, slowly lowering it to motion the girl to lower hers hands as well. The girl complied, slowly lowering her hands as well.

"What is a human doing in the woods of Mirkwood? Not only is it dangerous, but uncommon as the human villages are a few days away by foot." This made the girl hang her head low, something obviously paining her. Legolas raised an eyebrow, walking closer to the girl. What was a human girl, let alone all by herself, doing wandering the forests of Mirkwood as dusk was almost upon them?

"I need somewhere to stay. To hide."

"What do you bring with you?" Legolas tilted his head slightly, raising an eyebrow. To hide meant she brought something heinous with her surely.

"Please...I'm the last one alive. My family and friends, all of them-" The girl began to break down and kneeled to the ground, putting her face in her hands. "-they're gone. Dead. Our village had been attacked and completely destroyed. I ran here without thinking. I apologize if I am trespassing, as I am not sure where I am."

"Mirkwood; elven land." Legolas firmly answered.

"Ahhh, elven land. That's right." the girl smiled for a moment, before giving a sullen expression, and stood up – which only puzzled Legolas further. Who in Middle Earth this girl? Why was it enlightening that she was on elven land?

"I haven't been on land like this in years." the girl now seeming to speak to no one in particular, looking around at the trees and autumn foliage surrounding them.

"Who are you?" Legolas interrupted the girl from her thoughts. Sher attention was set back at Legolas and in return she smiled warmly.

"Thalarael." she smiled lightly.

"That is a Sindarin name." Legolas bluntly stated. Was this girl trying to lie and pass as an elf, as she was definitely half a foot at least shorter than his tall elven stature. The girl lowered her hood, showing her long, golden hair to the prince. As the girl's beauty took Legolas back slightly, one thing almost brought him to complete shock. This girl had the ears of an elf. She was not human.

"An such a small height?" Legolas said, shocked. The girl's smile withered away, looking down at the ground once again.

"May I seek refuge someplace nearby? If I were to leave, I fear I'd be dead within a day. I promise they aren't behind me, but they will be looking for me within a few days."

"As kind as I am, I don't know how much help I'll be to you." Legolas sighed, beginning to walk away and leaving the girl standing there. "Follow me, I'll bring you to Ada."

"Ada...? By chance...are you the prince named Legolas?" Thalarael spoke in Sindarin tongue. Legolas looked back at the girl and nodded, his expression being otherwise unreadable. A few steps behind Legolas, she followed the prince and raised her hood once again with her long golden hair sticking out this time. Once reaching the gates, Legolas walked side by side with Thalarael, her keeping her head lowered to not gain much attention. However, her height being 5'6" (168 cm) was definitely attention worthy amongst the tall elves who seemed to tower over her. Incomprehensible whispers being heard all over the palace.

After a few minutes of walking, Legolas opened two lavishly decorated large doors and showing a large throne room. A little frightened at the beautiful yet exceptional place she was in now, immediately taking her breath away as soon she saw walked inside the large, elaborate room, Thalarael stuck a bit closer to Legolas. Legolas raised an eyebrow, but did not say a word. Soon, they were in front of King Thranduil, who was reading a long-yellowed parchment letter. Taking his time, Thranduil waited a few moments before looking up at who was visiting him. However, he was quickly interested when he saw the small human girl next to his son.

"What do we have here?" King Thranduil spoke, looking over at his son who just stared right back at him. Thranduil was unable to read his son's expression; a gift Legolas had gotten from his father.

"I found her wandering in our woods. She seems to be seeking refuge." Legolas calmly spoke, hoping that it would keep his father from getting upset. However, King Thranduil instantly stood up from his seat in a fury.

"What have you brought to my lands!?" he eyed the girl, who had yet to look up at him.

"My lord, I apologize. Orks had devastated my village. I am the last person alive and, surely, they will come after me. I apologize for everything, I had no intention of coming onto Elven land and bringing any problems. If I can't stay here, I will leave immediately and promise to never be in your sight again."

"Of course, you can't stay here! You bring murderers onto my land and expect a warm welcome? Get out! Both of you! Only you, girl, far away from here!" King Thranduil's enraged voice echoed throughout the room the room, breaking the moment of silence afterwards.

"I understand." Thalarael's voice began to crack, realizing her fate.

"Ada, she isn't what she seems." Legolas quickly interjected, feeling bad for the young girl. The girl looked up at Legolas, confused as to why he was seemingly try to help her. Legolas looked at the girl, also confused why he was putting his energy to helping this random girl.

"Excuse me?" King Thranduil's eyes now pierced into him, Legolas no longer to look towards his father.

"Lower your hood. Don't be scared." Legolas whispered, only Thalarael barely able to pick up his words. King Thranduil raised an eyebrow, questioning what his son had said to the girl.

"What are you doing, Legolas?" the king spoke in Sindarin, thinking the girl wouldn't understand. Right after finishing his words, the king's eyes widened and mouth became slightly agape at the sight of the girl as she looked at King Thranduil while taking off her hood. She was beautiful, even more beautiful than most elves, but she also obtained the ears of an elf.

"An elleth? How is that possible? Your body is that of an elf, all except in height." The king smirked, now instantly curious as to who this girl was and what stories she had to offer. "What is your age, elleth?"

"A little over one hundred years old, my lord." She responded in Sindarin, making the king smile slightly in awe. Legolas looked at Thalarael, for some reason surprised at her age. He knew she was not a human, so her age would be frozen at a certain point, but she didn't seem to be that old for some odd reason.

"How young. I figured you at least half a century. Though, how do you know Sindarin if you were raised in a human village?"

"My parents had taught me the language of men and Sindarin before their demise."

"I've never seen an elleth such as yourself. You're height is that of a human, however your features are that of a Silvan Elf, no doubt. Who or what were your parents. What is your name?"

"My name is Thalarael. I haven't any other names. My Father was a pure elf and my mother born from both a human and elf."

"I'm still surprised you aren't any taller, though I don't think I have ever met anyone like you. A 3/4th elf? Aren't you a little fallen bird?"

"Father..." Legolas said, clearly uncomfortable at how rude his father was beginning to speak. Thranduil shrugged off his son's chastise.

"I guess it be true what you say, my lord. I barely know anything of myself. I lived in a human village by myself ever since my parents being killed when I was very young. Since then, I raised myself one could easily say."

"Fascinating!" King Thranduil clasped his hands together, making a loud clap that even startled Legolas and Thalarael. His letter fell to the floor, King Thranduil not even seeming to care nor notice. "You must reside here in Mirkwood, my dear. I will have some of my guards search the outskirts of the woods and see how far those treacherous beasts are from us."

"Thank you, my lord." Thalarael curtsied, trying to contain her shock while gently smiling and looking at the floor. Legolas almost felt his jaw drop at his father's sudden actions. He was allowing the girl to stay even though she brought trouble with her. How had his father suddenly harness a heart? Thranduil was a cold, calculating person who only looked for benefits wherever possible. Otherwise, he didn't mind being your enemy. A person's hate didn't matter to him. It was what you had to offer him that only counted to him. Right now, this girl didn't seem to offer the king anything in Legolas' opinion.

"Legolas, show her to a guest room." Legolas simply nodded, taking Thalarael with him out of the throne room and down multiple hallways. As they walked, he wondered what his father could possibly be thinking. He had never been a merciful king, let alone man. What was it about this girl that changed his mind? Finally, they reached a room.

"You may reside here, as this room is for guests of purpose. I assume my father will want to talk to you further so do expect a servant to come to your door soon."

"Thank you, my lord. For everything." Thalarael smiled, finally looking at the prince again and exposing her entire face. Legolas looked down at her, trying to figure out what his father must have in store. He couldn't help but pity the girl.

"If you need anything, I reside down the hallway on the left." Thalarael curtsied and walked into her room, gently shutting the door behind her.

Legolas, wanting to know what was going on in his father's sick mind, quickly paced back to the throne room. He wasn't sure what his father was going to say or how he would respond to his father. Would he stand with the girl or let her perish? What did it matter of this girl's existence? Once again opening the two large doors, he slammed them shut against him before speaking.

"What do you intend for the young one?" Legolas yelled, his hands now in tight fists. Thranduil began to laugh, only lighting the fire inside Legolas further.

"Ahhh, welcome back son." Thranduil sarcastically spoke, putting the letter he had been previously reading down once again and giving a small, snake-like smile to his son. Legolas then raised an eyebrow. Had his father gone mad...or more sadistic?

"What do you have planned? You're never this gracious." Legolas questioned. Thranduil looked back down at the yellowing parchment in his hands, ignoring his son's insult.

"Thalarael is to be betrothed to me."

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