Elizabeth offered to keep the kids overnight to give her daughter a chance to look after JJ.

Emily had watched JJ hold Sam then Kendra. Henry was asleep so the blond kissed his forehead.


The brunette turned to her mother who cautiously reached out to touch her swollen lip.

"The person responsible?"


Elizabeth nodded with satisfaction. "You?"


Elizabeth knew how to read body language and could see that her future daughter in law was in a considerable amount of pain.

"Shouldn't she have gone to a hospital?"

Emily shook her head, "One thing you need to know is FBI agents hate hospitals. Besides they are the best thing for her right now." She added nodding towards the two teenagers.

Elizabeth trusted her daughter to know best.

"Mom? You're both hurt."

Emily pulled Sam gently into her arms. "We'll be okay."

"Thank you," mumbled the teenager into her mom's shoulder. "For bringing her home."

Emily kissed the top of her head as JJ came over. "I'll come get you tomorrow."

"Nonsense," said Elizabeth, "I'll bring them. You concentrate on your girl." That statement sounded so odd coming from the ex-ambassador that Emily had to smile. It also showed the level of acceptance she had not expected. She surprised both of them by hugging her mother.

"I promise I will. Can you pick up Rex too, Penelope has him."

"I will take care of everything," Elizabeth assured the younger brunette.

After another round of hugs Emily led her fiancé to the elevator then to her car. As she drove she kept half an eye on the blond sat silently beside her fully aware that what she had just lived through hadn't hit her yet. She was glad that their home would be empty. JJ was going to need her undivided attention.


Trish woke at first light, her body curled around her very naked girlfriend. It was the first time they'd been intimate since Carmen had been rescued. In a lot of ways it had been like their first time all over again except this time it was Trish who was doing all the reassuring.

Carmen had been so self-conscious about her brand so Trish had done what Kendra had done to Sam and kissed it, showing her girlfriend that it didn't change how she felt one bit. They had come to an agreement about college. Carmen was going to only be one state away and was going to come home at weekends or Trish would go visit. When Trish graduated they were going to get a small apartment off campus.

Very gently Trish ran her fingers down the ex-cheerleaders back.

"That feels so nice."

"I thought you were still asleep." Trish started kissing the back of her neck and was interrupted by her phone ringing. She reached over to switch it off when she spotted that it was Sam and because it was so early she knew something was wrong.

"Hey Sam?" Trish was lying across Carmen's body. "What's up?"

Carmen watched as Trish suddenly sat up as white as a sheet, "Are they okay? Are you okay?"



JJ had cried on and off for hours before falling into an exhausted sleep Emily had held her through all of it.

The brunette had helped her lover shower and had seen the full extent of Askari's handiwork. The only thing that had stopped her being sick was that it would freak JJ out.

In a lot of ways what JJ had endured was worse than what she had at Doyle's hands. The worst thing for Emily was when he had branded Sam.

She knew the next few weeks are months were going to be tough on all of them. She had said that they could put the wedding back by a week or two but JJ had gotten even more upset.

Not wanting her fiancé to wake up alone she sat next to her as the sun rose.

JJ felt like she'd been hit by a truck. She could feel Emily's body heat next to her.

"Jen?" The brunette made coffee and persuaded her to eat a slice of toast before talking her to the doctors. It took nearly two hours for the doctor who saw them to give them some ointment for the burns that was only slightly better then what they could buy over the counter.

Emily had called the school and told them that Sam would be out for the rest of the week. On the way home they picked up Henry and the girls. As they was passing Elizabeth's hotel anyway it made no sense leave them till later then they swung by Quantico to get Rex. The brunette went in by herself knowing that JJ wouldn't want to be overwhelmed by their friends and co-workers.

JJ had sent a text telling them that she would be okay and that the wedding was still on.

Emily was still uncertain about that but if focusing on that special day would help JJ then she wasn't going to take it away from her. For the first time she was also considering some kind of family therapy thing. She had gone to one or two with Sam and those sessions had helped the teenager tremendously.

"Honey, are you sure? No one will mind."

"Maybe not," replied JJ softly leaning back into Emily as they sat on the sofa watching game shows. "But I will."

Emily's response was to hug her future wife tighter.

"Thinking of all of you and the wedding gave me strength when l didn't think I had any left." JJ moved so she could snuggle into the taller brunette's side.

"Life's too short to waste even a second of it. I have been waiting to be your wife since you asked me to marry you."

"So have I," admitted Emily quietly. "I just don't want to push yourself."

"Em, I don't have to push myself to marry you."

The brunette gently cupped the blond's cheek and locked their gazes as she studied the shorter woman. She saw no hesitation.

"I promise to rest when I need to and talk." They both knew she also have to talk to the FBI shrink.

"Okay," sighed Emily, she was well and truly wrapped around the bond's finger.


Trish and Carmen had been horrified when they'd arrived. JJ had hugged both girls to prove that she was okay.

Sam's eyes were still a little bit red but after the last few weeks no one commented she just got more hugs than normal from her friends.

Kendra was steadily improving with helped to lift everyone's spirits.

The next day the wedding plans started back up again and JJ's parents arrived. As much as they'd wanted to come down JJ had assured them she was alright and that the wedding was only days away. Reluctantly they had agreed.

Sandy brought her own wedding dress with her. Emily was under orders not to peek.

The Jareau's whisked JJ off for some quality family time, they had wanted to uphold the tradition of them sleeping separately but JJ needed Emily's arms around her at night to get to sleep. Not that either would get much sleep the night before.

Rossi looked smug when he told them his house was ready. The flowers and caterers had been arranged for the big day.

"Thank you so much," said Emily sincerely.

"What's the good of having a huge house if I can't share it with my friends?" His wedding present to the couple was to fly Shirley and Gloria out for the ceremony.

Trish and Carmen were staying over the night before the wedding. Sam had made a chart that had the last 48 hrs written down on it and as each one was crossed off she got more and more excited.

"I can't wait for tomorrow," whispered Sam as she snuggled up to Kendra, all her worries of accidentally hurting her in the past.

"I know," chuckled Kendra, "The faster you go to sleep the faster it will be here."


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