JJ woke up to a soft kiss on her cheek, it was still dark. "Em?"

"I'm here sweetheart." Emily grinned down at her fiancé

"We don't have to get up yet," groaned JJ wrapping her arms around the brunette's neck and pulled her down on top of her.

"Tut tut tut," chuckled Emily, "Save it for the honeymoon. "

JJ pouted, "We've already had it."

"What?" The brunette pulled back confused.

"What's your definition of getting married?"

Emily raised a curious eyebrow.

"Humour me."

"Okay. Giving myself to you mind, body and soul. Holding nothing back."

JJ kissed the end of the brunette's nose then her lips.

"You've already done that."


"The first time we made love."

Emily stared in wonder into the tear filled blue eyes of her soulmate. The love she saw took her breath away.

"You are so beautiful," she whispered, ever so gently rushing a lock of blond hair away from her face. The bruising from Askari's beating had mostly faded.

"I gave myself to you that day too."

"So why are we having this ceremony then?"

JJ grinned and pulled her down for another kiss. "To show everyone else that I belong to you and you to me. I love you."

"I love you."


Sam bounced out of bed, got tangled in her sheets and landed on the floor hard. Three pillows were lobbed in her direction for waking them up at such an ungodly hour. It didn't help that they talked for hours before eventually falling asleep.

"Come on guys," whined the young brunette, "I want to make them breakfast in bed."

Trish and Carmen laughed at their friend before following her down to the kitchen. Kendra went to check on Henry so that Sam's moms could lie in.

The breakfast wasn't fancy, just toast and eggs with coffee or orange juice. Sam carried the tray and Trish knocked on the door then left.

"Are you guys decent?"

"Cheeky monkey," grinned Emily as she opened her door. JJ reached around the older brunette for the food tray while Emily pulled her daughter into the room.

"Have you eaten?"

"It's for you…." A slice of toast was popped into her mouth. Sam chewed as she watched her parents eat.

"Thanks Sam," said JJ hugging the teenager. "This is the second best start to the day."

Sam coughed as she saw a blush spread across her mother's cheeks. "Too much information!"

JJ bit her lip stop herself from laughing, then sighed as soon as they were finished they were separating to get ready. As JJ's parents were staying with Rossi she would go there to get dressed.

Sam carried JJ's bag downstairs while Emily kissed her again and for once the teen didn't tease. The kiss was so full of promise that it made Sam blush.

Derek drove up with Penelope as JJ left.

Emily showered then let Garcia lose on her hair and make-up. Sandy would be helping JJ.

Elizabeth had offered to watch her grandson letting everybody else concentrate on what they needed to do.

Sam was getting nervous both her mom and JJ had asked her to give a speech. To help settle her nerves she went to get a soda from the fridge. She heard singing coming from the nursery. Her grandmother was bouncing her brother on her knee and singing, it sounded like Italian. Sam snuck away unnoticed. Trish, Carmen and Kendra had dresses while Sam had a simpler version of the pant suit that her mom was going to wear. Her mom had a jacket while she had a waistcoat. Dresses and the young brunette didn't mix.

Kendra did get her to sit down long enough to have her make-up done.

Carmen looked drop dead gorgeous. Trish was stunning Sam had done a double take to make sure it was indeed her but it was seeing Kendra that made her lower jaw hit the floor. Kendra was a tomboy as well and the first time seeing her in a form hugging dress sent Sam's heartbeat rocketing.

Kendra grinned and kissed Sam's cheek. Her girlfriend looked very hot too, the white pants and waistcoat with a pale pink shirt. Sam really wasn't a pink person but the colour was subtle enough for her to forget that it was pink. Their dresses were a mix of brighter pink and white. She had no idea where JJ and Garcia had found them.

Derek and Elizabeth drove them all to Rossi's making sure that the two brides did not see each other. Only Sam and Elizabeth went with Emily. Henry was with Kendra.

The brunette had never imagined her own mother being present on her wedding day and she found that it meant more to her than she thought it would. She was also beginning to not hate her surname. When they'd discussed it JJ had been prepared to be a Prentiss and Emily a Jareau and if things with her mother hadn't improved dramatically she had been very tempted to change but now they decided to double barrel it. Soon they would both officially be Mrs Prentiss Jareau.

JJ stood still while Sandy smoothed out the ankle length shirt. The dress was sleeveless with a flowing skirt, the top was embroidered with a flowery pattern.

"You look gorgeous, honey." Smiled Sandy with tears in her eyes, her baby was getting married.

"Mom please don't cry," begged JJ, "Penelope said I'm not allowed to make my make-up run."

Her father's voice came through the door after a quiet knock. "We're ready."


Sam stood holding Kendra's hand as she watched David Rossi escort her mom and Grampa Jordan JJ from opposite sides of the garden to meet in the middle. Both of them looked amazing.

Emily almost stumbled when she saw the vision that was her soon to be wife. David chuckled. This union would last the distance.

The team and their families and closest friends were sat behind. Penelope and Derek were the best man and maid of honour.

The ceremony was traditional with the usual vows most of which they'd already proved they would uphold especially the 'in sickness and in health one'.

In fact thinking about it Sam knew nothing would change. Her mom's couldn't love each other any more than they already did.

Penelope was sniffing at how beautiful her friends were. She'd always thought none of the guys JJ had dated were good enough for her but Gumdrop was made for her.

"You may kiss your bride."

Emily smiled at JJ and mouthed the words I love you before gently kissing her shorter blond soulmate. Then unable to help herself she picked her up and spun her around laughing.

The food was amazing Sam wanted to get her speech over with so as soon as everybody's plates were full Sam stood up keeping hold of her girlfriend's hand.

"My mom is my hero, she has always put me first. I know some folks back in London thought it was weird that she didn't date but I really believe that she was waiting to meet JJ. I don't know how many kids can say they watched their mom fall in love but I can. I couldn't ask for a better step mom. JJ is one in a billion." The teenager didn't dare look at her step mom knowing that JJ's eyes would be full of tears, "I know no matter what they will always be there for each other. Mom, JJ I love you both." Sam sat down to loud applause and exhaled loudly. Kendra kissed her cheek and squeezed her hand, she was so proud of her girlfriend.

The toasts continued until a limo arrived to take them to the airport. It was only for the weekend and Henry was going with them but the two SSA's always loved spending as much time as possible with their young son.

Every one waved as the limo whisked Emily and Jennifer Prentiss Jareau away.


EPILOGUE (5 years later)

"Okay. Remember what I told you buddy?" asked Emily kneeling down so she was on level with a hyper excited Henry.

"Don't bounce."


"Be quiet so I don't wake my new brother and sister."

"Good boy," chuckled Emily hugging her son. A lot of changes had happened at the BAU since Emily and JJ had gotten married. Hotch and Haley had separated and Hotch had someone new and not wanting to repeat the same mistakes had transferred to a desk job and Emily had been promoted to Unit Chief. Morgan had left too when his girlfriend discovered she was pregnant and he didn't want his kid growing up without a father like he had.

In their personal lives Sam and Kendra had gone off to college. Elizabeth had bought them an apartment off campus. And last holidays they had come home they had gotten engaged. JJ had won a hundred bucks for betting it would happen while they were still in college while Emily had bet it would be after they graduated. As much as Sam enjoyed her doing her law degree she didn't like its limitations and had started thinking about joining the FBI like her mom's.

And both agents wanted more kids so as soon as Henry turned four JJ had started IVF. Emily had offered but JJ had pointed out that she could be pregnant and still be an effective media liaison slash profiler while Emily was needed in the field.

Then they'd found out that they were having twins, a boy and a girl. Sam and Henry were to pick their names.

Elizabeth Penelope after their grandmother and aunt and David Michael after their adopted grandpa Rossi.

The Ambassador had sworn to see her latest grandchildren and a very frail Elizabeth was sat in the waiting room in a wheelchair with the rest of the team. Her treatments had worked giving her a few more precious years and the first time Emily had told her that she loved it had reduced both of them to tears.

The girls were on their way, they had been getting the house and nursery ready. To be able to have her whole family on hand JJ had agreed to a C-section so Sam and her new fiancé could be home to meet their new siblings.

In fact Sam was coming in JJ's SUV and Emily had told them to use the sirens.

Emily knocked on the door and Let Henry in.


The brunette winced as their son scrambled onto the bed into JJ's open arms.

"Hey, sport."

"Are they sleepin?" asked Henry with a pout exactly like JJ's.

"Yes," chuckled JJ pointing to the two cots by the bed. "You slept a lot when you were a baby too."

Emily lifted Elizabeth out, the baby was blond and her brother had dark hair.


Sam came in panting with an equally breathless Kendra behind her.

"Did you break the land speed record?" teased JJ hugging the new arrivals. Sam grinned and took her baby sister from her mom while Kendra gently stroked David's head. Their eyes met and they both knew one day they'd have kids of their own.

"Do you want to go get grandma?" asked Emily then laughed as her hyper child leapt off the bed and ran to get the rest of the team to meet the newest members of their family.


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