Alrighty then, this is my first fanfiction and by the way it is ONLY rated T for the fighting. Also this is my first fanfiction so don't be so hard on me okay. I will be replying to reviews in the begging, also i will be accepting character questions which will be at the end. finally, I MIGHT be accepting OCs you never know.


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Chapter 1 Transported

Jake was a kid who did fine in school, had a few friends, but that all changed one fateful night. Jake was riding home on his bike when he saw a strange, large, blocky object, it looked like a grass block from minecraft, which some just mined with a shovel, it was just floating, and spinning like it defied gravity. He reached to pick it up but then he was blinded in a streak of white light. He opened his eyes and to his surprise he saw a square, cow head staring at him. He sat up in his bed which was not a square to his surprise. He sighed and got on his school clothes and headed out the door, and he forgot his homework, again. School. The teacher yelled at Jake with anger, and disappoint "Jake William Wingting!" Jake hinged at the laughter of his classmates when the teacher said his last name, how much he hated his last name words can't even describe it. "I can't believe you, forgot your homework for the 10th time this month!" "I'm truly, truly, sorry I was just running out the door and..." Jake said. "And nothing you will report to the principle!" "But..." "But, nothing!" Jake trudged through the laughing, and pointing students around him, and went straight to the principle's office. "Hey, principle's office again?" One of Jake's best friends Emily who had blond hair, a couple of freckles and usually wore all yellow, asked. "Yeah, again." Jake replied. Jake continued down the hallway straight for the principle's office. But, to his surprise he found a empty computer in the library and started to put on minecraft. But, again to his surprise a strange message was written across the screen it read. Minecraft. Did you know... it's in danger... you need to help them... come on... click the link... Minecraft the new mod... "Huh I didn't know they made a new mod." Jake whispered to himself. He slowly moved the mouse to the link and he was enveloped in a bright light. Just like his dream...

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