DeAth to Secrets

Hello PLL Fandom! This is our first collaborating story written by Writingisbeauty and Mimi1239. I am Mimi1239 and I am publishing this on my account. Neither of us have ever published a PLL story on here but I will be writing one on my own pretty soon (you can check out the summary on my profile). We hope you all enjoy our take on season 6. If you guys enjoy stories from the Girl Meets World or Stand By Me archive, you're in luck! You can check out some of our other stories and if you enjoy this story, you can follow us on our Twitter: PllFanfic (Writingisbeauty's account) and mine is MimiFanFic1239. Whelp, I guess that's it. Let's get started! :)

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Summary: Taken place right after the events of Welcome to the Dollhouse. Spencer, Hanna, Emily, Aria and Mona are still trapped inside the dollhouse with no way out, or so they think. Spencer is still coming to terms with what she discovered in the vault and the girls unravel a shocking discovery, making them doubt everything they ever knew was true. Will they ever escape the nightmarish dollhouse? Who is this ChArles man who has been torturing the girls for so long? Secrets will be uncovered, lies will die. The mystery will finally be reveAled right here! First time collaborating story written by Writingisbeauty and Mimi1239.

Spencer's Point of View

Wednesday, March 25th, 2012, Dollhouse, 11:32 P.M

I stared at the wall blankly. It had been an hour since we discovered that we were trapped inside the dollhouse in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees and a big electric fence, but the shocked expression had yet to leave my face. Who was this Charles man? What on earth had we done to cause him to hate us so much? I started to think about the video that I came across of in the vault. I turned to face the other girls who were sitting around the dining room table, looking just as shocked and horrified as I was. I was going to tell them about the video, but then quickly realizing that there was a high possibility that Charles was watching our every move, I opted out of saying anything. The silence in the room felt eerie; we were all so shocked about what was happening hence why we didn't know how to communicate with one another like we normally did.

"Prom was fun, wasn't it?" Mona asked after the hour had passed, completely breaking the silence in the room. I turned to look at her, and caught her eyes meeting with mine. I scoffed, not completely sure if it was the vain side of Mona talking, or if she was only being sarcastic to lighten up the mood in this cold, dark, and miserable place.

The four of us exchanged looks; without a word slipping out of lips we were able to say as much to each other as if we did talk. We were able to do so because of the two years we'd spent having each other's backs. Although with Mona, it was different. One minute, she was devising an escape plan with us, and then the next, she was Alison, being 'A's puppet. She was difficult to read, even for me.

But that didn't matter anymore. What Mona said gave me enough courage to say what I said next.

"It was great," I responded when no one else would. Though my voice was only dripping in sarcasm, I put on a noticeably fake smile to put more emphasis on my statement. "I wonder what's next? Are we going to plan our graduation in here? College? Our weddings?"

"Spencer-" Emily started before I cut her off.

"No Emily!" I shouted angrily, lifting myself off my chair with great force. "If 'A' wants to keep us trapped in here as his dolls, I want to know for how long before he plans on killing us."

"Let's not be pessimistic Spence," Mona stated in her calm, soothing voice, manifestly speaking as Alison would. "You always were the downer of the group. Let's try to have fun."

I wanted to grab onto Mona's shoulders and shake her abruptedly, shouting in her face that she was not Alison, that she was Mona Vanderwaal, and I almost did for a second until I remembered that Mona was playing 'A's game. She was pretending to be Alison to fool 'A' or Charles into thinking he was still in control of everything, in spite of the events that had just occurred.

"Spencer's right Mo- Alison," Hanna argued, catching herself before she accidentally blurted out 'Mona.'

"What if we never get out of here guys?" Aria worried.

"We have to!" I snapped. "We're not going to let 'A' win!"

My hands flew to cup my ears tightly as the stupid alarm unexpectedly blasted through all the rooms in the dollhouse. We all looked at one another as we cringed at the sharp and loud noise painfully piercing through our ears. Getting up from the dining table, we each jogged our way back to our replicated rooms before the doors shut behind us and we were trapped yet again.

I sighed with exasperation. If there was one thing I wasn't going to do, was let 'A', or Charles win. I promised myself I wouldn't.

I paced around my room for a short while, knowing fully well that Charles was watching my every move through the surveillance cameras he had stored in every inch of the dollhouse. In every problem or situation, there was always a solution. What was this one? How were we supposed to escape this dollhouse?

I let myself fall backwards on my bed, knowing that I would have to ponder on this thought longer than I had with any problem that I ever had to encounter before. In all my life, I had grown to believe that every problem was to be solved with reason and logic. My parents called it 'The Hasting Way.' Now that I was stuck between these four walls with no way out, everything I had ever believed in was slowly starting to vanish out of my mind and into non-existence.

I lied awake while staring at the ceiling of my 'bedroom.' I had never been so terrified about what was to come, for this was a whole new level of intensity for 'A' or Charles, and I knew that the nightmare had only just begun. I thought back to the video that I had seen in the vault. The video had Mrs. DiLaurentis holding a baby, and two blonde boys were running around her. I didn't know how old these boys were, but I could tell that this meant that Charles was somehow connected to the DiLaurentis family. Maybe Mrs. Dilaurentis had another son? It still didn't make sense though, because if Mrs. DiLaurentis had another son, Alison or Jason would have mentioned it before. A sudden noise made me jump in shock. I sat up from the bed and watched the door as my heart pounded hard in my chest. I sighed with relief when Mona appeared.

"It's you," I whispered under my breath, sighing with relief.

"Come on, we have three minutes," Mona replied urgently in a serious tone. She was back to being Mona, which I was relieved about. She played a fairly convincing Alison, which usually made me doubt if she was on our side or not. However, when it came to our secret meetings in the middle of the night, I was almost sure she wasn't playing us. Almost.

I nodded my head and followed her down the hallway.

"Why aren't the girls coming with us?" I asked with a puzzled expression in a whisper.

"Because I need to talk to you alone," she answered back, also in a low whisper.

"Okay, what is it?" I asked once we got to the end of the corridor and stopped.

"What did you see in the vault? I need to know," she inquired demanding with a cold hard glare. I looked at her skeptically. I wasn't sure that I trusted her completely with the information. It wasn't that I didn't like Mona, because I had grown to like her, but we were getting so many mixed messages from her, and she wasn't exactly the most trustworthy person that I knew.

"Why should I tell you? How do I know you're not working for 'A' again?" I questioned while crossing my arms stubbornly.

Mona rolled her eyes in annoyance. "Spencer, you need to trust me. You were in the vault longer than I was, so did you see anything that could help us find out who 'A' is?"

I couldn't help but notice how ironic the situation was; Mona was helping us find out who 'A' was, when less than one year prior to this she was 'A' herself. I unfolded my arms, and prepared to speak.

"Okay, fine yes. There was a video playing in the vault before you got there. Two blonde boys were running around, and then Mrs. DiLaurentis appeared with a baby girl and told the two boys to say goodnight to their 'sister.'"

Mona's eyes widened. "And did you see anything else?"

I hesitated. "Yeah…" I said, but was unable to finish my sentence.

"Spencer, we're all in this together," Mona said in a harsh tone. "I'm trying as hard as I can to show you girls that I am still on your side. That I am not letting 'A' win."

I stayed silence for a few seconds after that, until I realized we weren't getting anywhere with my resistance so I finally spoke.

"I saw Charles in the vault, but I don't know who he really is because he was masked-" Mona cut me off.

"Wait you saw Charles in the vault face-to-face and you didn't call out to us, or try and rip his mask off?" she asked with a look of disbelief and anger.

I shrugged my shoulders. "Yeah well I would have, but then you interrupted me Mona, and he ran off." I retorted with an icy glare. "You realize we only have around one minute right? So we can't just waste time talking about pointless things."

"Alright fine," she responded with the classic Mona Vanderwaal eye roll. "So what do you think the video means?"

"I don't know. I've been trying to figure that out. I mean, the boys in the video are clearly related to Alison right?"

"I have no clue. But I promise you I will find out," she stated with much determination.

I sighed when I looked down at my watch. It was almost time to go back into our rooms, and we hadn't come up with many answers at all.

"Yeah maybe, but we can't discuss this further, we have to go back to our rooms now," I said, slightly moaning in frustration. "How on earth are we going to discuss our theories, and find out who 'A' is, when we only have three minutes of freedom to do so?"

"I know that it feels like torture Spencer, but if we stay on 'A's good side, we might get more answers." I rolled my eyes. I didn't want to let 'A' win, but I knew that Mona was right. I also knew that if we acted out again the consequences would be severe. I reluctantly nodded my head, and then Mona and I headed toward our replicated rooms.

The next morning dawned much too early; I had barely slept the entire night. 'A' or Charles was constantly on my mind and it was killing me that I still couldn't figure out who he was.

As I started to hop out of the bed, I noticed a box that was lying on the head of the bed, with a little red note on the top. I crawled over to the end of the bed and picked up the small note, opening the elegant looking box, for I was curious about the contents. I opened it to find a silk blue cocktail dress with pearls sewn into the seams, as well as a matching bracelet. I shook my head in a disgusted manner; I found it really creepy that the same person, who was torturing us, also happened to be sending us gifts. I then glanced at the note, and read it, 'Spencer we're having a party and you're invited!' I rolled my eyes, closing the box and tossing the note aside. I frowned up at the camera and hopped off my bed. I really hoped that Charles was getting the message; I was no longer going to play his warped game, and be his little 'puppet.'

After putting on my orange jumpsuit on again, I exited my bedroom, and Aria, Hanna and Emily were waiting for me in the hallway also wearing their orange jumpsuits.

"Morning," I stated, faking a slight smile, but it merely turned back into a frown. Being happy in this prison/dollhouse was hard to accomplish.

"Morning Spence," Emily responded while smiling happily, but I could tell despite her outward positive attitude that deep down being stuck in the dollhouse was killing her just the same.

"So did you guys get gifts from 'A'?" I questioned curiously. The girls nodded their heads simultaneously.

"Yeah, we're going to a party. I'm excited!" Emily exclaimed with a simulated perky manner. I knew that she wasn't actually excited, but all of the pretending was driving me insane. I just wanted to tell the truth, that I didn't want to be one of 'A's puppets anymore. It was time that we as a united front took a stand.

"You're excited Em?" I asked, raising an eyebrow in suspicion. "Well I'm not. I'm not excited to be stuck in this god damn prison. I'd rather be stuck in a real prison than be in here!" I felt like screaming until my lungs fell out. I was frustrated, tired, lonely, upset and most of all I was homesick.

"Spencer," Emily warned.

"No, Spencer's right Em. We shouldn't be doing this. I don't want to feed into his little creepy ass game," Hanna contributed with a shake of her head.

"Okay, guys stop. Think about what will happen if you keep on arguing about this. There isn't any point at the moment," Aria stated, trying to bring peace to our slight argument. "Where's Mona- I mean Alison?" she asked curiously while glancing around the empty hallway.

"I have no idea," Hanna replied, sighing as her eyes started to fill with worry. "I hope she's okay."

"She'll be fine Han, she's probably doing something for Charles," Emily said, trying to reassure her.

A little while later, Aria, Hanna, Emily and I were sitting down on the dining table, and we had just finished our breakfast. Mona walked up to us, dressed as Alison, once again, though she had changed her outfit; she was now wearing a denim skirt, with a pink strapless shirt and her new blonde curly hair was bouncing on her shoulders.

"Hey Ali, where were you?" Hanna inquired.

"Probably being the ever so perfect minion for Charles," I said under my breath, though I wasn't as quiet as I thought I was.

Mona glared at me, and it seemed as if Mona's true side was accidentally showing. "Wow Spence, good one. Did you have a bowl of bitchy for breakfast or what?" she questioned. I realized that all my snappy comment and crappy attitude was probably making Charles suspicious, so I knew that I had to change my attitude.

I faked a forgiving smile. "You know what? You're right, I'm sorry. I know you're not Charles minion Ali, I'm just really tired and was taking it out on you guys, but that isn't an excuse." I felt like kicking myself. I didn't want to suck up to Charles, but I knew that it was probably one of the only ways to keep us safe.

"That's okay Spencer," Mona replied, quickly forgiving me. "I'm actually organizing a house party for us. It's going to be great, trust me."

"Why a house party?" Emily asked with both a curious and confused manner.

'Ali' chuckled like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Because the popular girls always throw house parties of course, so if we want to be popular then I have to throw one. And I promise you, you won't wanna miss it."

I then realized what was happening; Charles wanted Mona to recreate the house party that Alison hosted somewhere back in 2008 or 2009. I couldn't remember when exactly because my head was starting to spin with questions, but I did remember a conversation that Ali and I had back then. She said something similar to what Mona had just said.

The party Alison had thrown years ago ended badly. Melissa, Ian, Garrett, Jason and Alison had gotten into a really huge argument over something and Alison refused to tell me what it had been about. Remembering that much, I had a sneaky suspicion that whatever Charles was planning on getting out of this party was going to end tragically.

After getting ready with the dresses and gifts Charles had presented us with, Hanna, Aria, Emily and I entered 'Alison's' house party. The room was filled with colorful lights and loud party music that almost made my eyes blind and my ears bleed. Mona really did recreate Alison's party. My eyes scanned the room some more, until they landed on some of the most disturbed things I had ever seen. Replicated mannequins of Melissa, Ian, Jason, and Garrett.

My eyes widened as large as dinner plates.

"Oh my god," I managed to choke out, pointing my index finger at the objects before us.

"What's wrong Spence?" Hanna asked worriedly, guiding her concerns by the shocked look on my face. The girls followed my hard gaze to what was in front of us.

"Oh my god," Emily gasped.

"This is beyond creepy," Hanna commented with the same amount of disgust as the rest of us.

"What is this? A creep party for his dolls?" Aria hypothesized.

"And we're his dolls too?" Emily wondered.

"I have no idea," I responded, while still staring at the dolls with a stunned manner. It was probably one of the most creepiest things that 'A' had ever done, and I was as frozen as a statue. I then heard the click clacking sound of stiletto's, and turned around to see Mona walking toward us (she was also wearing the exact same outfit that Alison wore the night of the original house party might I add).

"Hey girls!" 'Ali' smiled and stood next to Hanna. I couldn't believe it. I wasn't sure whether Mona had known about the creepy mannequins making an appearance at the party beforehand, or if this was all new to her and she was just pretending like there was nothing creepy about it. If that was the case, Mona was a better actor than I mistook her for.

"This is not what I expect this party to be," Aria said, taking a deep sigh.

"Oh cheer up! Maybe you'll meet the love of your life tonight," Mona responded, slightly sarcastically. I wasn't surprised that Mona was being sarcastic, because I figured that it was probably how she dealt with being stuck in the dollhouse for so long.

"Sure she will. Because I bet Aria would just be so in love with those creepy dolls," Hanna shot back with a fiery glare.

"Okay, guys calm down," Aria stated calmly. "I have a boyfriend anyway." We stood there for a while, until Mona took initiative.

"Well, this is a party after all, so lets get our dancing shoes on!" Mona exclaimed excitedly, almost sounding like the old Mona; the one we knew before we found out that she was 'A'.

I was getting frustrated at how overly perky she was being, but I could tell that it was taking all the strength that she had left to pretend to be so happy and enthusiastic as Alison, especially when we were all so miserable. Mona started to walk towards the center of the dance floor, and we hesitantly followed her, even though we would have much rather stayed in the same position the rest of the night. Hot N' Cold by Katy Perry begun to play. Emily, Aria, Mona and I started to dance. Hanna stood in the middle of the dance floor, refusing to take part. I didn't blame her; it felt more like a funeral than a party, but I also knew that if it looked like we were having a good time, maybe Charles would give some extra clues. So for the first time since I got there, for the first time in a very long time, I tried to have fun.

"Hanna Marin, you will dance or so help me!" Mona said, reaching out and taking her hands to yank her toward her, but Hanna rebuffed her attempts and relinquished.

"Not a chance. I'm not dancing around those creepy mannequins," Hanna reciprocated with an abhorred expression plastered across her made up face.

"Hanna, stop being such a buzz-kill! You're ruining my party that I worked so hard to set up," Mona said while pouting.

Hanna snorted, a bored look on her face. "This is like every usual Rosewood house party I've been too, but about twenty times worse. Pretending that we're having a great time, at this creepy, boring, and lonely party, isn't going to make the time more enjoyable for us. So just stop pretending please," Hanna sighed, walked to the food and beverages, and begun to snack on the corn chips. I glanced at Mona, who looked guilty. Finally she was being the real Mona in front of the cameras, and not Charles little 'Ali puppet.'

"Hanna, I'm sorry!" Mona shouted out to Hanna. "Just come here and hang out with us," Mona added with a soft tone. Hanna turned around, while puckering her lips stubbornly.

"Okay fine I'll dance, I'm just not going to look at those creepy mannequins." She walked to us, and we danced along to the music. Even though I was still miserable, for a couple of minutes I had managed to forget about where I was, and I was having fun, though I knew it wasn't going to remain fun for much longer. The music stopped, and we sat on the large green couch, which resembled the couch that the DiLaurentis family used to have in their home.

"I'm going to go make myself up in the bathroom," Mona announced, and got up. I figured that it'd be a good time to discuss our theories on 'A' with Mona alone, so I decided I would casually follow Mona to the bathroom.

"I should do the same," I responded, while getting off the couch. Mona nodded her head, taking note of my subtle attempt to try to get time alone with her, in order for us to talk privately without Charles watching our every move, and started to walk toward the bathroom.

"Well, uh I need to make myself up too. Spence I'm coming with you." Hanna said, getting off the couch. We both began walking toward the bathroom.

On our way, I spotted a figure hiding behind the shadows of the furniture in the dark room. The figure was no less than six feet tall, and it was obviously a male. Thinking this was my opportunity to unmask Charles once and for all, I slipped away from Mona and Hanna and stomped my way up to the mysterious man with the mask and black suit. Not really considering the fact that this person could be carrying a weapon on him, and was most likely not afraid to use it if provoked, I let my fingers quickly slide into the edge of his mask and yanked it out of his face with great force and determination. As I was doing this, I found it strange how the man did not try to fight me off or run away. He simply stood there like a statue, letting me unmask him. But what I found most shocking of all, was that the person behind the mask was Andrew!

"A-Andrew?" I gasped, choking back a sob, not being able to comprehend what was in front of me. Andrew stood there, staring at me without showing any signs of emotions whatsoever. He wouldn't even blink an eye.

"Andrew Campbell?" I heard Hanna say behind me with great shock. I turned around to glance at Hanna and Mona whom stood frozen. They were just as shocked and horrified as I was by this reveal. When I turned around to face Andrew, I realized he was gone.

"Where the hell did he go?!" I demanded, frustrated by his easy escape.

"Oh my god," Mona commented. It was still hard to process the fact that Mona really didn't have all the answers anymore. She was in the same boat as us and it was surely very hard for her to come to the conclusion that everything she thought was true was all a lie.

"We have to tell Aria," Hanna demanded immediately. I agreed and the three of us quickly ran back to find Emily and Aria still sitting on the large green couch the way we had left them. I waved my arms frantically to catch their attention. Emily was the first to notice us, hastily getting up and walking over to us.

"What's wrong? You guys are white as ghosts!" Emily asked worriedly, seemingly noticing our horrified outward appearances. "Did you find out something about 'A'?"

"We saw Andrew Campbell," Hanna explained.

"H-He got away before we could d-do anything and-" I stuttered.

"We think he might be 'A'," Mona finished my statement very boldly while Emily gasped.

Aria walked up to us seemingly confused about why we were whispering to each other. "Guys? What's going on? What's with all the whispers? What happened?" She asked hesitantly, already afraid about what our answer might be.

"Aria," Hanna said in a calm voice. "We might as well tell you everything. Andrew might be 'A'."

I scoffed at Hanna. "Wait to be sensitive Han."

"Wait, how is that even possible? Andrew has nothing to do with this!" Aria argued in disbelief. I could already sense that things were not going to turn out well.

"Aria, I saw him hiding behind some furniture. He was wearing a mask and I unmasked him for god's sake! Don't you understand what's happening here?" I asked, flinging my arms in the arm with much frustration and irritation.

"What I don't understand is why you can't see 'A''s trying to turn us against each other! Spence, that wasn't Andrew, it was probably just some mannequin, or you're just seeing things but it can't be him," Aria objected.

My jaw dropped. "You think I would be lying to you when I just saw him with my very own eyes?"

Aria's serious face got closer to mine. "You think you know everything Spencer but you don't, okay? You thought Ezra was 'A' and he wasn't. I had to end that relationship thinking he was going to hurt us but he wasn't. You thought Mike was 'A''s helper but he wasn't. Now you're saying Andrew's behind all of this. When are you going to realize you're not right about everything?"

That felt like a slap to the face. Although I was completely sure of what I had seen, Aria was beginning to make me feel like I was wrong about a lot of things, and that maybe I didn't have all the answers like I thought I did. Maybe 'A' was tricking me into thinking Jason was involved somehow by making it very easy for me to watch that video in the vault. I really didn't know anymore.

Hanna stepped in. "Aria, it was Andrew. Mona and I saw him too. If only he didn't disappear before we could get him we could have proved it to you."

Aria shook her head. "No, I can't believe you guys are doing this again. First it was Ezra, now it's Andrew. Can't you see that 'A''s winning by playing us against each other?"

"Aria, just listen to what they're saying!" Emily exclaimed, also getting annoyed by Aria's stubbornness.

"No, I won't!" Aria shouted. "There has to be an explanation behind all of this! Andrew cannot be 'A'!"

The loud alarm noise blasted through the dollhouse once again, and we all returned back to our rooms, cupping our ears and cringing at the sound as the doors closed on us again.

I let a few teardrops stream out of my eyes, down my cheeks. Now that I was alone again, I gave myself the privilege of letting my guard down. Something I seldom did.

As the dollhouse got deeper into the night, and I was still lying in bed with my eyes wide open, I heard a knock on the door, which I assumed it was Mona, or one of the other girls. I walked to the door, and opened the door to find Hanna standing there with a flashlight.

"Hanna, what are you doing here?" I asked puzzled, shielding my eyes away from the blinding light of the flashlight which Hanna was annoyingly pointing right at me.

"I found a phone earlier today, we might be able to call someone," she whispered. My eyes widened,

"A phone? Hanna, why didn't you say anything before? Where did you find it?"

Hanna rolled her eyes like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Spence, I couldn't say anything while 'A' was watching us. I found it inside one of the cushions of the green couch we were all sitting on. Now come on, we don't have a lot of time left." She gestured for me to follow her. She walked into Ali's living room, and I followed closely behind her. "Here's the phone," she passed me a Nokia mobile phone, and I tapped several buttons on the phone, but there was no signal.

"No signal?" she inquired.

"No," I replied. "But there might be a way," I shook my head and began to pace back and forth, staring at the signal on the crappy Nokia phone. I sighed and glanced around, my gaze falling to the air vent. I stretched my arm toward it and watched the signal bar again, hoping for at least one bar.

I pressed the phone into the air vent, my heart jumping. "Dial tone," I said with a sigh of relief.

Our eyes widened hopefully as I dialed 911. My heart raced as I spoke quickly to the operator on the other end of the line. I cursed as I was put on hold, pulling the phone away from my air.

"Call Caleb or Toby," Hanna suggested.

I nodded and quickly dialed Caleb's cell phone number, holding the phone to my ear as my hands shook. I waited as the line rung until Caleb answered.

"Hello?" Caleb answered groggily, his voice croaky from sleep and I could imagine him rubbing his eyes.

"Caleb! You've got to help us, we've been kidnapped by 'A' and we're stuck in some sort of dollhouse-" I stopped talking when I heard a loud peep, and brought the phone away from my ear to look at it.

"What? What happened?" Hanna asked anxiously.

I shook my head and hung up the phone, realizing that I had lost connection.

"We lost connection!. Isn't that just great? We're probably never going to get out of here," I said, taking a deep sigh.

"Don't worry, Caleb will find us, I know it," Hanna comforted. Well, at least one of us still had hope. I was starting to go back to my old ways, where I believed that hope only breeds eternal misery. But I was also starting to question if that was the best way to think in these circumstances.

"Look I want to believe that, but he doesn't know where we are. We don't even know where we are."

"Yeah but it's Caleb we're talking about. I believe in Caleb, and I have faith that he'll be able to track the GPS Coordinates and figure out what suburb we are in. He won't be able to figure out the exact address, but he'll be able to narrow down what house it is. I'm almost sure of that."

I nodded my head understandingly, impressed with Hanna's knowledge. I had to admit she was finally starting to show her true potential when it came to academics. With her getting a high SAT score and effortlessly getting accepted into many colleges to choose from, while I needed to go all the way to London, helplessly waiting anxiously for an interview that only ended disastrous for me, I had to admit to myself that I was slightly jealous of Hanna and her intellection.

For years and years I was only known as 'Melissa Hastings baby sister', but when I started hanging out with the girls again after Alison's mysterious disappearance and Mona's initial torturing us phase, I couldn't help but feel better about myself, and less insecure about my intellectual brain. My friends just assumed I would be able to figure everything out and put the pieces together which I was usually able to do. But now that Aria had told me off after I accused Andrew of being behind all of this, I was starting to realize that knowing too much was not always a good thing. It could ruin friendships.

"You're right," I admitted fictitiously. "It could happen." I then checked my watch to see what time it was, freezing as the realization dawned on me. "Oh no."

"What's wrong?" Hanna asked worriedly.

"What time did you pick me up Han?"

"Three o'clock, why?"

"It's five past three!" I panicked, latching my hand onto Hanna's arm and dragging her out of the Ali's living room and into the dark hallway. We concurrently sprinted toward our replicated rooms. I attempted to open my bedroom door, but it wouldn't budge open. My last resort was to bang, kick and scream on the door, and that was exactly what I did.

"Help! Please, Mona, Emily, Aria! Hanna and I are trapped outside!" I shouted at the top of my lungs and Hanna did the same. Nobody answered and I was beginning to worry. I breathed heavily as I turned to face Hanna, and we both stared at each other with mutual displays of worry. We had no idea what we were going to do, but one thing was for sure; the next couple of days were going to be disastrous...

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