Naruto and Issei appeared outside of a large modern castle, to which bared the Pheniex family crest of a Phoenix rising from the flames. The Primordial God could only roll his eyes at such a cliche depiction. The Manor's colours were gold, scarlett, and blood orange. Giving the place the look of being on fire.

But naruto tore his attention away from the tacky looking building to his slave... i mean student. Yes student... (9_9)

"Issei-chan, i need you to go inside and cause a small distraction, and i dont mean causing a fight. Get the others to help you." The blonde said to his living stress ball... i mean apprentice.

"Hai! R-Right away, Naruto-sempai." The dragon user said before naruto sent him away with a transportation spell.

"Now to look badass as possible." Naruto said with an evil gleam radiating from his eyes. "Armour up, Disastero!"

In a flash of blue and black flames, naruto was covered from the neck down in his Raven knight armor. He then summoned his chaotic stead, as he rode towards the castle.

-with Issei and fellow O.R.C. members-

Issei appeared from the spell dressed in a james bond type dress suit, beside Kiba and Akeno, while Koneko was somewhere near the desert table, munching on numerous sweets.

"Oh, Ise-kun. I didnt know you were here. Ara ara ara." The formal dressed nephilim said as she cupped her cheek with mock grin.

"Um, i was sent here by Naruto-sempai, he needs us to cause a distraction." The burnette said in a quicken tone, before the Kaoh(?) Academy's pretty boy turned to look to he Vice-president of their Club with an unsure look on his face.

"Akeno-sempai, you use to take choir, did you not?" Kiba asked the ravenette.

"Hmm. Yes i did why?"

"I just had a idea." Kiba said as he leaned in and whispered his plan to her.

"Ara ara ara. That is a wonderful idea." Akeno said as she left the group and walked over to the stage where the Orchestra was stationed. "Gentlemen, could you play this in C minor?"

"Where have all the good men gone

And where are all the Gods?

Where's the street-wise Heracles

To fight the rising odds?"

Sitting upon his reborn steed, with a fire burning with his eyes as he rode towards the mansion like castle. the patting of heavy breaths and snorts from Catastros as the cold night are became misty as the god-like horse trotted as a trail of black and gold flames were left in his wake.

"Isn't there a dark knight upon a blazing steed?

Late at night I toss and I turn

And I dream of what I need."

"Come Rias, my darling. Let us enjoy a dance for the people." Said a tall blonde man, who's face was far to angular for Rias, even his hair was more close to a rustic bronze instead of golden blonde like her beloved's.

"I need a hero, I'm holding out for a hero

'Til the end of the night

He's gotta be strong

And he's gotta be fast

And he's gotta be fresh from the fight."

As he neared the gate, the ancient god looked upon several guards that blocked his entry.

"Alright Disastero, lets let the arrows fly!" Naruto yelled as he drew his right arm back while holding his left arm forward. As a blue and yellow arrow appeared, just as the sounds of thunder and sparks could be heard. "THOUSAND ARROWS OF THE STORM!"

"I need a hero, I'm holding out for a hero

'Til the morning light

He's gotta be sure

And it's gotta be soon

And he's gotta be larger than life.

Larger than life."

As Rias danced with the heir of Pheniex house, she could help but feel disgusted as he peered at her Queen and Rook with a look she had come to hate from Issei, at lest with him he was open with his desire.

"Somewhere after midnight

In my wildest fantasy

Somewhere just beyond my reach

There's someone reaching back for me."

"Faster my friend. Faster!" Naruto said as he encouraged his new born friend, as he felt the dark horse jerk forward as he increased his speed as he raced through the halls.

"Racing on the thunder

And rising with the heat

It's gonna take a Superman

To sweep me off my feet."

'Were are you Naruto? Why are you not here? Did you abandoned me?' Rias thought as doubt began to sink into her heart.

"Up where the mountains meet the heavens above

Out where the lightning splits the sea

I could swear that there's someone somewhere watching me."

As naruto rounded a corner he and his companions came face to face with a small platoon of gaurds. Only for Catastros to leap over them and racing down the halls. Only for the black and golden horse to make a snarky comment. "We must be o the right track master. More of these fools keep popping up."

"Through the wind and the chill and the rain

And the storm and the flood

I can feel his approach like a fire in my blood."

Just as they made the final turn getting closer to the main hall, Ruinous ejected himself from Naruto's wristband. Shocking his master and fellow compatriots.

"RUINOUS!" Naruto yelled as he reared Catastros' reins to look back at the husky pup sized familiar. Only to see the wolf's stern look.

"Go Milord, your Lady needs you." Ruinous said as he distroyed one of the support pillars cuasing the ceiling to collapse. As his master rode his brethren, Ruinous looked back to see an armed group of gaurds approaching. "You have given me much, milord. Only to ask for very little in return. so as of now i shall begin to repay my dept."

his yellow eyes narrowed as the soldiers drawn their weapons.

"Pray that Milord is merciful, for i shall not. EN GUARD!" Ruinous yelled as he drew his fang blades as he hacked and slashed through the armoured gaurds. With a gleam of carnage shining brightly within his eyes.

"I need a hero, I'm holding out for a hero

'Til the morning light

He's gotta be sure

And it's gotta be soon

And he's gotta be larger than life"

Looking over to her peerage, Rias could not help but feel as if her world was going to end. Her lover, mate, boyfriend, whichever one would be correct to call him was a no show.

"He's gotta be strong and he's gotta be fast.

He has gotta be fresh for the fight.


Suddenly the grand doors to the great hall slammed open, as an armoured man upon a mighty horse that could be mistaken for the third rider of the apocalypse, but he golden mane and hooves told them that this horse was much more powerful. The armoured man looked to be a fallen angel, if not for the fact the helm was that of a raven.

everyone could feel his power, the darkness that radiated from the man. But only one person felt the full extent of his fury as Raiser felt like a mouse looking into the gaping jaws of mighty lion. Ungodly yellow eyes peering down upon him as he drew closer on his horse the clicking of golden hooves trotted across the marble floor.

In a burst of golden and obsidian flames, the horse vanished, the man stood no more than 12 feet away and drew close as he walked towards Rais and the Pheniex heir. Even the the bwing armor slowly started flake away in a shower of dark blue feathers, leaving the unarmoured naruto dressed in a Italian dress suit, With a red japanese silk neck tie. His hair slicked back, sport shade with a class mirror tint.

"So what this about a wedding? Last i check i didnt even set a wedding date with -MY- woman." Naruto said getting everyone's attention as he took Rias' hand and lead her away from the poorly dressed male. But before hehe could continue, he was sadly interrupt by the overly inflated ego blond standing behind him.

"Raiser demands to know who this low level devil that dares to impose himself upon my woman!"

"You know it is customary to give you name before asking for someone else." Naruto said as he took in the dress Rias was wearing. "Hime, why did you dress in such a tasteless and displeasing outfit? White was never you color."

With a snap of his fingers the white wedding that she wore was set a blaze, only for a beautiful ruby red strapless dress with a slit in he gown that went almost all the way up to her hip. (Jessica Rabbit's dress.)

"Now that is a dress you should be wearing. It bring out you true beauty of those beauty eyes of yours." Naruto said as he ran his fingers through her hair causing her to blush slightly.

This was the last straw for the blonde fire bird, as fire soon ignited as his anger rose.

"I, Raiser Pheniex demands to know who the hell you are!?" the young man yelled as his dress cloths started to burn away leaving behind a gimp like suit underneath.

"Rising Penis? Damn you must have been bullied as a kid." Naruto said as if it did not matter to him. all noble families gasped as this "unknown" man openly insulted the heir of the Pheniex household as if his nobility or birthright ment nothing to this powerful being.


"So your name is Rising Penis and you rise from peoples assess?" naruto said aloud causing the man to become enraged by the lack of respect. "I guess everyone here has to watch their bottoms just incase you pop up for a visit."

This gained nervous laughter from those in the hall.

Naruto grew bored of the banter he was forced to have with the young fool, so he turned his sights on the one that would help his cause.

"Sirzechs, get over here." Naruto said calmly only to receive no reply. This annoyed him greatly so he roared his demand which rumbled and shook the foundation. "NOW!"

"Hehe, sorry for the lateness, Lord Chaos." The high Satan said which many around them were terrified to here that their lord, thier own personal god has returned from beyond the abyssal vale. "Had i known, i would have prepared a proper welcome. But to hear that you captured my dear sister's heart. I never been so proud to hear such wonderful news."

"Enough ass kissing, Sirzechs. You and i, both know you very much hate my present here, let alone your sister's involvement with me." Naruto said as he glanced at the redheaded devil, who's cheerful smile was replaced with a scowling frown.

"your ability to see though me is still impeccable, even after ten thousand years." said The eldest sibling of the Germory family, thought his jubilant way of speak stayed though his face was marred with disappointment. "I am more surprised that you have escaped your imprisonment."

"ten thousand years of what you would call imprisonment, i call a chance to grow stronger, the longer i was there, i found that when i created this new form, it grew stronger with each new enemy i faced, for almost 20 years this body knew suffering unlike any other. To know what it was like to be hated for something beyond my own control. To be beaten, shunned, lynched, being the test subject for others to test new powers on my person, blamed for things i have not done. But through these hardships i became greater, being the lowest of the low, only to rise above all others, and i only had one billionth of my actual power given to me. It was only until i reached 16 years of age, was when i gain my old power, and after that... i took back the power that was stolen from me at the cost of every single life that had ever lived on that pitiful world. Nothing was left other than a husk world." the blonde primordial said as he sent a 'small' wave of power towards the redheaded man, only to see him buckle beneath his power. "So please do not insult my power or presence with you facade of kindness and witty humour. But back to the matter at had, i would like to challenge Mr. Rising Penis to a rating match, the stakes are simple enough he wins he shall have Rias as his wife to be, with the added bounce of having a seed of power. But should he lose he will be stripped of His so called right to marry my beloved Rias."

Before Sirzechs could discuss further into detail about the offer, he was cut off when Raiser announced his agreement to the match, think he would win like every other match he had played.

"Excellent, now it shall be a one vs. sixteen match, obviously i am the one that will fight his entire set." Naruto as he looked down to Rias, who wore a concern look only for him to give a slight smile to comfort her. "Rias-hime, do you trust me?"

Rias was confused by her lover's question but could only nod doubly in response.

"Then dont worry so much, i will beat this Rising Penis and kick his sparkler ass." Naruto said with a wide fox like grin.


Who shall win?

The being that birthed darkness


The being born from fire?

(Its rhetorical question.)