"I don't want to hunt you
because I'd like to keep you.
I think you're beautiful.
I think you're a mystery.
I think you're like the fog,
and I don't want to catch you
or bottle you
or hunt you down.
I just want to surround myself as long as you're here,
because the city doesn't see much fog for very often,
people don't find love unless it's in the rain,
when they're being hunted,
or in the fog like I am,
and I don't know what I'm doing,
but I'd like to know what you are."

-Emily Covington


That's what Rick had said they were - what they all were now.

But they weren't brothers or sisters, or even related by blood. Hell, they didn't even know one another before the turn. Yet now, by some obligated bond, they were all considered family. But what was a family, exactly? Ones who were not related by blood?

For Daryl, family used to signify sitting at the table and eating dinner with the people you hate, and sometimes you'd get a beating for dessert, if you were lucky. Family was also when your older brother spent most of his days in juvie while you were left to fend for yourself. Or, Daryl thought, family also meant death since it seemed to always snatch away those close to him. Those were his interpretations on family, at least, before things took a turn for the worse.

Yet, Daryl knew that this new family was something different than that. Their connection with one another was much deeper than blood or anything biological.

As time went on, Daryl realized that family wasn't always blood, as the saying goes. And he learned that blood isn't always thicker than water. True family are those who would go to great lengths for you without asking for anything in return. They won't cross you quicker than strangers - they'll be there watching your back. And, most importantly, they accept you for who you are.

Sitting on the front porch with his back against the wooden railings, Daryl listened to the voices inside the house behind him. They were quiet, uneasy, and slightly agitated. He didn't blame them. This place, Alexandria, had everyone on edge. Tonight, they would all be sleeping under one roof.

These people in this town, though, want them to join their family. But how much of a family were they other than a defective community? Rick's group is cautious, attentive and will take action if necessary. These people don't know the first thing about that - what it's like to be a survivor from both the dead and the living. They haven't been out in the real world to know what it's like. What were they willing to do for one another if put up to it?

Tonight, that has changed as Deanna finally accepted Rick's warnings to be true. She let him pull the trigger. The community mourned the death of her husband. Not much mourning was done for that drunken asshole Pete.

Rick and Morgan were catching up in the streets somewhere, though things looked like they were going to be tense between the two. Aaron had gone back to his place. And Daryl, he was where he thought he belonged. Alone. His mind was still processing the trucks full of walkers they ran into earlier.

The front door creaked open, jerking Daryl from his thoughts.

"Come inside," Carol whispered.

"Nah, I'm good."

She watched him for a moment longer before closing the screen door behind her to take a seat on the wooden porch beside him, their shoulders nearly touching. They sat in silence for a while, listening to the insects chirping around them. The others in the house had quieted down.

Daryl brought a knee up to his chest and rested his arm over it. "Think we have a chance here?" He asked, breaking the silence between them.

Carol looked out to the dark street. "I don't know. These people...they're only children. They don't understand where we came from and what it took to get us this far. Or the things we lost along the way..."Carol recoiled slightly from the dreadful memories.

Daryl unmistakably noticed, yet remained in place against the railing. He, too, thought about the things he's lost, but refused to let it show.

"But," Carol said, optimistically. "I do believe they've seen a glimpse of what the world's really come to tonight. It might just be enough to convince them that they'll need us to survive. It's up to them whether or not they want to accept it."

Daryl silently nodded his head in agreement. He then thought that that time may be quickly approaching, even though they wish it wouldn't.

"We saw somethin' out there today," He mumbled.

He didn't have a chance to tell anyone about the fleet of trucks at the food company yet. The unattended trucks seemingly full of food were too good to be true, and he fell for the trap like an idiot. Other survivors out there were sure to do the same thing if they haven't already.

Carol looked over at him, waiting for him to continue.

"Me and the kid were tracking down this guy in a red poncho and came across a fenced in food place."

Carol's eyes reflected confusion, since they did not return with any food or a guy in a red poncho. She remained silent.

"We came across these trucks that were still docked, thinkin' they had somethin' in 'em. Turns out, they were just filled with a bunch of walkers." He paused, glancing over at her. "Someone put them in there and rigged the doors to open at the same time if anyone tampered with 'em."

"A trap?" Carol asked.

"Ya. We got cornered, 'cept Morgan showed up and saved our asses. We would've been done for. But that place, something ain't right with it. I'm gonna head back tomorrow and check it out."

Carol tried to shield her voice from any worry. "Alone?"


Carol looked back out to the street. "I'll go with."

Daryl kept his eyes on her. Her fervent tone was enough to convince him that she wouldn't take no for an answer. He wish she wouldn't, but knew she could handle herself just fine. "Won't the others suspect somthin'? With you pretending to cook and wearing those ridiculous church clothes?"

Carol rolled her eyes at the comment. "I think we're past that point now." She chuckled lightly, nudging her shoulder against his. "And I can cook, just so you know."

Daryl smiled, allowing her shoulder to remain pressed against him a second longer before pushing back.

"That kid is going to tell the others tomorrow. We should leave in the morning before they can do anythin'," Daryl said.

Carol's lighthearted expression returned to seriousness, letting reality slip back in. "You're right. But come back inside, we should try to get some sleep before then."

Daryl exhaled loudly and stood up. He turned back to face her and reached out his hands to help her up. She smiled and took his calloused hands in hers. Hands that have killed. Hands that have wanted more than a simple touch. Hands that want to pull her close to him. Instead, he let go once she was on her feet.

They both headed inside to join the others for the night.

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