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By – Merc and Schally

First Chapter by – Merc

Chartreuse Seed

            Koume peered over the railing of the crib lovingly. Inside lay the newest additions to her family, her twins. Only two days old, it was the babies' first day at home. Taking a chair, Koume sat down and looked at her small children. The sun showed through a nearby window, lighting up the freshly decorated room, its walls a pale blue with clouds sponge-painted on. Koume smiled as she thought of how much preparation her husband and her had made for the children, and how much it had paid off. Hearing footsteps, she looked up to see her husband as he approached the crib.

            "Are they sleeping?" He asked with a smile,

            "Yeah. They're so beautiful." Koume said as she stood up and gave her husband a hug.

            "It looks as though they've swapped characteristics, don't they? Our son looks like you and our daughter looks like me." He said as he hugged her back, his eyes never leaving the two infants that laid quietly in the crib.

            "I never in a million years thought something like this would happen. But look at me now, I have a family. I love you so much Yoshiki." She said with tears in her eyes. Yaegashi looked at his wife strangely, unaccustomed to her acting so lovingly. "Well, the doctor did warn us about the hormonal adjustments after giving birth that she'd be going through for the next week or so." He thought to himself as he tried to explain his wife's odd behavior.

            "Everything is so perfect. Can you believe it? First Momiji and that plant boy get engaged, then Ryoko gets pregnant, and now our little bundles of joy. Am I in heaven?" Koume asked as she buried her head into her husband's shoulder. Yaegashi, not one to complain about the fact that his wife was hugging him rather than beating him up, held her tighter.

            "I love you." He whispered into her hair.

            "I love you too." She whispered back as she felt him push her back and give her a kiss.

A few months later the couple stood outside of a large chaple in Izumo, Koume in a bridesmaids gown (which she hated) and Yaegashi dressed his finest. The two stood on opposite ends and watched as their very good friend Momiji and their not-so-very-good-friend Kusanagi said their wedding vows.

"Momiji looks so beautiful." Ryoko whispered quietly into Koume's ear. Koume simply nodded, for while she didn't much care for Kusanagi, she did care about her friend's happiness, and if that plant boy was who she loved, then she could see no one better for her to marry.

"I was so sure they'd have a falling out." Sakura whispered on the other end of Koume, causing the redhead to get angry and stomp on her foot.

"Just shut up and be happy." She said as she looked up to see one of her best friends give her newfound husband a kiss. The couple then walked out of the chapel and into the warm spring air. Koume ran up to Momiji and gave her a hard slap on the back.

"Way to go kiddo!" She said as Momiji looked at her and laughed sheepishly. Koume's smile then turned into a severe frown as she looked at Kusanagi.

"You hurt her and I swear there won't be anyplace you can hide from me and my wrath!" Koume threatened as she brandished her fist at the half-Aragami. Kusanagi shot her a glare and with a chuckle, put his arm around Momiji.

"Whatever." He said as he gave her a noogie, causing some of her carefully crafted hair to get tussled.

"Hey!" She exclaimed as she lightly punched him in the side.

"Now is that any way to treat your new husband?" Kusanagi asked as he swept her off of her feet and twirled her around, her happy giggles echoing throughout the area.

"May your children have a single set of eyebrows and normal eyes." A drunken Sugishita yelled at the couple's direction as he got into the Kunikida family car to head over to the reception. The comment caught everyone off guard, and the most they could muster was a bewildered stare, followed by the closing of their hanging jaws.

Finding her husband, Koume ran over to him and grabbed his arm.

"We're headed over to the reception. See ya there!" She said as she yanked him away from a crowd of men that he had been talking to at the time.

"Mom, Kazuo and I are going over to Akina's house for awhile!" Fourteen year-old Midori yelled to her mother as she ran to the front of the house and put on her shoes. Koume, hearing this from the other end of the house, trotted over to her teenage daughter. Stopping at the door, she watched the young brown-haired beauty as she finished putting on her shoes.

"You changed out of your uniform already?" Koume asked in astonishment,

"Yeah, new record too, only took two minutes!" She said as she gave a victory pose, her fingers spread in a v shape to signal her triumph. "I beat Kazuo by thirty seconds. And they say that girls are supposed to be slow at that sort of thing."

"You only beat me because those stupid pants that they make us wear have the most impossible-to-unbuckle belts." A male voice said behind Koume. Turning around, she saw her son dressed to go out, his almost shoulder-length red hair pulled back in a ponytail.

"Just be back by seven ok? I'm making dinner tonight." Koume said as she pointed to the twins' watches.

"You're cooking?!" The twins yelled out in surprise as they stared at their mother.

"Yup! Your father is out late doing some field research with Matsudaira tonight and seeing as how I stayed home from work today because of a migraine that I had this morning, I called him and told him that I'd cook."

"I thought you said you were sick with the flu." Kazuo said as he eyed his mom suspiciously,

"Er, well…" Koume stammered,

"I thought you said that only weak people let headaches get in the way of work." Midori said as she pointed into the air, trying to stress the comment. Koume, knowing that she had dug herself a hole too deep to get out of, threw up her hands in defeat and gave a disgruntled sigh.

"Look, just be back by seven, ok? And don't go asking Momiji to stay over for dinner like you did the last time I cooked. Oh, and also, quit trying to provoke those blades out of Akina's arms. I don't think I need to remind you what happened last time."

"Jeez mom, you're actually starting to sound like Mrs. Kusanagi." Midori said as she opened up the door and, along with her brother, ran outside. Koume, completely taken aback by the comment, ran to the door.

"NO WAY IN HELL DO I SOUND LIKE MOMIJI!!!" She yelled after her children. "The thought that I'd sound like some sort of, of, weak normal mother…ARGH!!!" Koume said as she slammed the door. Even though she hated the thought of being perceived as a normal housewife, Koume couldn't help but smile at her children's comments.

The past decade had been a rather quiet one for the Yaegashi family, though it had never been without its joys. Koume and her husband still worked, Koume refusing to give up her post in the TAC to be a housewife. Ms. Matsudaira stayed within the TAC, acting as a go-between between them and the Ministry of Science and Technology. Still the workaholic that she once was, she had since made a lot more time for her son and ex-husband's outings, although with her son now out of college, their outings mainly consisted of intellectual conversations over biology and chemical compounds at a tea house. Ryoko and Kunakida had gotten married shortly after Koume and Yaegashi had, and had a son named Makoto who was now the age of 13. The two lived peacefully, Ryoko giving up her post at the TAC to become a full time mother, and Kunikida keeping up the tasks of being the boss of the TAC. Lastly, Momiji and Kusanagi had not only married, but had a daughter by the name of Akina, who was 12.

After Kusanagi and Momiji were married, the Kusanagi family and the Yaegashi family had become very close friends. The adults would meet almost daily to talk and have tea, while the children constantly played together. Though Akina was two years younger than the Yaegashi twins, the three didn't seem to mind the age difference and were practically inseparable.

Akina was a most interesting girl, for while she had the burdens of the Kushinada passed down to her, she also had the burden of being one-third Aragami as well. Her hair and body resembled that of Momiji's, but she had two eyebrows (much to the interest of Matsudaira), cat eyes, and the same blades that her father had in both of her arms. For someone brought up by Kusanagi, Akina appeared almost abnormally happy, always cheerful. Her grades reflected that of Momiji's departed twin sister Kaede, but her klutziness made it known that she was definitely Momiji's daughter. The two families lived a block away from each other, and thus the children would always hang out at one or another's house. Akina's physical differences were cause for the Yaegashi twins' teasing, them always trying to find new uses for Akina's ("cool") arm-blades.

After originally dissolving during the Suzano-oh attacks, the TAC was reinstated when the incidents in San Francisco had occurred. As a precaution, the government decided to instill the TAC as a permanent branch and, along with a new larger budget, hired some new employees to accompany the old TAC alumnus when needed. Koume considered them all to be weak and scrawny, and her husband was equally unsettled about their inexperience with anything remotely related to Aragami.

Later on that night, Koume served up dinner for her family.

"Oh my God, it actually looks edible." Kazuo said as he poked his portion with a chopstick.

"Watch out, looks can be deceiving." Midori said laughingly as she made a face at the plate in front of her. Koume gave a huff and began eating.

"I'd like to see you do better." She said with her mouth full. Suddenly, the sound of a door closing was heard, followed by a set of heavy footsteps.

"That must be Yoshiki." Koume said as she stood up and went to greet her husband home from work. Walking into the front room, Koume became startled when she saw the gruff look on Yaeashi's face.

"Sweetie, what's wrong?" She asked as she quickened her stride up to him. Yaegashi gave his wife a forlorn look and took her hands in his.

"We were out in the field doing research, right? Well, guess what we found? He asked as he looked into his wife's eyes with sadness.

"What?" Koume asked, a growing sense of foreboding crawling up her spine.

"The Aragami are back." He said as he looked down at the floor and shook his head. Koume put her hand over her mouth in shock.

"Oh God. What are we going to do about Akina?" She asked as she wrapped her arms around her husband as she tried to push away the notion that Momiji and Kusanagi's daughter might have to be sacrificed. Yaegashi opened his mouth to answer, then quickly shut it when he heard two stifled gasps from his right side. Turning his head, he made out the silhouettes of his two children pressed up against the wall.

"Akina…" He heard Midori whisper in fear,

End of Chapter 1

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