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Red Queens and Dead Things

I forgot what it's like to feel this way: like a pathetic lump of useless flesh in a world going to hell. Exactly seven minutes ago, my Rosie was alive and kicking and ready to put the fear of God into Bella Cullen; now she's passed out from pain, and her lifeblood is pouring over my shoes and soaking into the earth below.

When Edward reached us after Rose went down hard, I didn't scream, I didn't cry; I went into Major-mode as this forrest became a battlefield and my girl a soldier down. I gave orders and he followed them until we had her inside their cabin.

"Ah, shit. She's losing a lot of blood, Emmett," Bella says, stating the obvious like she didn't create the whole goddamn situation. "What are we supposed to do?"

Now I'm rocking back and forth like a helpless animal, crying for relief, crying to take on the agony she's in. I'm not a Major anymore—just a man, watching the love of his life bleed out from a wound so stupidly amateur that it couldn't have been more than luck and the wind which carried the bullet straight through the side of her neck.

"Emmett," Edward's voice echoes in my head. He's somewhere out there in the distance, beyond the function of my mind. "What's her blood type, Em?"

"I … I don't know, Ed. I …"

"How do you not know, Emmett? She read your goddamn file, and you didn't return the favor?"

"She … Man, her file was so top secret it cost me a shit-ton, and I didn't even manage to read it all because I saw King's name and flipped the fuck out. "

"So we can take a wild fucking guess, or we can let her bleed out and be done with it," Edward says.

I'm in his face with my hand around his neck before he blink. "We are not letting her die Cullen. I saved your ass in the desert, and seeing as your wife shot the love of my fucking life, I'm thinking it's only fair to put all our efforts into saving her."

"Do you know what she's done?" Edward demands, pushing with muscles just as strong as my own. "She's tracked my wife down, plotted and committed and assisted in dozens of murders… So excuse me if I'm a little fucking skeptical about saving her life."

"Guys!" Bella screams. "Stop it, guys! Stop! I'll give her blood."


"I'm O negative. It's universal in the event of an emergency…"

"An emergency you created!" I want to finish what my Tantrum began, but I'm moving and going, and pushing past them—too busy seething and grabbing glass bottles to clean for the transfusion my girl is going to need.

The blood is thick and dark and pure as it travels from Bella's veins, to the Coke bottles, and into Rose. The surgeon arrives as the first drops of the stuff push into their new host.

In all the days I've been a warrior in this life, nothing has prepared me for the anxious waiting to see if the woman I love will pull through to the other side of a war of her own.