AN: I have never before or since being more angry at myself than I am now weighting on the 23/10/2020

You see I had being writing the 2ed chapter of my x23 fan fiction ozymandias for the last few weeks. I had over ten thousand words. A few thousand more and I would have being done. But somehow at some point in the last two weeks I must have deleted it. Weeks of work gone without even noticing it leaving me quite devastated .

Since I can't bring myself to start reweighting it from scratch in my current head space I decided to start whitening up the next chapter of my ongoing game of thrones series sins of remembrance.

While Im sure a lot of the fans of that work are celebrating at that news im afraid i do have a bit of a rain cloud to fall upon their heads.

After much soul searching and consideration I have decided that sins of remembrance will for lack of a better world be put on likely permit hiatus for the foreseeable future after the compilation of the Harrenhal arc.

I'm not saying I will never Wright another game of thrones series again or never update SOR again. Never say never but in my heart of hearts I just don't enjoy the weighting for that series any more. I barely enjoy read fan fictions for it any more. I can't tell you the last time I searched for fan ficion.

I should say it wasn't just the end of game of thrones season eight that made me feel this way. This was a long time coming, I was heading towards burnt out on the show and the universe for the most part around the midpoint of season six.

The more time whines the less and less effused I am bout that whole universe were as its being nearly 20 years since say star trek voyager ended, a series that's often regarded as one of the lesser trek series. But i sill look for new fan fictions, I still get expected when I watch a rerun. I still feel strongly enough about that show to write for it despite the fact very few people seem to care about my storeys.

I watched session three of Got a few weeks ago to refresh my memory and while I enjoyed myself in the moment. As soon as the episodes i watched were over I just felt no passion to Wright.

But I made a promise and I am a man of my word if nothing else.

I promised after I wrought a star trek fan fiction and super hero story i would pick up the game of thrones story.

I will hold to that and i will do one better despite only getting five votes for passion out of the needed six deciding whether or not Gendry and Arya would have sex at the end of the Harrenhal arc. I will have them make love.

As a salve to mark what will be for all intensive preposes the end of SOR

Please I ask you to have patience

Thank you for all the favs, fallows and reviews