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THIS STORY IS AN AU. There was no second rebellion. Enobaria won the third Quarter Quell. The Hunger Games continued, just as horrifying as before.

As a Gamemaker, Yasmin Crofter saw a lot of things. Despicable things, terrifying things, brutal things. And still, she loved every moment.

She had a sort of sick fascination with the Hunger Games. The idea of children killing each other for sport amused her. She knew that she should probably be horrified, but for Yasmin, it was the very opposite.

In front of her was the blueprint for the newest arena. The 103rd Games would be special, and Yasmin and the other Gamemakers would make sure of that.

"Now, then," said the man in front of her. Calvin Grommet was the Head Gamemaker, a title that Yasmin desired so desperately. She was next in line, after all, and she didn't think that slot suited her one bit, especially not after working so hard to become Calvin's right-hand woman, his most trusted advisor. It was why she was the only one that he'd come to about the arena's traps and tricks; he only trusted her input. "What shall we add?"

She smiled, attempting to look sweet and innocent. "Perhaps a few more mutts?"

Calvin nodded. "I suppose." He rubbed his balding head in frustration. "This is difficult work... I could use a drink."

Yasmin giggled, taking a clearly aimless comment and using it as her opportunity to strike. "Allow me, sir." She stood and walked into the next room, picking up a wine bottle and a vial of dark red liquid. Looking around to make sure that no one was watching, she poured a single drop of the red liquid into the wine, then pouring the wine into a fancy-looking glass.

She took another wine bottle, the one without the liquid in it. She poured a glass for herself–not from the first bottle, of course. That was reserved for Calvin. (And anyone else who stood in her way, but that wasn't a lot of people at all. She made sure that they knew their place.)

She walked back into the room where they were doing the planning, making sure that she knew which glass was which. "Only the finest for you, sir."

Calvin's thin lips curled into a smile as he took a sip. His smirk turned into a look of horror as he swallowed, choking on the contents of the glass.

Yasmin laughed and took a sip of her own, un-poisoned wine. "Are you enjoying it?" she teased, watching the Head Gamemaker in amusement.

Calvin grasped the edge of the table, dropping his glass so that it shattered on the hardwood floor, spilling toxic wine everywhere. He struggled to breathe, his eyes wide with terror.

"Y-you..." he gasped. "Y-you tricked... me... how... how c-could you?"

Yasmin looked into Calvin's eyes. "I want power. And there's no better way to get it than to claw my way to the top. And if you were in my path..." she shrugged, her smile full of malice. "Oh, well."

She grabbed him by the shirt and stood him up, his legs wobbly and his muscles tense. "Goodbye, Calvin," she said as she let go. Calvin fell to the floor, his head hitting a shard of glass from his shattered cup. Blood spilled out of the wound, and Yasmin laughed at the thought that his death would only be so much quicker.

She knelt down and felt the pulse on his neck, careful to avoid the still-warm blood, hoping that he was finally out of the way.

His pulse was silent. She had won.

Yasmin picked up the phone and dialed the emergency number.

"Hello, this is the Capitol Emergency Hotline, how may I help you?"

Yasmin faked a sob. "The Head Gamemaker... he's dead."

Someone gasped on the other line. "What? What happened?"

Yasmin made sure that her voice was shaky and her breathing was uneven, to give the illusion of crying. "He... we were having a drink and talking about the arena, and... he just collapsed... some of his wine glass cut his head... I think he might've had a heart attack or something..."

"Okay, okay," the person on the phone panicked. "We'll be right over... stay there!"

Yasmin hung up and laughed again. She'd done it, gotten rid of the competition. Surely, she'd be Head Gamemaker now. It wasn't like they could track her–the poison was untraceable, and very rare.

She took one look at Calvin's motionless body and smiled.

The odds were clearly in her favor.

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