Harry runs away, or tries to, at any rate.

Harry woke up to a day that, on the surface, appeared to be just like all the days before it, and, more than likely, all the days after, except for one thing.

And that one thing is what made all the difference, because on this day, Harry had decided to do something that he had never done before. And that was to make a decision, one that had to do, solely, with himself.

Though to make things entirely accurate, it wasn't during the day that this decision was made, but the night.

So, to start again.

It was on a night like any other that ended with Harry being locked up inside of his cupboard, which was every night now that he thought about it, that Harry decided to make a decision that would change the rest of his life.

Harry knew that deciding to do something just for himself already made this day different from every other day in his life, because he was taught that only normal people were allowed to think decision-making thoughts, and that freaks like him were only supposed to do what they were told, and nothing more. Harry, however, didn't agree with this method of thinking. (Though he was smart enough to keep that thought to himself.)

And that isn't to say that Harry didn't think at all, because he certainly did, but thinking and doing are two different things, and so far, Harry had only done things for his family, his thoughts and opinions not needed, or appreciated. (Especially not the thought that grew stronger and stronger every day, that maybe the Dursleys really weren't his family. If they weren't that would explain why they hated him so much, though not why they still kept him around. ...it was probably for the chores.)

Not to mention that the thinking he did do normally wasn't very productive, usually being , I live with a family of extremely lazy people, I wonder what they would do if I wasn't here?, and He doesn't have to throw me into the cupboard, can't he see that I can walk into it just fine myself? Him on the other hand... So while Harry could think for himself, he almost never made decisions based on those thoughts. And even less often than that, more in the realm of never, was him doing anything that wasn't for his family.

Obviously, this was a situation that needed to be changed immediately. Right now. Tonight.

So it came to be that, at the very grown-up age of eight, Harry sat in the dark of his cupboard and thought hard about a very serious issue. He wasn't happy, and the only one who seemed to care about this fact was Harry himself.

On second thought, that wasn't entirely true, Harry thought to himself, after all, the Dursleys do seem to do everything they can to make sure that I'm not happy.

Harry was a big believer in giving credit where credit was due,( unlike Dudley who regularly cheated in school and tried to claim other people's work, especially Harry's, as his own) so he felt it wasn't right to not acknowledge the fact that the Dursleys were fully aware of what they were doing.

But back to the point. Harry wasn't happy, and the only way he saw of fixing this was to, of course, run away.

He was surprised that he had never thought of this before, but he decided to blame that on the fact that he was eight, and that it takes a certain…maturity to be able to come up with such a brilliant idea. A maturity that he, unfortunately, didn't possess when he was seven.

So it was with his eight-year-old mature mind, that Harry decided that the answer to his unhappiness was to run away from the place that made him unhappy.

With this simple plan in mind, Harry pulled an old grey backpack that, once upon a time, was a Christmas gift to Dudley before it was thrown aside in favor of a new toy, from underneath his worn out cot, and set it before him. From underneath a loose floorboard, Harry pulled out a bottle of water and a few packets of crackers that he had been saving for the times that he was locked in his cupboard for days without food. He added the water and the crackers to the backpack, along with his only other change of clothes, his notebook, a pencil, and his favorite storybook that he got in a used book giveaway at the library, The Little Prince.

With everything that he needed safely packed away, Harry slipped on his shoes and shouldered on his backpack. The only thing standing in his way now was the locked cupboard door, but that was a problem that was easily solved.

Harry placed his hand on the lock and asked it to open. With a small click, the door unlocked and Harry stepped out into the silent, dark living room.

Despite the late hour, Harry felt safe, as he always did in the dark. The Dursleys were sleeping in their beds, and he knew that the only witnesses to the outcome of his thoughts and the decision made because of them, were the spiders who kept Harry's secrets, and the walls, who Harry doubted very much would have anything to say, given the fact that they were walls, and couldn't speak.

Harry headed towards the front door and carefully eased it open, closing it softly behind himself once he was outside. He waved goodbye to the lawn he had tended for the majority of his time with the Dursleys, and gave a small bow to the flowers he had grown in his aunt's prized garden. And it was the oddest thing, but under the glow of the full moon and the faint breeze that gently ruffled his bangs, it almost looked to Harry, as if, for only a moment, the flowers bowed back.

Harry decided that the excitement of what he was doing was getting to him, and continued on his way.

Walking down the street, with only the moon and the stars for company, Harry didn't feel lonely.

No, instead the only thing he felt was light, like he was bouncing with every step, because he was finally taking the first steps towards a life of happiness.

No more cupboard, no more punishments, and most importantly, no more Dursleys.

As Harry passed the park that he would hide away from Dudley in, and neared the end of the block, he felt a huge weight lift off his thin shoulders. He smiled wider than he could ever remember doing the few times that he had before, and he didn't look back.

Harry walked forward, head filled with all the possibilities of what tomorrow would bring, and didn't regret a thing.




Harry opened his eyes to the familiar bottom of the stairs, and fell off his cot. The small noise of his body hitting the floor caused a series of shouts to ring out from Petunia and Vernon, and all Harry could do was lay on the floor, confused, and think…what was going on?