Sugar Pie Honey Bunch

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Sugar Pie, Honey bunch

I'm weaker than a man should be

You know that I LOVE YOU

The words flitted around the kitchen as her mother and she were baking her daddy's favorite cake. Her mother was singing into the spatula, in-between the casual stirring of the batter. She couldn't contain her smile as her mother finally handed her the chocolate covered spatula before turning back towards the stove.

She was licking all the batter off the spoon as her tongue could find when she saw her daddy walk quietly into the kitchen with a finger to his lips as he past her to sneak up and hug her mother.

Her mother gave a squeak before grumbling something about ruined surprises and not getting a treat tonight. Her father's laughter was loud as he made his way over to her and flicking a bit of chocolate off the bit of spatula she hadn't gotten to yet.

"Hey! Daddy that was mine!" she said with all the fire a seven year old could muster as she watched her dad lick his finger of the tiny bit he had stolen.

His eyes shone with mischief as he picked her up and walked her over to the mixing bowl sitting over on the counter next to her mother's arm. He peppered kisses along her mother's cheek while she grabbed a handful of batter and proceeded to lick her fingers.

"Hugh I really need to get this cake batter in the oven before people start arriving" her mother said practically purring. She paid no mind to her daughter who was going in for another handful of chocolate.

"Sure" he conceded stepping away from his wife and whispering into her little ear "You got enough chocolate kiddo?" She giggled softly before nodding her head while licking her whole hand and the bit of sugar that dribbled onto her dress.

"What the heck?! I could have sworn I made enough batter." Her mother wondered aloud, before turning around at the sound of her husband's laughter.

"What is s-" she stopped mid-sentence as she took in the scene before her, her seven year old daughter practically covered in chocolate and her husband smiling over at her with such love shining through his hazel eyes.

"TARA ELIZABETH KNOWLES!" Her mother shouted at her, yet the raised voice had not an edge of anger in it.

Looking up at her mother she simply smiled and then continued to lick the last speck of sugar off her hands.

"What am I going to do with you?" her mother asked to no one in particular as she went to grab her from her father's arms. "Come on; let's get you cleaned up before Uncle Piney and Uncle John get here."

"Knock Knock" a gruff voice called through the screened front door.

"To late hun, I think the Calvary has arrived." Her father said pointing towards the door.

Blowing out a breath her mother set her down on the ground before taking off the apron and smoothing out the wrinkles in her dress before going to open the door.

"Hi boys, come on in. I didn't hear you pull up."

"Wow Kat you really take the role of Old Lady to heart don't ya?" John Teller teased before placing a kiss on her cheek before going to slap his buddy on the back.

"I ain't anyone's Old Lady, I'm a Fitz. You'd do best to remember that." She joked menacingly, before giving Piney a hug.

"You haven't been a Fitz in quite some time." Her husband reminded her before pressing a searing kiss on her mouth.

"You're" "A" "Knowles" he said in-between each toe-curling kiss.

"Don't mean to ruin the moment you guys got going on but where is little Tara?" Piney asked breaking the moment as he saw John smiling slyly at something behind him.

"She's around here somewhere." Kat said looking away from her husband to glance about the living room.

"Looks like someone is enjoying your birthday a bit more then you Old Boy." John teased as he nodded towards the kitchen and the little girl standing at the counter dipping her hand in the batter again.

"Jesus! That girl is going to be the death of me I swear." Kat huffed out before marching into the kitchen and throwing the mixing bowl in the sink. "Hey John, you think you can call Gem and ask her to pick up a cake or something. I think the cake bandit has struck again." She said chuckling at her daughter's sheepish smile.

"What do you have to say for yourself young lady?" Her mother questioned peering down at her.

"I'm a Knowles" she clipped out before grinning up at her aggravated mother.

The living room filled with stomach clutching laughter, and her mother couldn't seem to stay mad as she crouched down and pulled her hair away from her chocolate stained cheeks. "Yeah baby, you're a Knowles." She said before dropping a quick kiss on her forehead.

"No more batter for you. We are going to get you cleaned up and out of these clothes before everyone else shows up young lady." Her mother said standing up and leading her out of the kitchen, bypassing the smiling men and down the hall before she had a chance to cause any more trouble.

"Here I was thinking our kids were a bad influence on little Tara. Turns out it's the other way around." Piney jokingly said to John before shooting a grin at Hugh.

"Yeah, maybe Jax and Opie are fall back guys and it's really Tara that is causing all the trouble." John mused.

Their laughter followed Tara and her mother down the hall and into the bathroom. Before the door was firmly sealed shut.

"Alright sit right here, and I'll go grab you some clean clothes." Her mother said, while gently setting her on the countertop and turning on the tap to warm before exiting out the way she had come.

With her mother gone, she picked up the white little stick on the edge of the sink and twirled it around in her hands for a minute before it accidentally fell to the floor.

Just as she was about to jump down and grab it the bathroom door cracked open and her mother walked in with a new dress.

"I hope you don't mi-" her mother stopped talking as she bent down and picked up the stick on the floor before looking at it for a minute, smiling and then throwing it in the trash.

"What's so funny mama?" she asked, gaining her mother's attention.

"What? Nothing. Just something your Uncle was saying. Now arms up!" her mother commanded, demonstrating before pulling the sticky dress over her head and tossing it on the toilet seat.

"Your gonna have to make do with this green dress." Her mother said talking casually as she wet a washcloth and ran it over her sticky face and hands.

"You know the drill, hands up." Her mother said before pulling the dress over her head, not even bothering with the buttons.

Jumping down off the counter she fixed her dress just like she had seen her mother do when Uncle Piney and Uncle John got here before smiling u at her mother.

"Pretty as a picture." Her mother complimented her before opening up the bathroom door.

She barreled down the hallway as laughter started up again. Skidding to a halt she practically bulldozed into her father.

"Where's the fire?" her Uncle John asked, eyes twinkling.

"Tara Elizabeth how many times have I told you no running in the house" Her mother chastised her as she became sandwiched in between her parents.

"She's just a kid sweetie. Plus she's just hyper. "Her father appeased her mother before winking down at her.

"I wonder why she's hyper. It couldn't possibly be the half a box of batter she ate." Her mother playfully swat at her father's chest.

Pushing her way out of the entanglement of limbs she skipped over to her uncle Piney and uncle John.

"Little Tara. Come give Ol' Piney a kiss." He said tapping his cheek. She smiled and then gave her uncle a kiss before crawling up on his lap.

"Hey! What am I chop liver?" her uncle John asked before pouting.

"No Baby, you're the King." Gemma piped in as she made her way into the house with three boys trailing behind her.

"Hey babe, didn't hear you pull in." he said as Gemma made her way over to him and gave him a peck on the lips before turning away to hand Kat the bakery box.

"Gemma THANK YOU SO MUCH! Seriously, you're a godsend." Her mother gushed before walking toward the kitchen.

"Well I don't know about God having anything to do with it but I'll tell Susie you said thanks." Gemma said sarcastically.

"You're really a King uncle John?" she asked gaining her uncle's attention once more, eye's blown wide.

"Thanks a lot Gem." John shook his head at his wife's laughter as she walked into the kitchen.

Scratching his neck, he threw one look at Hugh and another at Piney before nodding his head.

"YOU REALLY REALLY ARE?" her voiced skyrocketed in excitement as she envisioned Sleeping Beauty's father.

"Yep the King of SAMCRO" her father joined in on the conversation, coming to stand behind the couch as the two older boys went to sit on the edges of the ratty old arm chair, with Thomas in the seat.

"What does that make me?" she asked in glee as she played with her swishy dress, images of Belle dancing in her mind.

"Nothing, Stupid. Your dad isn't even in the club." Jax said icily.

"JACKSON!" "Nuhuh" Tara and her uncle John yelled at him in unison.

"What?" he asked shrugging his shoulders "it's true."

"Can my daddy be in the club uncle John? Please" she asked him leaning across her uncle Piney's lap to grab his hand.

"Of Course your dad can't be in the club." Jax said in outrage. The three older men said nothing to refute the young Teller boy.

"Well then how can I become a princess?" she asked, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Don't cry sugar. You're my princess." Her father said tenderly reaching out and running a hand through her coffee colored tendrils.

"Okay boys, if everyone would head out to the back we can start the barbequing and that way when the rest of the club get here we can eat." Her mother followed by Gemma said to the huddled group.

"Aww what's wrong sweetie?" her mother asked concern lacing her features as she looked over at Tara.

"I'M NEVER GONNA BE A PRINCESS!" She all but started to wail.

Gemma shot all the guys in the room a questioning look.

"Jax told her she couldn't be a princess because I wasn't in the club." Hugh answered.

"Shh, shh, it's okay. Hey, remember Belle wasn't a princess until she married the beast remember?" her mother coaxed.

"Yeah." She agreed wiping the snot on her hand.

"So all you gotta do is marry a prince. Not so hard." Her mother smiled reassuringly at her before taking her hand and pulling her into a warm embrace.

"Yeah lighten up sport. You already have the King's approval. Come on give your Uncle John a smile." John Teller begged until her little lips turned right side up.

"That a girl. Now if I heard correctly you like cake. How about we go get some." He suggested as he swung her up in his arms while Thomas ran to his side. "Me too daddy! Me too!" the little blonde boy begged as they walked out to the backyard.

"Johnathan Teller I know you aren't going to give my child more cake, especially when she is wearing that outfit." Kat yelled after him before demanding the gentleman talk some sense into their "King".

"ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT were going." Piney and her husband chuckled good naturedly at the sight of Gemma picking up the bakery box and heading outside, all but enabling the bad behavior.

Kat turned around to fix the pillows on the couch when she realized that two of the boys were still in the living room. "Harry, hi why don't you and Jax go get something to drink." She said politely.

"Sure Mrs. Knowles" harry smiled softly before walking by her and she patted his shoulder. "My you are mighty tall for a nine year old boy." She commented.

"Ha. Yeah Pop says it's all those vegetables I'm NOT eating." He said before exiting of the living room and headed towards the back through the kitchen.

"You gonna give me a talking to now?" Jax barked at her.

"No Jackson, I wouldn't do that. I just think you should apologize to Tara. She's young, and she is a lot more sheltered then you and Harry, and whether you want to believe it or not she looks up to you both." She said gently before walking away to join the party.