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"There is nothing I don't know. There is no secret I can't find out.

Since I'm the famous blackmailer"

-Hotaru Imai-

Chapter 10:

How can something like this happen to me?

Did I do something wrong? Did god hate me for not being a good child?

All I wanted was to live a normal life like other peers.

Was it a sin to wish to be normal?

I waited and waited as time passed by…

However, it seemed that this wish was too much to ask for

Now, as the leaves turned brown…

As the red sun light up the sky…

As the clock struck twelve,…

I slowly became despair...

One day, I will die…

I will leave everything behind…

My family…

My best friend…

And most of all, …

I couldn't fulfill my promise with him…


She clutches her shirt. Short raging breathes comes out from her mouth. It is painful, very painful. She knows she shouldn't do it. She knows this will happen to her. However, she has to be stubborn to do something like that. Now, she regrets everything.

"Mikan, hang in there" Her best friend's voice echoes in the hall. It looks like she is worrying about her again. No wonder, when she has an attack like this, Hotaru must be by her side immediately.

She hears the door rattle as a faint smell filled into her nose. Ah, this is the smell that she comes to hate it so much. That antiseptic smell. She doesn't have to guess as she already knows where she is now. It is such an obvious thing.

She feels her body collided with something soft and a blanket was placed over her (except for her head). "Wait here. I'll be back" Before she could even think about what her friend says, the door is closed with a slam and she is now alone in the room.

Ah. Typical Hotaru. She is over-reacting. As if someone is hurting like her can sneak away easily, not to mention moving around. She must remind Hotaru to study how to stay calm when this happens.

Tik Tok…

It is very boring. Hotaru is taking so long. She doesn't have anything to do. Lying on the bed, somehow, even though she doesn't like it and doesn't want to admit out loud, she wants to have a little nap. With that, she closes her eyes.


The door is opened again. It seems that Hotaru has returned. However, the footsteps aren't hers. They belong to a boy. She lets her eyes shut, doesn't move a muscle.

At that moment, she feels a hand placing on top of her head, stroking her hair. This hand is warm and somehow, so nostalgic. As if someone has patted her head like this before. Her father? Her neighbor?

"I'm sorry" She hears him say. Yes. That voice. That is the voice she is longing to hear. The voice that she has known for a long time. The voice that she misses so much. The voice that belongs to one person. The person she wants to meet the most. She opens her eyes lazily as all she sees is a mob of black with a tiny bit of red in a midst of white.

"Natsu-kun…" She unconsciously says that name out loud. What can she do about it? She is too tired now. But she knows she will be safe. There is nothing for her to worry about. Because he is here…

He is here with her…

Her childhood best friend…

She lets out a small smile as sleepiness takes over her


What did he just do?

Natsume asks himself as he leans on the door outside the infirmary. Please tell him that he wasn't patting her head. He was just coming here to visit her and return her book. Nothing more, nothing less.

But then, why did he pat her head like that? And even say sorry?

To be frankly, he doesn't know what is going on with him. But one thing for sure, he regrets about the thing he just did. Who knows that Polka has a weak body? That will be the reason why she doesn't attend P.E class.

But he has to admit, she looks beautiful even she is sleeping. And her hair is so soft. At that moment, if it isn't for her smile, which makes him shock, he doesn't know what he will do to her.


Wait. Who is that 'Natsu-kun'? He is curious about that person since when she mentions about him, she smiles. A smile that she has never showed him (she only has a frown with her when she looks at him every time)

Damn it. What is this feeling of uneasiness?

Why does he feel this way?

Is he jealous? Jealous with that 'Natsu-kun'?

You have got to be kidding him.

He is Natsume Hyuuga and he will never get jealous…






But thinks again. It's so frustrating. He will find that 'Natsu-kun' and beats the hell out of him, making sure that Polka belongs to him.

Yes. He will definitely do that. He doesn't care who that person is. All he wants is to make that person disappear from this world, and most of all, disappear from Mikan's life

"What are you doing here?"

A cold voice spats at his face as he darts his eyes to look to the person in front of him. It is Polka's best friend, Hotaru Imai.

He smirks "What I'm doing here is none of your business"

That girl is now emitting a dark aura and glares at him. "Leave now. I don't want someone like you to be here"

The smirk immediately leaves his face which begins to darken every second. "I know what I did is wrong but you can't stop me. I am interested in her so there is no way I will let her go"

As Natsume says that sentence, there is a pregnant silence in the hallway. Out of nowhere, Hotaru smirks evilly but her eyes look at Natsume as if she wants to kill him right in the spot

"You are interested in her? You have got to be kidding me" Hotaru takes out her Baka gun and aims at the raven-haired lad "As if I don't know about your bet with your little friends"

Natsume is speechless. He doesn't think this girl will find out about the bet. That information is top secret. "How did you find out?"

"There is nothing I don't know. There is no secret I can't find out. Since I'm the famous blackmailer" Hotaru pauses for a few seconds "Let me tell you, Hyuuga, stay away from Mikan because you don't know about the consequence of this stupid act of yours."

"Did you tell Polka?"

"If I had told her, she would have been away from you from a long time ago"

"Then why won't you tell her?"

"Because I also have a bet with someone" Hotaru glares at Natsume "Leave now"

With that, Natsume unwillingly does what she says and leaves the infirmary. Hotaru sighs as she lowers her gun down.

"Because I also have a bet with someone"

It is so ironic. She can't believe that she herself has that kind of bet. And most of all, that Hyuuga is the key to save Mikan's life. However, letting everything depending on Hyuuga like this, she doesn't know if she will win this bet.

A bet with the god of death itself….


Mikan slowly opens her eyes, adjusting the light around her. She scans around the room and makes a conclusion that she is now in the infirmary. And if she is here, she must have it again.

"You have awaken, Mikan…" Hearing that voice, she immediately gets her attention to the person sitting at the edge of her bed. Seeing her best friend, somehow, she lets out a sigh of relief. "I can't believe you sleep for one whole afternoon."

Mikan only smiles sheepishly. "So, do I need to take the medicine?"

In the corner of her eyes, she sees Hotaru standing up and walking to the door. "It's a miracle that your health is still stable. I don't know what to do if your condition gets worse"

"Well, it seems that I still have some time left" Mikan smiles, however, her eyes look into faraway place "There is no way I'm going to leave this place so soon"

"Get some rest, Mikan. I'll have to call someone" Hotaru says, not looking at the brunette.

"Just go, Hotaru. I'm okay, now"

The raven-haired lass opens the infirmary door. However, before she can take a step outside, she turns around and speaks in her hoarse voice that is about to cry. "Next time, don't do something like that again, please"

Mikan nods at Hotaru "Got it" With that, her figure disappears behind the door which is closed silently.

Looking at the direction of the door with sad eyes, Mikan sighs. Sometimes, she knows she is a burden to everyone else. Just because of this sickness of her. And because of this, she often wonders if she is a bird in cage after all. Never knows about freedom, never knows about the world outside.

Mikan pushes herself and sits up from the bed. From now, on, she must be careful. She can't let that Hyuuga, aka Pervert fox, mess up her life anymore. She doesn't know why he always follows her and determines to make her fall in love with him like that. They have just met and boom, chemical happened.

Suddenly, her hand touches something hard on the bed. She looks down and sees her Twilight novel..

How come it is here?

She holds it in her hand and stares at it with wide eyes. She remembers Hyuuga taking it from her, making her through this suffering moment. But then, it is here, on her bed, next to her, good as ever…

She tries to recall all the things that happened before she went to sleep. She unconsciously touches her forehead. Yes. Someone has patted her head while she was fake-sleeping.

"I'm sorry"

And that apology. It can't be Hyuuga. His voice has never sounded so sincere like that before. And that person has something to do with black and red.





Yeah. Black hair and red eyes. No doubt. It is him. Natsume Hyuuga. As if there is another person in this world has that kind of eyes

Mikan sighs again as she looks at the book. Well, at least he gave it back to her and apologized to her. A corner of her lip curls up.

Maybe…Just maybe…

Natsume is a good guy….


Ring Ring

"Hello. Nogi is speaking"

"Hello Nogi."

"I-Imai. W-What a surprise."

"Even I am surprised myself."

"So, w-what makes you calling the person you-don't-want-to-see-the-most?"

"I think…."




"…It is time for me to tell you everything"







Ten… Ten… Ten… This is the end

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