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Naruto arrived at his home in a flash of light from the Underworld to find it a mess. He had tried to contact Grayfia earlier but she never responded to his call to bring him back. Luckily for him Zekram was willing to help him. Looking around at his house it looked like a massive battle had taken place with some blood splatters leading out of the house where the wall had been blown out. "Kuroka?! Grayfia!?" Naruto yelled out for the two as he walked out through the massive hole in his house. His eyes widened he he saw a bleeding Grayfia leaning against a tree. "Grayfia!" Naruto shouted when he saw how injured she was. He wasted no time as he ran towards her.

"Lord Naruto." She said weakly as she looked up at the approaching blond who was calling her name. Her maid outfit was in ruins and could barely could be called clothing at this point. She didn't even bother covering her bare breasts from him. While she would normally cover them she was in too much pain to move at the moment.

"What happened here?!" Naruto demanded as he used his chakra to heal Grayfia. Her body was covered in bruises and deep cuts that resembled scratch marks. "Where is Kuroka and the others?" the blond Uzumaki asked his devil maid who was still getting her barlying keeping it together. Looking out towards where the school should be he saw a massive energy dome covering it. 'A barrier?' Naruto thought to himself as he pulled in some energy from his surrounding to try and get a feel for what was going on. He could feel both Sona's and Rias's peerages by the school but in opposite sides if the barrier. Along with Rias was Kokabiel, Freed, the two swordswomen from the church and a third one he didn't recognize. He could also feel Vali coming towards the school.

"Kuroka betrayed us." Grayfia said weakly as she basked in the soothing feeling of Naruto's chakra. "Rias called about Kokabiel appearing at the school but before I act to head over, Kuroka attacked me with help from Ophis. That accursed dragon gave that stray the power to defeat me. I'm sorry I failed you master." Grayfia said to the blond she was placed under. While she wasn't used to working for the blond yet she still had a duty as a maid to perform her job. He had left her to watch over Kuoh and Rias in his place and she failed him. It was a blow to her as a maid.

Naruto's face became blank when he heard what Kuroka had done. For a second he didn't know how he should have reacted. On one hand she had his friend for a few months now and while she had strained their relationship recently he was willing to deal with it. But now...now she had the gall to betray him. After everything he had done for her. Given her a home, fed her, trained with her, cared for her. He had even gone as far a to make a devil with one of the underworld's leaders just for her sake. Only for her to betray him and hurt one of his friends at the worst possible moment!

Grayfia was shocked when she saw a dark aura cover Naruto. It was unlike anything she had ever seen from him but even being unable to sense emotions like him she could tell something. He was angry. No. He was furious. His hair shadowed his eyes as a cold breeze swirled around them making even her shiver from the ominous feeling.

Then she saw it. It wasn't much but the roots of Naruto's hair slowly became a midnight black and his hair grew slightly longer. His whiskers grew thicker and sharper long with his canines. Naruto finished healing her body and stood up looking at the dome. For a second she couldn't help but miss the feeling of his energy enveloping her body. "Grayfia." He said to her without even turning towards her. "Just stay here and rest for now. Wait for me to return so we can talk about what happened." He said tiling his head toward towards her slightly. Grayfia's eyes locked with Naruto's own and saw a stark difference. Gone were the cheerful ocean blue eyes she had always seen, now they were a blood red with a black scalia. With his black wings unfolding behind him, he for the first time reminded her of what she had seen during the war. A fallen angel.

"I'm coming with you." Grayfia insisted grabbing his arm. Naruto's now red eyes seemingly stared into her soul before nodding. In an instant They was gone. Kuroka. You damn bitch, what have you unleashed onto this world.' Grayfia said as she vanished with her master.


Grayfia was in the middle of dusting the wooden furniture of the massive house that she had found herself living in. It was hard being away from Sirzech. For years upon years she had served him and the cunt that he called his wife just to be near him. To be near the man she loved even if she could never have him. She cursed that blasted law that prevented Satans from having harems. She would have accepted to share him in an instant if given the choice.

But she was here now. Living with the sister of the man she loved, a stray devil, and two fallen angels. How far had she fallen since her days in the war. From the maid of the Lucifer to the servant of another faction. But she wouldn't say that being Naruto's maid was unpleasant. It wasn't ideal but not unpleasant. Naruto treated her more as a friend rather than a servant and it was a weird experience for her as even under Sirzechs she eventually became just a maid at the end of the day. It was then that she heard the house phone ring. Moving over to it she picked up the phone to find Rias on the other side. "Naruto isn't home at the moment Rias." She said to the redhead.

"Grayfia it's an emergency! Kokabiel is here at the school. I need help!" Rias said from the other side.

"I'm on my way." Grayfia responded with narrowed eyes as she hung up the phone and made her way to the door passing bot Kuroka and Ophis who had been watching something on the TV. "Rias and her peerage is in trouble. Come one stray." She said to the black cat ash the gray haired maid opened the door only for pain to erupt from her side.

"Sorry but we're having a change of plans for now." Kuroka said from behind her. Her claws were covered in Grayfia's blood. The maid turned around a summoned a massive row of ice spikes from the ground which were dodged by the Nekoshou. "Sorry but Ophis-sama gave the boost I needed to take you on. I can't let you leave this house Grayfia." She said in an even and emotionless tone that didn't fit her usual personality as she drew in more of the energy of nature to use her own brand of senjutsu. Ten copies of Kuroka appeared and charged at Grayfia.

"Traitor!" Grayfia roared as she created her magic circle and shot hundreds of shards of ice at the stray devil. To her surprise all her attacks went right through the copies as if they weren't there. 'Illusions!' Grayifa thought before creating an ice wall to block a magic attack. She was forced to jump out of the house as a poison mist began to fill the living room.

"I will miss him, but I must do as Ophis-sama pleases." She said as she dodged the devil's attacks.

"To think he would have done so much for scum like you."Grayfia spat as she took a stance against the half devil. She knew full well of what Kuroka had done to her master and she almost had killed her if not for Naruto calming her down telling her that it was fine and that she would never do that again. Then when he went to the underworld to make a deal for her safety and she repays him by attacking her. "Rias is his legal fiance and you stand to let her get hurt?" Grayfia questioned.

Kuroka dodged attack after attack from Grayfia thanks to the power that Ophis had granted her. "It useless."Ophis said appearing behind her and wrapping Grayfia in snakes. "I, will miss living here. Naruto was the first person who didn't look at me differently. He, is interesting."Ophis said with little emotion as usual. While the dragon god had been the one who had spent the least amount of time with Naruto on average she couldn't deny that he amused her. 'Amused is the wrong word.' She thought to herself.

"To think he was so kind to you two. As much as it pains me to say it, he deserves better than you." She said as she felt the snakes around her constrict. Using her ice magic she stabbed the snakes with ice spikes from her body. "Even if I lose I will not go down like a coward."

Flashback end

The rest of the battle had been rather one sided. She had tried her hardest to hold them at bay but the combined power of both the Dragon God and a powered up Kuroka were too much for just herself. She had been crushed by the two. The truth was that even on her best day she would have been destroyed by the Ouroboros Dragon if she had gone all out.

With Naruto

The semi-blond arrived to see the barrier shattered by Vali who had already entered the battle against Kokabiel. And was honestly embarrassing the fallen angel. "Vali!" Naruto yelled as he and Grayfia flew to where Rias and her peerage was. The Peerage looked beaten and had sustained a massive amount of damage. His arrival gained the attention of all in attendance. Irina had been knocked out and was being taken care of by Asia.

"Naruto." Vali said smirking as he landed and approached the blond. "Azazel asked me to help out here in exchange for a proper battle with yo-!" Before he could finish Naruto's fist found itself in his stomach much to the white haired teen's surprise. Vali's eyes rolled to the back of his head as he fell to the ground unconscious. Rias and her peerage looked at the blond in shock from his action.

"I don't have time to deal with you." the blond said coldly as he looked at the unconscious Sacred Gear user. He knew that if things continued Vali would have tried to fight him and ignore Kokabiel Looking up at Kokabiel he noticed the sword that was in his hand. It was the Fused Excalibur. "Kokabiel, I'm giving you one chance to give up and turn yourself in. I'm not in the mood to mess around with you." Naruto said coldly as he floated up to Kokabiel level. The anger he felt from Kuroka betraying his trust was still surging within him.

"Oh I like your new look Naruto." the fallen angel said in a teasing tone as he looked over the blond. The darkened eyes and half black hair really made the newest Cadre a sight to behold. "To think a Fallen Angel as powerful as you would willing get engaged to a filthy devil. It's because of the leadership of Azazel that we are losing members by the day" Kokabiel roared at he charged at Naruto with the holy blade.

"Tch" Naruto grunted as he summoned his blade and knocked Kokabiel back with a swing of his own holy sword. "I'm going to enjoy destroying you!" Naruto roared uncharacteristically. The traitorous fallen angel was hard pressed to keep up his guard as Naruto unleashed a fury of swings. Naruto knocked Kokabiel back as his blade glowed a bright white "Joyous Rain!" Naruto roared as he unleashed a blizzard of needles of light.

Kokabiel called upon the power of Excalibur Destruction within the Fused Excalibur to destroy Naruto's attack. "Don't think I'll go down so easily brat!" Kokabiel yelled with a wide smirk as he vanished into thin air. Naruto floated in the air calmly. A smirk made it's way onto Naruto's fact as turned around suddenly with his sword swinging with him. Blood exploded out of nowhere before Kokabiel appeared with a deep cut across his chest.

"I got you!" Naruto roared as his sword once again began to glow. Seeing the incoming attack Kokabiel attempted to cancel the attack out with his own. The two swords clashed against one another causing a massive shockwave. The power struggle continued for a few second before cracks began to form on the Fused Excalibur. Kokabiel felt his sword being pushed back before it shattered in his hands from the might behind Naruto's attack.

"He broke it!" Xenovia yelled out as she saw the bladed that had been used against her shatter so easily against the blond fallen angel. Kokabiel flew away from Naruto who created a spear of light in his left hand. A cruel smirk made it's way onto Naruto's face has he threw it faster than any of the others could see. The orange spear pierced straight through Kokabiel lower left abdomen.

"Traitors everywhere." Naruto growled as a blue aura surrounded him.

"Then let me help you deal them justice Naruto-sama." A loud voice boomed in his head. It was one that he recognized from the war and who had helped him against Madara and Kaguya. It was the voice of the two tailed cat- Matatabi. Naruto smirked as his body was ignited in a blue blaze that shocked the on lookers.

'Where have you been Matatabi?'

"I was just taking a cat nap Naruto-sama"

"Kokabiel. For your crimes against the Grigori and the Devils I will take you down." Naruto said as the fire condensed onto his body. Unlike his transformation with Shukaku he looked the same overall but his once blond hair was now an inferno of blue flames. His hands and forearms were covered in the same fire as his hair but his nails had extended into claws. The same could be said for his legs as the fires covered up to his knees. From his tail-bone two cat-like tails swung behind him. His left eye had turned an emerald green while the right a bright yellow. "Nya~" He said

Naruto flew down and sliced off one of the Cadre's wings with his extended claws. Kokabiel screamed in pain as his wing was severed. "You fucker!" Kokabiel yelled as he formed a spear of light and tried to impale Naruto.

The blond caught the attack easily. "Is that all you have nya?" Naruto asked slicing off his arm with a flick of his wrist. "Weak." Naruto said grabbing the six wings on Kokabiel's left side and ripping them off in a display of brute force. "You don't deserve to have the same wings as me and Azazel." Naruto muttered stomping his foot onto the traitor's chest. Everyone could hear the sound of rips snapping from the attack.

"Stop! I surrender!" Kokabiel cried out as he felt the fires from Naruto's foot burning into his body.

"How many people asked you the same thing?" Naruto asked coldly as he placed more pressure on the fallen angel's chest. Everyone else looked on in horror minus Grayfia who has seen similar acts in her extensive past.

"Naruto stop!" Rias yelled out to her fiance. This wasn't like him. The change in appearance and the way he was fighting his enemy wasn't like the Naruto that had helped her. Rias flew at the blazing blond and hugged him from behind. Naruto looked back at her with an indifferent look. "Don't become like him Naruto. I don't know what happened to piss you off so much but it isn't worth giving up who you are. We are here for you." Rias told him.

"He deserves it." Naruto insisted as he looked down at the squirming fallen angel. He wasn't particularly angry with Kokabiel. No, the source of the wrath that was burning in his heart was Kuroka. The pain of betrayal infuriated him to no end. It hurt. He had given her everything he could and after she got what she wanted she left him just like that. It made him want to burn the world to ash.

"And that's worth losing who you are?!" Akeno yelled out surprising the others. "If so then you're just like all the other fallen angel scum!" the half devil yelled out at Naruto which honestly surprised everyone as it was well know she wasný fond of Naruto..

"This isn't you Naruto! If something did happen then we are all here for you. But you aren't some cruel asshole like Raynare ore Kokabiel. You're my friend!" Issei yelled out to Naruto who looked back at the Sacred Gear user.

"Don't do this Naruto. Don't lose yourself to anger." Rias begged him.

"Forget her." Naruto heard in his head. The voice wasn't one of a tailed beast but rather his own, or rather a version of his own. "It's the same as in Konoha Naruto. People will just hurt you in the end like that bitch Kuroka. She violated you and yet you forgave her. You went to the Underworld and made a deal just so she could live a peaceful life with you. And how does she repay you Naruto? By running off with that midget dragon. Your kindness was wasted on that cunt. Just like Azazel's was on the weakling under your foot. Make him feel our pain!" The voice said tempting him as Naruto forced Rias away from him.

Rias cringed as she was burned on her left arm by Naruto's fire. Tears threatened to spill over from the stinging she felt from the burn. "Naruto please come back to us. This isn't you." Rias said standing up to him.

"Rias."He said lowly. His rage cleared when he saw the large burn on her arm caused by his own flames. Her fair skin was covered in a second degree burn from the second of exposure. "Rias!" He repeated before the world around him went black.

Looking inwards he saw a copy of himself that was all too familiar. It was the same one that he faced when he tried to master Kurama's power. The darkness that was in his heart. "So we meet again huh?" Yami said to Naruto who scowled at the darker version of himself. "Now what's with that sour look?"

"I thought I got rid of you." Naruto stated plainly.

Yami simply laughed at his outer self. "No matter who you are there will always be some darkness in your soul. I decided to let go of my hatred of Konaha and let you handle life, but look where that got us!" Yami yelled at Naruto. "You and I are the same Naruto. Before I was the embodiment of your hatred towards those who saw you as Kurama. Now I am you're wrath towards the one who hurt you."

"We don't know her side of the story! We can't-"Before he could finish he was cut off by Yami.

"It doesn't matter! We gave her a home, we trained with her, we fed her, we were her friend, fought for her, we...we loved her. And she just walked away." Yami Naruto told Outer Naruto in a hurt tone. "She didn't even leave us a message. She brought Grayfia-chan to the point of near death and left."

"I...know." Naruto said with heavy sigh. He already knew from before that there was no point in arguing with his shadow. All he could do was embrace it and not let it consume him. "But I will not let myself become a monster. I will not take out my anger from one person out on another. We hurt Rias because of this."

"And let yourself be used by everyone! During the war you became a hero, but this new life has made you soft Naruto. You let some red haired bitch boss you around just because you're 'engaged' now. An engagement that you only accepted because you wanted to help her. You would have been perfectly happy with Yasaka but you had to go and complicate things because you had a bleeding heart! She should be bowing at your feet not making demands from you!" Yami said to Naruto.

"Look, I know Rias isn't exactly a model in terms of selflessness. But look at how she treats her peerage! She could treat them like slaves if she wanted to and make them her puppets. She could make their lives hell if she wanted and they wouldn't be able to do anything about it like Kuroka's old King. She is a good person and you know it. You can tell that she genuinely cares for us even if you deny it." Naruto insisted.

Yami-Naruto sighed as he rubbed his head with an amused smile on his face. "You never learn do you Naruto? Well at least she has an amazing body. But the fact that I'm here means that you still haven't forgiven Kuroka so I guess you're not hopeless." he said walking back deeper into Naruto's subconscious. "Do as you please, but if we get hurt like this again...someone is gonna pay." The darker version of Naruto muttered.

Back in the real world Naruto's ran off from Kokabiel and to Rias's side to heal her from the burn he had given her. "Rias I'm so sorry." Naruto said worried for his fiance. His chakra quickly fixed her burnt skin. "Please just stay out of this though." He said to her.

"This is my territory. I can't just rely on you to fix all my problems now can I Naru?" She said weakly. She and her entire peerage had dealt with a lot from fighting against Kokabiel and his minions. She knew that it was an impossible fight for them to win but her pride wouldn't let her just sit back and wait for Naruto to come back or Grayfia to save them from danger.

"You're an idiot you know." Naruto said with a smirk earning a twitch from Rias.

"I don't want to hear that from you!" Rias yelled back as him much to Naruto's amusement. "But I'm glad you're back to normal now. When I saw you before...it was looking at someone else. It was definitely someone I wouldn't want to marry."

"Oh so you want to marry me?" Naruto asked her.

"Well I wouldn't mind marrying you compared to Riser. After all you are a pretty good kisser and you didn't seem to have any complaints when we had our little 'meeting' after you beat Riser." Rias said teasing him remembering their make out session at his house.

"Maybe next time we can go a bit further." He said cupping the side of her face before his hand traveled down to her ample breasts and gave them a light squeeze earning a blush from the redhead.
"Don't ignore me!"Kokabiel growled as he painfully got back up on his feet. 'How humiliating! To think that he see me as such a minor threat that he would turn his back to make talk to his bitch.' Kokabiel thought to himself as Naruto turned around and stood up with Rias by his side. He hated the uncaring look in Naruto's once again blue eyes as the two fallen angels faced off against one another. "I will not be mocked by the likes of you!" Kokabiel said summoning every ounce of power he had left and unleashing a barrage of spears onto Naruto and Rias.

"Barrier." Naruto said stabbing the Joyeous into the ground in front of him. A golden field wrapped around him and Rias blocking the incoming attack completely. Naruto was about to finish Kokabiel off with one final attack but Kokabiel fell backwards. "Well looks like he ran out of juice." Naruto mused as he walked up to the bleeding fallen angel. It was really a gruesome sight. Half his wings had been torn off and there was a hole burnt into his chest from his fire leaving him barely alive. "Well I better get this guy back to Azazel." Naruto said sealing Kokabiel into a scroll. Looking over at Vali he knew that he couldn't just leave the unconscious teen on the ground or else he would would get an earful from his boss so he created a clone to carry him.

"You're leaving?" Rias asked the blond who nodded.

'He's acting differently now.' Koneko noticed.

A few days later

"So you found out what happened to God huh?" Naruto asked Xenovia who nodded as she watched group of Naruto's clones fix up his house. It had been a few days since Kokabiel's attack and while he was still alive he was in a place where he would never see the light of day ever again. Since then Rias and her peerage had taken some time to recover from their battle while Xenovia had returned with him to his house since she had been excommunicated by the Catholic Church leaving her without a place to call home.

"I...still can't believe it." Xenovia said thinking back to her entire life as a member of the church. The church and god had been her entire life. Every day she would work towards the betterment of the Catholic church that had taken her in and given her a purpose. It was what drove her to succeed.

"Just because God is dead doesn't mean you can't remember what he meant to you Xenovia-chan. He may be gone but his message and the teachings you learned aren't worth any less because of it." Naruto said to the blue haired girl who nodded with a small smile on her face. "You can stay here as long as you need. I know how hard it is having everything you love torn away from you. But you're a strong woman right?" Naruto said confidently. Xenovia nodded in response, "Then I know you will go far."

"Thank you Naruto." Xenovia said feeling determined thanks to the fallen angel. "I will accomplish my dream even if I'm not part of the church anymore." Xenovia said with a small smile on her face remembering her goal.

"And I will help you anyway I can." Naruto told her.

"Right." She said as she began to strip off her clothing.

"What are you doing!" Naruto yelled as the blue haired beauty got down to her bra and panties. Xenovia straddled his lap as she reached back and unhooked her bra setting free her two mounds for Naruto's eyes to devour.

"You said you would help me with my goal. I want to have strong babies." She said plainly before she collapsed forward. Behind Xenovia was Grayfia with a rather annoyed look on her face. Naruto was conflicted as he could feel a part of himself telling him to let loose and ravage the former clergy member but another part telling him that it wasn't the right time or place. Naruto sighed in relief as he was able to move the former exercise off him without hurting her.

"Thanks Grayfia-chan." Naruto said to the silver haired maid as he stood up. He hadn't expected her to strip and get on him like that. While it was a surprise he couldn't say that it was an unpleasant experience at all. Xenovia in his eyes was a beautiful woman with a good heart even if she was a bit oblivious about normal human life. "So ya need something?" Naruto asked as he and the devil left Xenovia asleep in the room while they walked towards the front of the house.

Naruto watched as his clones worked to fix the damage done by Kuroka and Ophis. It still stung his heart thinking of the the nekomata betrayal but he wasn't going to let it consume him like it did earlier. "Sirzechs is coming to check in on the area in two hours." Grayfia told him.

"I see. I guess it makes sense that he would want to check in Rias-chan." Naruto said before looking at the maid. "Do you want to take the rest of the day off Grayfia-chan?"Naruto asked not wanting to make the devil feel uncomfortable in the presence of her love.

"No." Grayfia said firmly. "I have already failed to protect this household once. To be unable to serve because of my own personal feelings would only further shame me." The silver haired maid told the blond who smiled slightly.

"Just don't push yourself okay. You're a friend before you're a maid in my eyes. If you feel like you need to leave you don't need my permission got it?" Naruto told her. He didn't want to push her after what she had to go through a few days ago. While he had healed her Naruto wanted to make sure that she was at full health. He also knew how she felt about Sirzechs. She loved him but at the same time she felt betrayed by him. He could relate to that feeling on some level now thanks to Kuroka. "Hey why don't you teach me how to cook properly?" Naruto asked Grayfia.

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