Game of Souls chapter 1

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Three years ago it was when the King of the Seven Kingdoms, Robert Baratheon was saved by the foreign strangers during one of his longer hunts in the north of the Crownlands. In his drunken haze, he has rushed ahead of all of his companions after a wild boar and not before long, the large man found himself surrounded by poachers.

The king stood his ground, a spear in his hand as the rugged men charged him, eying his fine clothes and the nice little bag of gold coin dangling from his belt. Robert killed one before an arrow found its way to his thigh, bringing him to his knees, yet a mighty roar befitting a Baratheon remaining on his lips. It was in that moment that they came, three males and a single female.

One of the men, a blonde, carried a single-edged strait sword, quickly disposing, yet not killing the king's attackers while the woman fought unarmed, delivering kicks and punches with surprising agility, her purple hair and golden eyes catching Robert's gaze, her generous figure with chocolate skin further adding to the image. The final two males were delivering a vicious beating to their opponents, leaving them bloody and twitching. As the assailants lay on the ground, a man with short black hair and equally short, rather unkempt beard came to threat the king's wound, examining the arrow while mumbling some incomprehensible nonsense. It was when the blond man spoke up that Robert realized that they were speaking in another language.

"Speak in a language we all understand!" bellowed Robert, getting raised eyebrows in return.

"My apologies, spearmen-san, we do not have many English speakers where we come from." Said the blond man in a strange white-green hat and cloak, his feet bare safe for the wooden sandals.

"Enrish smingrish. It is bloody Westerosi! Now then, who are you?"

"We are but humble travelers getting lost in this wondrous woodland!" continued excitedly the same man, getting a smirk from all present except for the orange-haired boy as he pulled out a fan to hide his features.

It was in that moment that several more people entered the clearing. Two young girls that could not be a day over thirteen and the rest of the king's party, Baristan Selmy drawing his sword at the sight of the stranger standing over his king, a sword in the hands of one of them.

"Step away from his gra-" began the old knight before been cut off.

"Enough, Barristan! They saved me, alright? Damn good fighters, even the lass!"

"My apologies, strangers." Said the kingsguard as he put his sword away.

It was then that the two girls from the oposide side came closer, speaking to the orange-haired boy in what the king in his semi-drunken haze felt was a disappointed voice. Or atleast one of them did, the other looked bored and annoyed as she looked desinterestingly over the assembly of knights and guards before her.

"Now that everyone has calmed the bloody seven hells down, what are your names?" bellowed the king.

"My, my, quite rude asking for a name before giving one." Said the blond man, covering his face with his fan once again as the purple-haired woman crossed her arms and a smile adorned her face.

Barristan was about to scold them for their disrespect when the king burst into laughter.

"Right you are, friend. I am Robert of house Baratheon, King of the seven bloody kingdoms!" he said, lifting a flask that materialized out of nowhere before taking a swing from it.

Robert could not see the full face of the blond man from his fan, but his eyes were dead serious for a second, quickly mumbling something to the rest of his group in their native tounge before shutting his fan and smiling widely.

"My name is Kisuke Urahara, a humble shop keeper. The lovely lady here is Yoruichi Shihoin, a close family friend."

It was then that the bearded male spoke up in an overly enthusiastic voice.

"I am Isshin Kurosaki! And these are my children: my lovely daughters Yuzu and Karin and my good for nothing son – Ichigo!" he said, only to receive a kick to the head courtesy of his son.

"What the hell, old man. Is that any way to introduce your son?!" bellowed the only teen male of the group. Isshin got up and tried to attack his son only for Ichigo to sidestep, leaving him sailing over and crashing into the grass, the now named Yuzu forming an uneasy smile while Karin covered her face with her palm, a strange and foreign, yet oddly appropriate gesture from the Westerosi's point of view.

The king took an instant liking to the odd bunch. It might have been the alcohol in his blood talking, yet he gave them land and made them the ruler of the area that they were in as soon as he returned to the capitol, leaving them to decide who should be the lord of it amongst themselves.

Barely two months have passed since the event that Yoruichi took to the road to explore the new land while Kisuke helped the Kurosakis raise a keep on the very edge of Crackclaw Point, the constructing finishing in record time before leaving for the capitol and opening a small shop along the main street, leaving the Kurosakis to rule.

The night the Kisuke left for the capitol and the Kurosaki family officially became overlords of the peninsula that Isshin, in a rare moment of seriousness, revealed the truth behind their heritage, the fact that they had Quincy blood in their veins from their mother… and noble blood from him. His real name was Isshin Shiba, a direct descended of great noble house of Shiba and former captain of the tenth devision. Ofcourse, he kept the second part only for Ichigo, the girls having enough trouble adjusting without adding the whole spiritual mess.

Speaking on that page, the group was still baffled by their current predicament. Kisuke quickly managed to place the fact that all of them and quite possibly several more have been somehow forcefully relocated to this realm of existence. Without his advanced gear, Urahara was unable to find a quick way back, instead focusing on building the Kurosakis a keep worthy of Japan before relocating to the capitol, been a major point of the world he assumed he might be able to more easily gather information there, if not anything else.

With no one been able to sense anything, the earthlings were left with a more hand-on approach to finding if anyone else had come with them from Karakura to this strange medieval world. It was Yoruichi that took it upon herself to explore, been the fastest of the bunch as well as holding a previously hidden love for wandering.

And thus for well over three years the Kurosaki peacefully ruled over the mysterious land, the locals been few and distrusting. A month into their rule as unemployed locals started coming to the small keep under construction that the Kurosaki family, now having read up on the history of the world, understood that the locals were actually First Men despite been this far south, surrounded by Andals. The many bogs and dense forests have made the area as hard to conquer as the Neck and the elusive Greywater watch in the North.

And yet, with Kisuke's help, the small keep was quickly constructed and manned, appearing Japanese on the outside, yet with all the modern conveniences on the inside, excluding anything electrical, ofcourse. It was build this quickly primarily due to all three males using their enhanced strength and speed, yet it was soon decided that they should all keep their powers a secret, for the time been at the very least.

It was Isshin that took the mantle of lord with a crazy grin on his face, especially when out of nowhere he pulled out a list of possible marriages for Ichigo, the orange-head barely restraining himself from bashing in his father's face there and then, not that that stopped him from doing so later.

The two young sisters were adjusting differently from one another.

Yuzu, who didn't really have time for friends when she was taking care of the housework back in Karakura was having the time of her life, especially when Kisuke suggested that they all take to wearing traditional clothing. Thus the girl was wearing a kimono every, albert much simpler ones than what one might expect, tailors having to be brought in from the capitol in order to create the outlandish, as some called it, clothing. How Isshin knew the exact specifics of a female kimono remains a mystery even to this day.

Karin, on the other hand, was having a hard time adjusting. Much like her older brother, she spent most of her time outside with friends and been ripped away from it, the girl had a lot of buildup frustration. A lot of time the girl would either force her brother to spar with her, although with both of them lacking a style it was an awkward sight while other times she would either go for a walk along the nearby beach or just glare at from her room at the sea.

Nevertheless, not even she could deny the enjoyment of bossing people around. With the now named house Kurosaki been declared overlords of peninsula, a lot of people came flocking in to the new keep, despite their distrust and small overall population. The pathetic resources that the area possessed proved a problem at times, yet Kisuke was constantly sending gold from King's Landing, his odd goods shop having a great success.

The only one truly miserable was Ichigo. While he was indeed with his family, something which he greatly appreciated every day, he was still ripped away from his friends and powers, been stuck in his human body with no way to access his reiatsu. Sure, he could enhance his strength and speed, but anything beyond that was out of his reach. While the orange-head did possess interest in western culture, been what some might call a fan of poetry, especially Shakespeare, this was still the middle ages, a pathetic time for humanity.

The days were long and dull for Ichigo, especially without the action and excitement that he has grown used to.

Sansa Stark was observing her first ever tournament, excitement all over her face. Countless tents lined the sides as hundreds if not thousands of smallfolk observed the knights getting ready for the joust at the Hand's tournament, her father's tournament. Plenty of houses did the eager northern girl recognize easily, yet many more were lost to her, be it that they were small households or simple knights were meager lands.

Where she was seated, she had a perfect view of the track, Peter Baelish, an old family friends from what she had been told sitting on one of her right while her wildling sister was sitting opposite to the lord, on her left.

The tournament was not what Sansa had expected, yet she could not tear her eyes away, even when two brave young men have already lost their lives, one to the fearsome Mountain-that-rides. She was broken out of her thoughts by the herald bellowing:

"Ser Beric Dondarion against an unnamed knight of house Kurosaki!" silence descended upon the tourney grounds as few knew the house and the fewer that did were surprised that a house from that area of Westeros would participate.

As the lightning lord took position on his end, the mysterious knights of the little-known house appeared on the opposite side.

The rider was petite, a shield and pike held in his hands, yet dark-purple leather armor of previously unseen design adoring the rider's body. Comparing it to the rough boiled leather armors of Winterfell, this thing was outright beautiful, the many small five-leaf pink flowers adoring the clothing that the rider wore beneath further adding to the beauty of it while a large black piece of cloth was slung over the back of the horse, an enormous pink five-leafed petal in full bloom in the mid-day sun. The helmet had a wide rim around the back of the neck, what could only be described as a white mask standing on the front the face, looking as if it was made of the finest porcelain, the depicted face set in an emotionless stare.

The signal was given and in a heartbeat, both riders rushed forth. The first pass was clean, both combatants missing their mark. Turning around, the two of them barely waited for the second signal before going at it again, this time the Kurosaki knight finding his mark, unhorsing Dondarion as his lance shattered, a large piece flying off towards the Clegane tent, hitting no other then Gregor himself on the calf.

As the large man became enrage and began walking towards the rider at a determined pace, a glare on his ugly features as he dragged his massive sword through the dirt, the Kurosaki knight quickly discarded the broken lance in the mud before putting a hand of the curved sword that rested on his belt, yet not rushing the draw.

As the Hound was preparing to stop his elder brother, Gregor's path was suddenly blocked by a young adult, wearing similar armor as the Kurosaki rider, yet without the helmet, revealing bright orange hair for everyone to see, a curved single-edged sword already drawn.

While not really intimidated by the small, by comparison, boy in front of him, Gregor did see the many knights that had hands on their swords and were already on the turf, ready to rush him. Growing audibly and casting a hateful look at the rider, the large man stormed off allowing everyone to breath out a sigh of relief.

"I could have handled him, Ichi-nii!" suddenly said the mounted knight, beginning to remove his helmet, the voice sounding feminine underneath. Silence descended as everyone waited with fainted breath to take a closer look at the mystery knight, gasps echoing as it was revealed that the rider was in fact… a girl. A girl around fifteen at the very most.

"Of course, you could have, Karin…" said Ichigo, looking up at his sister, not really believing her statement while ignoring the many shocked faces around them, a scowl finding its way to his face.

For house sigil, a simple Sakura pink blossom on a field of black.

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