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He was crouching behind a big crate, listening to the soft drizzle that came from the dark clouds above. He tried to keep his surroundings in check but there wasn't much to see in this lifeless, creepy area. Most of the buildings were abandoned and empty with broken windows and graffiti's on their walls. Trash littered the ground here and there and it almost felt haunted. They had separated twenty minutes ago and Vince grew a bit antsy in his hiding spot.

It was late afternoon when they had arrived at the docks. TJ had ordered Mikey to park the bus a few blocks away from the warehouse. Just in case. This was a scout out mission after all, so they all had to take this seriously. It was strange though… why were all this buildings abandoned?

Mikey had stayed with the bus while the others had taken different routes to the warehouse. They all had dressed as inconspicuous as possible and walked slowly down their paths. But there was no white Van anywhere.

Vince had agreed to stay back as a lookout on the left side of the building while Gretchen took the right side. They had observed the area for anything suspicious but so far there was nothing but grimy streets and the pitter patter of the drizzle.

The warehouse had four metal doors and two workshop gates to load and unload stuff. But they all were sealed shut. Since they weren't sure what was inside, they decided to sneak in trough the upper floors. TJ and Gus had climbed up the fire escape ladder as carefully as possible. The steel was creaking under their feet and the drizzle made it quite slippery but they had managed to reach their goal. A shattered window.

"Okay Guys! It's too dark inside to see anything but we are going in now!" TJ announced through his headset to the others.

"Good luck." Gretchen replied quietly.

"Thanks." He said before he climbed into the building, careful not to cut himself on the broken glass.

Gus was already sneaking through the dark room that seemed to be a small office. Papers were lying scattered on the ground and dust was collecting on the few pieces of furniture but nothing out of the ordinary here.

Sneaking out of the room there was a steel railing but it was too dark to see the hall underneath. They used small flashlights to find their way around. There were only two other rooms on this side of the warehouse but there was nothing interesting in it.

Gus had found the stairs and was sneaking in front of TJ downstairs. His military training was paying off; TJ couldn't hear a sound from the young soldier. Sneaking around dirty barrels, machinery and a few crates they searched the ground floor and TJs heart began to sink. It seemed that it really was just a dirty old warehouse. He was about to cancel the mission just as he heard something in the dark.

Goosebumps crawled up his spine when he heard the sound again. It was a moan.

He made a hand gesture in the direction where he heard the moan so Gus would follow him when they made their way to the other side of the warehouse.

Suddenly and without warning there was a loud yell that echoed through the hall and TJ almost dropped his flashlight while his heartbeat speeded up at the sound of the voice.

"HEY! Who's there!? If that's you scumbag, don't think I forgot about the beating I owe you!"

It… it was her… it was really her… TJ couldn't believe it. Everything was so vague but they really had followed the right tracks! TJ began to run towards the voice, Gus close behind him, and when his flashlight caught her frame tied up to a stone pillar he finally came to a stop.

"We found her… Spinelli she's …. she's really here!" TJ whispered into his headset. He could hear the relieved sighs and exclamations of happiness from his friends outside as he finally started to move again.

Spinelli was staring right into his direction when TJ slowly came closer. She looked awful and there was fear in her eyes when he approached her. She couldn't see him after all.

"Do you owe me really a beating madam fist?" He asked as her face lit up immediately.

"TJ? TJ is that you?" She asked with doubt in her voice but he was already there kneeling in front of her and softly caressed her cheek with his hand.

"Oh god Spin I know that you're a firecracker but please don't scare me like that again. Ok?" He gave her a quick hug while Gus, who had respectfully stepped aside, came into view.

"It's good to see you in one piece Spinelli." He said with a small smile.

"Gus?" Spinelli said with slight wonder.

"Yeah the one and only, the others are here too. They are waiting outside so I would suggest that we better start moving." Gus was walking behind the pillar to cut through the ropes that held Spinelli in place when suddenly Vince reported.

"Black panther to white eagle! Somebody is coming! It's the withe Van! Get out of there! Hurry!"

For a second TJ froze, but he snapped out of it quickly to help Spinelli stand. She was barely able to move let alone to run. TJ lifted her into his arms and carried her as he started to run.

"Which direction are they coming from!?" He yelled into the headset.

"South-west it looks like they are heading for the front door" He heard Vince say.

"Snow Owl can you open the door on the east side? We can't use the fire escape ladder, Spinelli can't climb it and it makes too much noise! Oh and brown bear!? Start the engine! You have to pick us up!" He had trouble seeing anything without his flashlight. Gus had to run in front of him with both flashlights since he carried Spinelli. Mikey was the first to answer:

"I'm on my way!" He said with panic in his voice as Gretchen said:

"Roger! But don't open it yourself! I'll use very aggressive acid!"

They had almost reached the east door when they heard the front door open with a loud creak.

Oh Whomps!

Gus had turned off the flashlights as they sprinted behind a stack of crates just in time before the light bulbs on the ceiling came to life with a humming noise. The light was blinding them for a few seconds before they could make out two men entering the warehouse, and they didn't looked friendly at all...