Kotoko Strikes Back!

Chapter 1 – The Cold Kiss

"Irie Naoki!" Kinnosuke shouted as he made a dash into class 3-A. What did that baka want now? Naoki thought, feeling a bit irritated.

"What did you do to my precious Kotoko?" Kinnosuke wanted to pull Naoki out from his chair but was stopped by Kotoko who managed to rush into the classroom in time.

"Stop making a scene here, onegai…" Kotoko begged while pulling Kinnosuke back. Why is she doing here? Naoki thought, feeling a bit uncomfortable seeing Kotoko and Kinnosuke together.

"Kotoko!" Kinnosuke managed to push Kotoko away.

"Irie Naoki! Tell me now, did you kiss Kotoko?" Kinnosuke glared at Naoki.

"Nani?" Reiko was shocked.

"Naoki, did you?" Reiko asked, hoping that Kinnosuke was only talking rubbish. Naoki remained silent. Why? Why didn't he say anything? Kotoko thought sadly and part of her was actually angry with Naoki.


The night before...

"Can you forget about me even after this?" Naoki asked after kissing Kotoko. Did Irie-kun just kiss me? Kotoko was still lost in her thoughts even after Naoki had left. But why couldn't I feel any passion in this kiss? Isn't a kiss supposed to be warm and passionate? Kotoko thought.

"Can I forget Irie-kun even after this?" Kotoko muttered to herself, confused.


"YES I CAN!" Kotoko shouted out. Everyone, including Naoki started staring at Kotoko. "Kin-kun." Kotoko walked towards Kinnosuke and gently grabbed hold of both his hands and looked intensely into his eyes.

"Kotoko…" Kinnosuke's heartbeat quickened and his face reddened almost immediately because Kotoko had never been so gentle to him in the past.

"Didn't you said it just now? A kiss without any passion isn't really considered as a kiss?"

"Yep!" Kinnosuke nodded profusely.

"The kiss last night…" Kotoko diverted her glance towards Naoki. Naoki just looked back at her without any expression, " is a kiss without passion…" Kotoko solemnly ended her conclusion.

Naoki did kiss that baka! Why did he do it? Is it for fun? Reiko frowned with the thought.

"Let's go." Kotoko gave Naoki one last look before walking out of the class.

"Haha! I've got the last laugh…" Kinnosuke happily made a funny expression at Naoki before going.

"A kiss without passion?" Naoki muttered under his breath and he couldn't believe what he has just heard. Even though his expression was not showing any reaction towards Kotoko's remarks, he could somehow feel a tinkle of sadness deep within.

Can she really forget me? Nah…I don't think so. Perhaps she is just trying to pretend. I bet when I reach home she will be waiting for me at the doorway. How can she forget me? Naoki quickly comforted himself with those self-presumption thoughts.


She's not behind me? Perhaps she just went home earlier so that she can wait up for me at the doorway. Naoki thought. Hmmm…still no sign of her? Naoki felt disappointed when the doorway was empty, no trace of Kotoko.

"I am back." Naoki greeted after slipping into his slippers.

"Oh…you are back!" Mama greeted back.

"Didn't Kotoko come back with you?" Mama asked while passing a glass of milk to Naoki.

"Nope. I am going to my room." Naoki replied as he proceeded towards the stairways. She's not back yet? Naoki seemed to be in deep thoughts.

To be continued…