This is my first attempt at writing fanfiction for The Hobbit. So please be gentle while I try to figure my way through the Tolkien Lore. I started writing this fanfiction at the suggestion of my therapist. I had a very traumatic experience recently that has caused me to have to step away from writing my other fanfiction stories for the time being. If you follow any of those stories you can IM me for an explanation as to why I am leaving those stories alone for now.

So here we go.

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High in the sky a pale, full moon shines brightly. Not a single cloud in the sky blocked its light, nor the lights of the stars. The temperature was mild, with just a hint of humidity.

With the light from the moon and stars, a lonely mountain's shadow could be seen upon the horizon. This mountain held the dwarf kingdom of Erebor. Once thought to be lost to a dragon, the lights of many torches, by the entrance, tells a different story.

The kingdom of Erebor has flourished since being reclaimed by the dwarves. Ruled by a King and a Queen, the kingdom has finally become as great as it was before. Erebor's wealth came from trades in gold, weapons, jewels, and other crafts of the inhabitants. Its halls filled with dwarves, dwarrowdams, and dwarflings.

It is in these vast halls that a cry is heard from at least two of the young inhabitants. Their cries echoing down the hall from the royal wing.

A door opens from one of the many rooms in the royal wing. Soft footsteps echo down the hall. The maker of these footsteps is a young female. She only stands at 4 foot 10 inches in height. Her body slimmer than a dwarfs for she was a daughter of the race of Men. Light brown hair, in a single braid, hangs to her mid back. Her eyes are a dark brown color, with long dark eyelashes that fan out perfectly when her eyes are closed. She is wearing an ankle length night gown with a dark blue robe to cover it. A gold color sash keeps the robe closed at the waist. There are no shoes upon her bare feet.

She comes to a stop, four doors down from the door she came out of. Quietly, she opens the door and enters the royal nursery.

The royal nursery consists of a small main room that houses a lot of toys, a fireplace with a rug a few feet in front of it, and no less than three rocking chairs. The main room is circular in shape and there are four doors that are spaced evenly along the walls. The fireplace (with a small but bright fire going) sits at the end of the row of doors, and off to the right of the main entrance door. It is the closest door, on the left, that the young female heads towards.

Opening it carefully, she sees not one, but two, of the small inhabitants of the room awake in their beds. The older of the two inhabitants looks at the young female, while she goes over to the crib to pick up the youngest. The oldest is a young male, not even 4 years old, and the youngest is not even a year old and female. (If you used the race of Men as means to count their ages.) The male dwarfling has thick golden brown hair with a slight curl at the ends. His eyes, are the famous Durin blue color, but has a hint of mischief in them. The female dwarfling has a coat of blond hair covering her head with barely 5 inches in length. She has the same eye color as her older brother.

Upon seeing the older female pick up his sister, he decides that now is the time to crawl out of his bed. He makes his way from his bed, across the small bedroom, to where the older female is.

"Where is Amad and Adad?" he whispers, his little voice slightly hoarse from his own crying. He cuddles into the older females robe as she settles the whimpering little girl into her arms. He lets go of the robe and steps back to look up at female.

"They are not here tonight, Balder. In two more days, your Amad and Adad will be back." The brunette female replies before she begins to move towards the youngest ones dresser. The crib and a small dresser sit side by side on the left side of the room. The boy's bed sits on the right side with a small dresser next to it. A fireplace, just barely lit, sits next to the door that leads back into the main room.

"What about Uncle? Is he here, Aliena?" Balder asks as he watches Aliena open a drawer one handed.

"He is here, but like everyone else is sleeping. You should be as well." Aliena replies as she pulls out a fresh cloth to use. She closes the dresser drawer, and heads back to the main room.

Balder is quick to follow her out of the bedroom. He may be his father's son, but that doesn't mean that he can't be afraid of the dark. Especially after being woken up by his little sister from his nightmare. He makes his way towards the deep brown and red rug that sits near the fireplace. Aliena is already there on the rug with his little sister to begin changing the soiled diaper cloth. He sits next to Aliena and listens as she hums a tune he doesn't recognize. His little sister begins to coo and attempts to roll away after the dirty diaper cloth is taken away.

"Freya, you must stay still." Balder says softly to his sister. Even though she is but a babe, he still thinks that she should listen to him.

Aliena finishes the changing and blows softly on Freya's belly before glancing at Balder. "Can you keep an eye on her so that I can place the dirty cloth into the laundry?" Quickly standing up, with the offending cloth in her hand, Aliena makes her way to the fourth door in the line of doors.

Balder watches as Aliena enters the bathroom, before glancing back down at his sister. Freya has somehow brought her right foot up to her mouth and is chewing on her toes. After a few moments, the sound of a door opening catches Balder's attention. Looking up he sees two of the other inhabitants of the nursery.

It is these two males that has the line of Erebor secure. It was by some miracle that Balder's aunt had twins almost 7 years ago. Both have deep blue eyes, like their father. It is in the shade of the hair colors that set the two boys apart. Frerin is the older of the two, with dark brown hair that almost looks black. He is wide in the shoulders and is currently only 3 feet 5 inches tall. His younger twin, Durin, has dark brown hair as well but in the sunlight you can see glimpses of a red hint to it. Like his older brother, Durin is also 3 feet 5 inches tall, but has narrow shoulders. Both boys can pass as a full blooded dwarfling.

"What has you up this early cousin?" Frerin asks as the two boys walk over towards their cousins.

"Freya had a dirty diaper." Balder states in a shy manner. Even though the twins are his cousins, both carry an air of authority around them.

It is at this point that Aliena comes back into the main room to find not just two but four children on the rug. "What are you two doing up as well? By Mahal, is every child in this nursery going to stay awake all night?"

"Calm down namad. It isn't like we wanted to be awake. Freya's crying woke us up." Durin and Frerin answered at the same time.

"Well you best be headed back to bed. All of you." Aliena said with as much authority as a twelve year old could. No sooner as those words left Aliena's mouth the third door in the line of doors opened up to reveal two female children. The older (about 5 years old in the race of Men) has bright red hair and brown eyes. The younger (about 2 years old in the race of Men) has brown hair and green eyes.

"Great, now every single royal child is awake. I swear all of you are co-conspirators in waking up in the dead of the night." Aliena grumbles as she walks over to collect Freya from the floor. Picking the babe up from the floor, she walks over to one of the rocking chairs that is closest to the fireplace. Aliena carefully sits down in the chair and tries to settle Freya in her arms.

Frerin, Durin, Balder, and the other two children walk over to where Aliena is, before sitting themselves on the floor.

"Tell us a story namad." Asks Durin who is sitting to the right of Aliena's feet. Next to him is his brother Frerin.

"Please Aliena." Pleads Balder, who is sitting to the left of Aliena's feet. He tries his best to give her his puppy dog eyes. He has seen his uncle use this with his aunt and decides to give it a try on his cousin.

Seeing all of the younger children giving her the infamous puppy dog eye look, Aliena nods her head in agreement.

"Very well. A story it is, but which one would you like to hear?" Aliena asks the group.

"The Battle of the Five Armies!" is shouted by the red haired female who sits across from where Aliena is sitting. With the sister sitting next to her.

"Not that again Kelda." Frerin shouts from his spot on the floor. "You get too excited at the Ravenhill part of the story."

"I do not!" Kelda shouts back at Frerin as her face turns red with embarrassment.

"New story?" Kelda's sister, Toril, asks softly before placing her thumb into her mouth.

"Yes, I think a new story can be told tonight." Aliena thought carefully before making the decision. "This story might take several nights to tell though."

"We don't mind namad. Just tell us something new for once." Durin said before any of the other children could speak.

Taking a deep breath, Aliena asks the group of children, "Have you ever heard the story of how my mother and I came here?"

"That isn't a new story, Aliena. Everyone knows Adad brought Amad and you here with the company." Frerin states confidently.

"I am not talking about that. I am talking before our arrival to Erebor. Mother and I first met papa when he had already begun his quest for Erebor." Seeing that she had all of the children's attention and none of them were interrupting, Aliena begins to tell her tale.

Unknown to the children in the nursery, a woman stands in the hall outside of the door to the main room. She listens carefully as her daughter begins to tell her tale.

Well there it is folks. The first of many chapters of this tale. The rest of the tale will be told from Aliena's mother's point of view until the very end. I do hope you all enjoy this and please let me know if I make a mistake with the Tolkien lore. Most of the names I used for the children came from lore or from Old Norse names. The only name that isn't is Aliena, which is what I named my daughter. And yes, Aliena's character is based off of what my daughter looks like.

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