I do not own Naruto. That honor belongs solely to Masashi Kishimoto.

So this is the story Idea I have. And it will be the first story I will write. Below is roughly what the basic of the story will be like.

- Naruto and Bee were captured during the final war

- Something happened during the Sealing and Naruto ended up absorbing the Bijuu and became a Pseudo Juubi

- Naruto also absorbed Madara, Obito, Kisame, and Kabuto

- Naruto gains the Rinnegan and Shanrigan through the absorption process.

- Naruto starts fighting the Juubi that forms in his body

- The power of the Human Path was increased exponentially by the absorption and got out of control.

- Naruto absorbed the Soul of everyone in the Shinobi world with the Human Path power to take everyone's soul using the chakra in everyone as a base

- The Outer Path power also got out of control and Naruto starts to absorb passed souls that are under the Shinigami domain

- The gods got involved and Naruto drunk on power fights them.

- Naruto absorbs part of their power but was eventually defeated.

- The gods punish him by binding his power and sending in to the past though he is an imortal

- Naruto gains his power back slowly and sharpens it up through time

- Naruto has the whole power of the shinobi world

- Naruto is a semi-diety with the role of god of energy as his future designation.

The rest is up to the writer. Write with a possibility of sending Naruto to other worlds. Also come up with realistic handicap for Naruto to make it more interesting. Naruto's personality should undergo multiple changes with time considering he is an immortal. Any body can take up this story if they want to but I will also be writing on it. Updates will be slow. I hope I can write a story that will take you readers into another world.