Dinner Time

England and Canada were in the kitchen together making spaghetti. For once, England's attempt at cooking was actually going well, although that could also be because Canada was there helping him make it. But still, his cooking was going good, so he was in a pretty good mood to go along with it.

And because of this, he was willing to let Canada help out a bit more than he usually would.

"So, do you like tomato sauce?" That was the first question were things had already gone wrong.

"Yes, you?"

"Of course."

England paused before looking at the big pan full of sauce in front of them.

"That's good, because we have lots of it."

Despite that, he still added in another can of kidney beans and two cans of tomatoes.

Canada then put in another can of tomatoes.

"Are you sure we should put that much in?"

"Yes, I like tomatoes."

"Alright then."

They believed everything was fine until they sat down to eat with America and he decided to comment on the food.

"Can I have some more meat with my tomatoes? Actually, can I have some more anything with my tomatoes? Like seriously dudes, what is up with this?"

He'd lifted his spoon up, and even in that random scoop out of his plate the spoon still only had tomatoes on it.

England had looked at Canada and Canada hadn't even looked up from his bowl.

"I like tomatoes." He said sullenly.