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Chapter 1: Awaken


You wake up in a hospital bed.

A rhythmic beeping comes from your right. A glance shows a heart monitor, hooked up to your chest. You sit up from your rather comfortable bed and take a look around the room. Medical machines surround your bed, many of which are attached to you in some way or form. Flowers, cards, and assorted balloons are placed around your bed and on the tray across from you.

Curious, you reach for the closest one. It has a picture of a cat in a hospital gown.

I was very sorry to hear about your hospital stay.

You flip it over. A picture of the cat's butt.

Hope your insurance covers you better than your gown.

You smile. Cute.

Your eyes scan down towards the rather scrawling hand writing at the bottom. You can barely make out what it says.

Please get well soon Bells. I miss you so much.



Who's "Bells"?

Why would anyone name their kid that? And who would put someone else's card into your hospital room?

Wait- why are you in the hospital? Did you get hurt? Was there something wrong with you? You don't feel anything wrong. In fact, you actually feel pretty go-

Your stats have been increased by a special act! For being in a coma for over three months straight, you receive +200 to your Health and +100 to your Mana reserves!

"What the fu-"

Your experience has been increased by a special act! For completing the quest [Wake Up Sleeping Beauty] you receive +500 XP!

You jerk backwards as the glowing, blue, rectangular screen gets right up in your face. "Son of a-"

Your level has increased by one! Please check your stats in order to relocate your new stat points as well as your starting ones!

What the fuck is going on?!

You start to panic.

A wave of sudden calm washes your panic away. You become irritated instead.

You're in a hospital goddamnit. You may not know why you're in the hospital, but you're sure that you don't need to be bothered with this shit. For all you know, you could be having brain surgery or a tumor removed or something. Granted, it probably doesn't take three months and a coma to fulfill, but you don't know that. And you do definitely do not need blue screens popping up all willy nilly.

You press your finger onto the "X" on the upper right corner of one of the blue screens. It disappears. You stare for a moment, before promptly pressing the exit buttons on the other two screens.

Now that your personal bubble has not been breached, you can finally voice your confusion. "The fuck was that?"

You briefly wonder if you received some sort of brain damage. It would explain why you're in the hospital, seeing blue holographic screens pop up out of nowhere, talking about stat points and XP…

Wait, weren't XP and stat points role playing game systems? Like, the more experience points you gained, the more skills you could unlock, and the higher levels you could raise your character.

You wonder why you know about this. You don't recall having played RPGs at any point in time. Or at all really.

In fact, you can't recall much of anything. Like how you ended up in a hospital, who this "Bells" is, and why strangers are sending his/her cards to your room.

You have no idea what's going on. A frightening situation and yet you don't feel frightened at all. You actually feel strangely calm.

Must be the painkillers.

You shrug and decide to indulge in your hallucinations.


A blue screen appears inches from your face. You jerk back in annoyance.

Name: Isabella Swan

Class: The Gamer

Level: 3

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Species: Human

XP: 1500/3000

Health: 300/300

Mana: 150/150

Stat Points: 90

Strength: [ ]

Constitution: [ ]

Dexterity: [ ]

Intelligence: [ ]

Charisma: [ ]

Wisdom: [ ]

Luck: [ ]


It suddenly occurs to you that you have a name. A rather girly name, further indicating that you are a girl.

You find it oddly disconcerting to realize that you didn't even know your name or gender before now. Now that you think about it, you don't even know your dad's name, even though he got you such a funny card. You don't know your mother's name either. Or where you live. Or how old you are.

Fuck, you don't even know what you look like!

You pull down the covers and glance down at yourself. Geez, the kitty card was right. This hospital gown really doesn't leave much to the imagination.

And wow, are you pale. Like really, really pale. Vampire pale.

You cup one of your boobs. They feel rather unfamiliar. Then again, everything feels unfamiliar.

A sudden breeze through the open window on your left makes you pull the covers back up. One of the cards falls from its perch on the side table and lands on your lap.

You pick it up and glance at it. It's the same kitten card that your Dad apparently gave you.

Guess "Bells" was a nickname. Go figure.

You would have preferred something cooler like "Izzy" or "Abel" though. Bells just sounds too… girlish. You glance down at your chest, and prod one of your boobs with a finger. Though considering you are a girl…

...wait. Are you?

You quickly shove your hand down the covers.

You sigh in relief once you feel your squishy bits and nothing else.

Thank god. You weren't a she-male. That would have been the icing on the shit cake.

You bring your attention back to the blue screen hovering near your face. It seemed too real to be a hallucination.

It occurs to you that this might not be a hallucination. That what you do now might actually affect you in some way. Then again, it could also be a form of psychosis, a way to help you cope with having spent three months in a coma.

You shrug. "Only one way to find out, I guess."

You take your time allocating your stat points in order to get your mind off of the fact that you don't even know who the fuck you are, what the hell is going on, or if you have gone completely batshit crazy.

Name: Isabella Swan

Class: The Gamer

Level: 3

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Species: Human

XP: 1500/3000

Health: 300/300

Mana: 150/150

Stat Points: 0

Strength: 13

Constitution: 13

Dexterity: 13

Intelligence: 13

Charisma: 12

Wisdom: 13

Luck: 13

Good enough, you guess.

The second you close the screen, you feel a shiver run through your body.

Suddenly everything seems clearer. You feel stronger, much more rejuvenated than before. Information seems to run through your brain and your senses strengthen. You become more aware of our surroundings; the fact that the window is slightly open, the squeaking wheels of someone pushing a tray behind your door, the fact that a fly is going to land right on your face-


Or at least it was, until you squished it with your awesome new reflexes. And your bare hands.

"This is so cool!"

Thousands of questions come to mind. What was happening? Why you and not someone else? Why an RPG? Why can't you remember anything? Was it because you were in an RPG? And most importantly...

What else could you do?

You stare at the empty space in front of you and decide to test something out.


A blue screen promptly appears.


[Gamer's Mind]: Allows the Gamer to calmly and logically think things through during stressful and everyday situations. Gives the Gamer a peaceful state of mind. Granted an immunity to physiological and mental attacks or effects. (Current [Gamer's Mind] level: MAX)

[Gamer's Body]: Grants the user a body that allows them to live their life like a game. Sleeping and eating restores health, mana, and other mass effects. (Current [Gamer's Body] level: MAX)

Only two skills? Fuck!

Though, both of these skills do seem pretty overpowered now that you think about it. Being able to think calmly and logically in any situation? You are pretty sure you can make a living as a 911 operator with this skill alone.

Immunity to physiological and mental attacks sounds pretty ominous though. Does that mean you'll come across people who can read minds? God you hope not. You don't like the idea of some stranger rifling around in your thoughts. Then again, you wouldn't have to worry about that, since you have [Gamer's Mind].

And a [Gamer's Body] explains why you got that sudden increase in Health and Mana for being in a coma. Who knew "sleeping" for three months could have its perks?

There are a few things you still don't get though. What does it mean, "live their life like a game"? Does that mean you're like a video game character? Is everything else like a video game too, even the people? What happens when you get hurt? Do you bleed or what?

As an experiment, you hit your arm on the metal side of your bed.

You hit your hand on a hard surface! -2 Health!

You didn't feel a thing.

You hit your hand harder against the cold metal.

You hit your hand on a hard surface! -5 Health!


You frown. You find it somewhat unnerving that you can't feel pain. You may not remember who you are, but you do remember that pain is a necessary body function, and that not being able to feel pain could have some severe consequences later on in life.

You put your hand to your face in thought and immediately grimace and pull back, staring at your hand in disgust. There's still bug guts on it.


Through repeated action, a new skill has been created!

You jerk back from the blue screen and end up banging your head on the headboard.

You hit your head on a hard surface! -10 Health!

The string of curses that came out of your mouth would have made a sailor blush.

The skill [Observe] has been created!

You raise an eyebrow. "What does [Observe] do?"

The first screen disappeared and was replaced with a new one.

[Observe]: Through continuous observation of the people and things around you, you have received a skill that allows you to quickly gather information about the people, objects, and situations you meet throughout your life. The higher the level of [Observe], the more information you can obtain about the people, things, and situations around you. (Current [Observe] level: 1)

You immediately decide to try out your new powers on the first thing you see. "[Observe]."

That first thing turns out to be the nurse that manages to walk through the door just as the screen closes.

Name: Jenny Palmer

Class: The Caretaker

Level: 7

A nurse that works at St. Luke's Medical Center.

Not that much information. Then again, it is still a level one skill. At least you got her name.

You see the nurse's - Jenny apparently - eyes widen. She calls out to the open hallway. "Doctor! She's awake!"

She walks towards you and starts messing with the tubes and wires connected to your body. She gently pushes you down onto the bed when you start to sit up. "Honey, my name is Jenny Palmer. I'm a nurse. Do you know where you are?"

"Uh yeah." You glance at the screen. "I'm at St. Luke's Medical Center, right?"

"Well, yes. You are." The nurse starts messing with the heart monitor, unsticking some of the sticker pads from your stomach. "Do you know your name hon?"

"Isabella Swan." You pause. "Call me Izzy, or Abel."

The nurse gives you a look that's a mixture of relief and confusion. "Okay, uh, Izzy. Do you know why you're in the hospital?"

"Because I was in a coma for three months?" The nurse glanced at you in confusion.

"How do you know that?"

You shrug. "Beats the hell out of me."

You figure that telling the nurse about being The Gamer and that life has turned into a game for you may not be the smartest idea.

"Do you know why you were in a coma for three months?"


The nurse finished checking your vitals and starts unhooking the machines from your body. Once done, she places a hand on your shoulder. Her face was sympathetic. "You were in a car accident. A drunk driver-"

You immediately panic. The wave of calm that is the [Gamer's Mind] cools most of it, but you still blurt out questions at a rapid pace. "Oh God, I wasn't the driver was I?"


"Was I in the car with the drunk driver?"


"Was anyone hurt?"

She looked a bit annoyed. "If you'd let me finish, I could probably answer all of your questions."

You wince and give her an apologetic smile. "Sorry."

The nurse smiled at me and patted my arm. "It's okay hun, you just want to know what happened. No, you weren't the driver nor were in the car with the driver. The witnesses say that you were walking home when you go hit by a car on the sidewalk. The ambulance took you here and patched you up. You were fine, physically at least, but the doctor speculate that the trauma caused you to go into a coma. "

"What about the driver?"

The nurse was blunt. "He died on impact."

"O-oh." You weren't sure how to feel about that. "What happened after?"

"Well, we contacted your mother, father, and stepfather-"

"Stepfather?" So your parents were divorced?

The nurse raised an eyebrow. "Yes, you're stepfather."

"I just never knew I had a stepfather. I… to be honest I can't remember much of anything." The nurse looked alarmed. "Nothing?"

You shrug helplessly. "Nothing. Other than my name. And the fact that I'm a girl, apparently."

"Shit," she cursed. "Oh, sorry about the language."

You pat her on the shoulder. "It's cool."

"Nurse Palmer. The patient is awake?" A doctor walked in. He looked young, yet he had a head full of grey hairs, bags under his eyes, and wrinkles around his mouth.

Being a doctor must be stressful as fuck.


Name: Connor Doyle

Class: The Healer

Level: 9

A doctor that works at St. Luke's Medical Center.

The doctor looked towards you. "Did you say something Miss Swan?"

"Nope," you popped the "p", discretely exiting the blue screen, "not a word. And call me Izzy. Or Abel. Which ever you prefer."

"Doctor Doyle, Miss Swa- Izzy here says that she cannot remember anything except her name and... gender."

The Doctor looked concerned. He turns towards you. "Nothing?"

"Nothing," you confirm. "It's all just one big… blank."

You close your eyes in thought and tilt your head to the side. "Like, I can remember certain things. Eating, walking, talking, how to read and write, and stuff. You know, the normal things? But, there's no... context. I don't remember how I know these things. Just the fact that i know 'em."

You knew that you couldn't remember anything, but it was kind of pushed to the back of your head as you messed around with your stats. Now that you're actually thinking about it- really thinking about it- the reality of it hits you much harder.

Everything that made you, you is gone. All of your memories, your thoughts and emotions, things that made you who you are as a person aren't there any more. You don't have a past to fall back on, memories that can lead you through life. They were wiped away by the actions of some drunk asshole that died before you could kick his ass.

You don't know your age, you're likes, your dislikes. You don't know your own hobbies, what you want to be when you grow up, your favorite color, your friends. You don't know if you're gay, straight, bisexual, or willing to fuck anything that moves. You don't know if you have friends, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, or what.

You don't know who your family are, though you do know that you have a stepfather, your parents are likely divorced, and your dad as good taste in kitten cards. Other than that though?

You don't know anything about your own life.

You can't help but feel slightly depressed.

A hand on your arm brings you out of your emo thoughts. Doctor Doyle smiles down at you with a comforting expression on his face.

"It could be worse. You could be dead right now, like the other guy."

"Doctor!" Nurse Palmer looked absolutely horrified. She swatted him on the back of his head.

Doctor Doyle winced. "Uh, I meant-"

You burst out laughing. "You have the worst bedside manner ever, dude."

He rubbed the back of his head and flashes you a relieved smile. "Yeah, it's still something that I'm working on." He chuckles.

"You wouldn't believe the amount of trouble he gets himself into," Nurse Palmer muttered.

"Anyway," his sheepish expression was replaced with a more professional one, "are you absolutely sure that you cannot remember anything?"

You shake your head. "Not a thing."

"Alright, well, we'll probably have to give you a brain scan to see what the problem is. We need to make sure that there aren't any other issues with your brain function. In the mean time- Palmer, make sure someone gets in contact with Miss Swan's-"

"Izzy or Abel," you interrupted.

"-Izzy's parents. Make sure that they're informed of her condition before they enter the hospital."

"Got it," she said, and walked out of your room.

"Now as for you Izzy." Doctor Doyle unhooked a clipboard that was hanging at the end of my bed. "At this point, we're not sure if your condition is permanent or temporary. Keep in mind that permanent amnesia is very rare. It very likely that your memory loss is a result of your trauma from the accident and that you will regain your memory at any moment. Familiar stimuli like family, friends, or places will probably jump start your memories so as of right now, we need to focus on getting you out of here."

"So, when can I leave then?"

"Not for a week or two. We need to make sure that you're completely healthy and won't make a possible relapse in the future."

You somehow doubted that would happen- considering the fact that you now have [Gamer's Body]- but you didn't want to argue with the trained professional.

"As is, you just need to lay there and be comfortable. Your parents will arrive any minute now." With a smile, he left the room.

You waited until you could hear his footsteps fading down the hall before you started messing around with your new powers.


Hospital Monitor

Worth: $200

Monitors your heart and vital signs.

You're pretty much trapped in this hospital bed until your parents can break you out. Until then, you might as well grind what few skills you have.


Hospital Cabinet

Worth: $5

Contains various forms of medicines and hospital tools.

The second you close the blue screen another appears.

Your skill [Observe] has increased by 1 level!

"Sweet!" You can't wait to test this out on-

A quest has been created!

You blink in surprise. A quest already? Didn't you have to go out, and, you know, do stuff in order to get quests? You wait for the screen to say anything else. When it doesn't, you press the exit button. A new screen promptly fills its place.

Quest Alert!

[Survive the Earthquake]

The Gamer must survive the ensuing earthquake without taking a single hit of damage.

Time Limit: 2 minutes

Reward: 200XP, +2 Dexterity, and +1 Constitution.

Failure: Possibility of injury/death.



Everything around you starts to shake. Bottles, medical tools, flowers, and cards start falling all around you and the building shakes. You can see the walls and floors ripple around you as one of the heart monitors falls and crashes to the floor. You can hear shouts and screams coming from behind your door, the noise almost managing to cover the sound of the plaster above you starting to fall apart.

You scramble from your bed, managing to land on your feet as you throw yourself away from your previous spot. Seconds later, the ceiling breaks and a rain of plaster and wood falls down onto the bed, crushing it.

You don't have a moment to feel relieved. You hear some more ominous cracking coming from above you and look up to see the ceiling about to cave in. Without thinking about it, you roll to the side, just barely managing to keep yourself from getting injured as plaster and wood fall from above to where you once were. You manage to get up to your knees and crawl over to one of the lower cupboards. A glance to the side shows that one of the windows is already cracking. You just manage to open one of the cupboard doors when the window shatters, sending glass everywhere.

You use the door as a makeshift shield, ducking your head behind it as glass rains from above. The shaking is only making everything worse, and you feel your grip start to loosen as the shaking increases. Everything is breaking around you as you huddle halfway inside a cupboard that is much too small for you. The sound of the room being wrecked, the hospital shaking to its foundations, and the unrelenting screaming that's coming from outside your door all merges into one loud screeching noise that sets your skin on edge in its intensity.

Then, just as soon as it all started, it stopped.

You cautiously open your eyes and peer past the cupboard door. Your hospital room is a complete mess. The ceiling has almost completely caved in, with the floors being covered in a fine sheet of drywall and plaster. Your bed had collapsed under the weight of the fallen ceiling, while both of your windows were broken. Most of the hospital machines were broken during the quake, some of them having fallen to the ground. Glass, plaster, and broken bits of machinery litter the floor.

Outside your door, you can hear shouts and calls for help, as well as the occasional scream. You can even hear a few people running past your room as you sit there, huddled behind the cupboard door.

You slowly stand up. A blue screen appears.

Quest [Survive the Earthquake] has been completed! You have gained 200XP! You have gained +2 Dexterity! You have gained +1 Constitution!

Through repeated action, a new skill has been created! The skill [Dodge] has been created!

A quest has been created!

Your eyes narrow in slight anger. Somehow, in the face of an actual tragedy, the cheerful playfulness of your new gamer powers seem less fun.

You exit out of all three screens. Just like before, a new one takes their place.

Quest Alert!

[Ametuer Disaster Reief]

The Gamer must rescue/heal as many people as they can within the allotted time frame.

Time Limit: 5 hours

Reward: 50XP per individual person you save, +2 Wisdom, and increased respect amongst the community.

Failure: None

Accept? Decline?

It's a no brainer. You hit Accept, and a red, somewhat transparent box appears a foot in front of you.





You need to hurry. Time is literally wasting right in front of you.

You feel the familiar calmness wash over you as you carefully walk over the glass and broken bits of machinery towards the door. You take a deep breath.

Time to save lives, and gain some XP.


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Name: Isabella Swan

Class: The Gamer

Level: 3

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Species: Human

XP: 1700/3000

Health: 283/300

Mana: 150/150

Stat Points: 0

Strength: 13

Constitution: 14

Dexterity: 15

Intelligence: 13

Charisma: 12

Wisdom: 13

Luck: 13