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From here on, I will be posting just the letters Rick made to Kate, without the song verses. It is the general feel of the song, so to speak, until the last chapter.

My heart,

Whatever Meredith told you, it's all in the past. You told me she said that and you should believe her. We're both good and working it for Alexis. She might not get the Mother of the Year award but she tries her best because she loves our daughter.

Kate, yes, I may still have secrets that I haven't told you, really personal and perhaps dark secrets but you know me more than Meredith or Gina or Alexis and my mother. I opened up to you the way you did with me, a few cases in in our very unconventional partnership. I trust you the way you trust me and I never felt opening up to others the way I did with you. And I told you with utmost sincerity and not as a bribe for you to do the same.

You told me that Meredith said I could have written several books with what I know about her and she couldn't even write a pamphlet about me. You're different. You can write a book about me.

It's an honourable thing you did with Bracken. I wouldn't have done it if I were you and I told him that. If what happened to you happened to me and I find out who he is the same way you did, I wouldn't – couldn't – forgive him and I will hold a grudge. If his life was in danger, I wouldn't have saved him. I may or may not have closure but I will think that he deserved it. He took away a precious thing in my life and I couldn't turn back time to spend more moments with her. They all would be gone.

If I were you. But I'm not. I'm glad I'm not. You continue to amaze me, Kate. With your beauty, with your intelligence, with your heart.


I'm sorry for everything that I'm going to do. I hope that you will not come home to the loft tonight. I told Mother that I'm with you at the precinct looking for more clues as to where Alexis is. I told you the opposite.

I am flying to Paris tonight. I am going to look for my daughter. It is reckless, I know, but please, Kate. Please understand. I know you would. This is Alexis we're talking about. I cannot lose her. If I do, it's losing a third of my life. If this happens to either Mother or you, I will do the same. I love you and I will protect all who I love with all my heart.

Trust me, Kate. When I come home, I will be with Alexis. I promise you – I will come home.

You wouldn't believe what happened in Paris. I met my dad. He's CIA. I'll keep it a secret for now so I wouldn't compromise him or his mission, if he has any. But he saved me and Alexis.

This brought me back to what Sophia said last year, about my father playing a part in my research with her. I guess that part, my father being part of their organisation, was true. That he helped me get a little bit of intel for that Derrick Storm novel.

After all these years, I finally found him. When the time comes, I promise that I will tell you all about him.

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