Kiss of a Lifetime


Rory turned around, only to see Tristan walking briskly after her.

"Mary - I mean, Rory!" he called out to her once more.

Rory stopped walking, and turned around to face him.

"Tristan, to what do I owe the displeasure?" Rory asked firmly, half smiling.

Tristan panted a little, but she could tell he was just putting it in there for effect.

"Party-tonight-my place; be there" Tristan said, a little breathlessly, and then walked straight past her.

Rory had a quizzical look on her face. Was that it? What did that mean?

"Tristan" Rory called out, expecting him to stop and immediately and turn around, but he didn't, he kept walking.

Now it was her turn to run after him!

She caught up and began strolling beside him, trying to keep in time with his long strides.

"What's the party for? And why am I invited?" Rory asked, staring at him, a curious look still on her face.

Tristan stopped walking, making Rory back track a little to be level with him. "Rory, it's just a party, it doesn't have to mean anything! The whole student body will be there. All you have to bring is yourself, so just come- have a good time. Ok?" and he began to stride off again.

Back home, at 8:00, Rory was getting ready for the party.

After raiding her mother's closet, and going through the entire contents of her own, she finally decided on a stylish black skirt, turquoise top with small red flowers down one side, red hairclip and a pair of slip-on black shoes.

Rory smiled, just a little, was it just her or did Tristan look especially handsome today? His beach blond, gruff hair had a few loose strands, which fell down his face; and his beautiful eyes… she couldn't help but stare at them. - And his voice! It was usually deep and sexy, but when he talked to her it was soft and enticing.

God! Was she actually daydreaming about Tristan? Was she actually looking forward to this party- because of him?


Hell, why was she even going? It would just be idiotic under-age drinking, guys with pants half way down their butts, girls wearing micro-minis. Why was she going?

Her mum had surprisingly aloud her to go, and as she looked at herself in the mirror, she couldn't help but notice that she looked quite pretty. What the hell?

As she walked into the large, beautiful house, after being escorted in by a butler, her first thought was Tristan, for some reason she needed to see him.

But she was greeted by a guy holding a tray of vodka shots, he shoved the tray in her face, and she took one; taking a small tentative sip at first, and disliking the taste, but taking the rest anyway.

And then she saw him, wearing dark brown chord pants and a light brown t-shirt- his hair was falling down his face again- god he looks so good Rory thought to herself.

And what she did next, seemed totally out of her control, like her body (or was it her heart?) took control from there on in.

Maybe it was that last vodka she'd had, or maybe she was just beginning to come to her senses.

Rory breezed past the masses of people, and in an instant Tristan saw her, and they locked eyes.

Finally she was close enough to him, but neither of them moved; it was like some cheesy t.v soap; they just locked eyes, for what seemed like a lifetime.

And then, Tristan leant forward, brushed his soft hands against her face, then cupped her chin in his hand, bent down just a little; and kissed her, gently at first, his robust, firm lips pressing against her soft sweet ones.

Then, once Tristan realized he wasn't in the middle of a dream, he began to kiss her harder, not wanting to let her go, ever.

The people surrounding them moved silently and smoothly; and then became a blur, and all that Rory could see was Tristan, and all Tristan could see was Rory; it was bliss.

His supple hands connected with her petite waist, and seemed to fit so perfectly as he held her close and tenderly while they kissed.

Rory was in heaven, but she knew once it was over, it would feel wrong, and she might even regret it; god, she didn't want this to end; and neither did Tristan.

Rory pulled away, a little at first, and then finally, their lips were ajar; and it was over.

"Rory" Tristan whispered huskily under his breath.

Was he shaking? His hands were still securely fastened around Rory's hips, and yes, he was shaking- because of her? Because of the kiss?