Rory walked into Chilton confidently: it had been a week since she'd seen Tristan at school, and she had no reason to believe that he would be attending on this particular day either.

Her eye was now, almost, completely unnoticeable; and most people thought she had simply done a bad job with her makeup.

Rory turned the corner to her locker, and held her breath as she did so; she had done this all week, incase Dean decided to drop by again.

But Lane, who had promised Rory she would 'keep an eye' on Dean for her, said he was fine, well as fine as he could be- all things considered.

Rory walked up to her locker, and noticed a white envelope had been stuck to the door.

She opened it carefully, it read;

'Rory, do you want to see me? –Tristan'.

She held her breath, she had been caught slightly off guard- and the question was so 'confronting' and straightforward, how was she supposed to reply? What was her answer?


Rory turned around quickly, shocked to see Tristan staring at her, his blue eyes piercing her own with his intimate stare.

She looked at him; bewilderment painted all over her face- it was really him!

Finally she felt words forming in her throat;

"I don't suppose I have a choice," she said quietly, trying to avoid his gaze.

Tristan sighed and looked away "if you don't want to talk to me, I can just walk away right now" he said, looking down at her.

"What? And never come back?" Rory said, a little harshly.

Tristan frowned at her "Your angry because I didn't tell you where I was. Is that it?" he asked her.

Rory sighed and looked away- "I left for you- I thought you didn't want to see me, I thought-" he cut himself off, trying to find the words "I thought I would make this easier on you- if I vanished you wouldn't have to let me down easy!" he said coldly.

Rory shook her head "Well, you didn't stay around long enough to find out- did you?" she said quietly.

Tristan looked away, regret and guilt flooding him "Lets go somewhere and talk" he said, stepping aside to allow Rory to walk in front of him.

She did so, and they turned the corner and walked into the empty science lab, Rory taking a seat on one of the stools, while Tristan stood in front of her.

"You trying to tell me that you didn't regret what we did?" Tristan asked her.

Rory looked down at her hands "Exactly- that's why I left for a little while!" Tristan said, turning around, ready to walk out.

"Maybe I wanted you to stay" she said, loudly enough to make him turn and look at her. "Maybe I needed you to talk to me, and convince me how much you loved me- maybe I needed you to stroke my hair again and tell me everything would be ok!" she said, still staring at her hands.

After a stunned silence Tristan said, "You needed me to convince you that I loved you?" he asked her, moving in closer.

Rory looked up at him, glad to see he was still standing in front of her- then she looked back down at her hands; "I thought-" her words wouldn't come out "- I thought you only had sex with me- did all those things with me- as a practical joke, to prove to yourself or you're friends that you could have me!" she said finally, still not looking up at him.

"Did I do anything to make you believe that I would have done those things for- that reason?" he asked her, stepping in closer again.

"No, well at first I told myself that I was being stupid- then when you left for a week, I was certain" she said quietly, close to tears.

Tristan laughed under his breath.

Without saying anything he turned around and opened the door; walking out without saying a word to Rory.

She looked up- and tears began to fill her eyes, so it was true? He didn't love her? He just used her!

The tears began to seep out, uncontrollably, and sitting in the dark lab room she held her face in her hands.

And then; "Rory?" someone called- and the voice, though fairly loud, sounded far away.

Rory looked up, only to find the room empty.

"Rory- this is Tristan!" she heard the voice- and then looked up at the loud speaker on the wall- could it be?

"Rory, I can't let all the things you mean to me come tumbling out my mouth; because there's a hell of a lot I'd have to say-" Rory smiled as Tristan's voice came through, loud and clear, over the school Loud-speaker.

Rory got up off the chair, and ran to the door, opening it slightly, only to see a mass of students, all standing still in the hallway, looking up at the loud speaker listening quietly to Tristan's voice- bewilderment on their faces.

Rory closed the door again, and leaned against it, closed her eyes and smiled, as she continued to listen to his deep voice.

"But I think I can sum it up- in a couple of words-" Tristan began, and then paused for a moment "Lorelai Leigh Gilmore-" he began, and then paused once more "Rory- you take my breath away, and I love you, from the bottom of my heart I love you!" he said, and Rory could hear sighs and giggles coming from the hallway.

She smiled contentedly, turned around, twisted the doorknob and ran out into the hallway.

And as she ran to the Principals office she heard a few students say

"That's her!

"The one he's talking about!"

"Isn't that Rory Gilmore?"

All the while she smiled, warmth and happiness overwhelming her.

Until finally she got to the Principals office- and saw a small crowd of receptionists and teachers gathered around the door, muttering out loud.

"He's still in there" she heard one of them say.

"He's locked the bloody door!" another said.

"At least he's stopped speaking now" somebody called.

She smiled even more, but hoped he wouldn't get caught.

And then a thought hit her- the office was on the bottom level of the building--- the window!

She turned and ran for the doors, and burst out into the garden- running towards the window, which she saw was wide open.

She stopped, not sure where else he would have gone? Maybe back after her?

She turned around once more, ready to go in search of Tristan, but a body blocked her path.

She looked up, to see Tristan's face smiling down at her.

"Well, I think you owe me an-" Tristan began, but Rory stopped him, pulling herself onto her tippy toes to stop his mouth with a tender kiss.

She pulled away, her arms wrapped around him, "apology" he finally got the word out.

Rory looked into her eyes "I never doubted you for a second" she said, smiling.

Tristan laughed, picked her up off the ground, gathering her in his strong arms, and spun her round.

And as he placed her back, firmly on the ground, they shared a warm, affectionate kiss- while the rest of the school looked on.


Rory pushed a forkful of pancake into Tristan's face; he happily ate it, and then went back to reading his magazine.

A smear of syrup on his lip, she leant over the table and with one finger swiped it away.

Reclining back into her chair, she placed her fork down and looked at him sternly.

"Oh no" she sighed.

Tristan looked up at her strangely "What?" he asked.

"We've turned into THAT couple," she said sadly; but she was trying very hard to act serious.

Tristan folded his magazine and placed it on the table, "What couple would that be?" he asked her.

"How do I take my coffee?" she asked him-

"Black- but what does that-" he began to ask her, but she interrupted.

"You have yours white and two." She said bluntly.

Tristan looked at her even more strangely now "Rory- you've lost me" he said.

"I just spoon-fed you!" she said, assuming he'd understand.

"And it was very good pancake-" he said, still in the dark about this conversation. But as Rory looked at him seriously, her brow slightly furrowed, he realized what she was trying to say, and he put on an equally serious face.

"The couple that everyone looks at and instantly want to puke at the very 'loving' sight of them" he said, and Rory nodded.

"It's what we-" she began "used to pity" he ended for her.

"We have turned into the sort of people who depend on their significant other to be with them 24/7-" she said

"We finish off each other's sentences," he added.

Rory sighed, and leaned back in her chair, crossing her arms.

"Well, we should end it now" she said, staring at him.

"Your right! I mean, now that we have seen the error of our ways, we definitely have to break up! We are a disgrace," he agreed.

"I don't want to be the sort of person who thinks the world is going to end when her boyfriend doesn't call her 42 times, exactly, every night-" she said, matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, I agree- I don't want to be that guy who leaves his girlfriend little love notes in her work books!" he said.

Rory sat forward a little "But I love those!" she said sadly.

Tristan laughed, and they both broke their serious faces with broad smiles.

Rory leaned over the table and kissed Tristan tenderly on the lips.

"Get a room you two!" Luke called out from behind the counter, and they both pulled away, embarrassed.

"We better go" Tristan said, looking at his watch.

Rory gathered her bag and rose from her seat.

"Thanks Luke!" Tristan called, as he opened the door for Rory.

As they approached Tristan's car Rory saw Lane and Dean, walking hand in hand across the street- Lane noticed her and waved her arm frantically; Rory waved back, but noticed that Dean only gave a quick smile, nothing more.

"Does it bother you?" Tristan asked as they got into the car.

Rory looked over at him "No, they make a cute couple" she answered him. "And I'm glad me and Dean are on speaking terms these days" she added.

Tristan reached down and grabbed her hand, bringing it to his lips, he kissed it lightly.

"And besides, I have you" Rory said, looking at him happily.

Tristan smiled, and leaned over, cupping Rory's face in his hands; he kissed her on the mouth.

"Yeah, you got me" he said, pulling away and looking into her eyes lovingly.

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