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Pairing: Jax Teller/OC (Female Original Character)
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"Give me one more chance before we crash and burn,
give me one more chance before we reach the point o
f no return."

Freshly manicured nails tapped against a newly polished counter, the sleek varnish reflecting the white tips. It was a beat of nerves, the only way that she could rid herself of the mounting anxious energy that continued to pile up as she gazed around herself, bright green eyes lighting on every feature of the recently renovated storefront turned studio. Just setting foot in the California town left every nerve-ending in her body raw, on edge. It was like forbidden fruit, something her soul had been craving but that she knew wasn't allowed to her any longer. It left her five-foot-six frame almost trembling, ready to bolt at any sign of trouble, even though she logically knew that most of the major players who would sound the alarm that she had returned weren't even close to being able to spot her.

That knowledge didn't keep her from the tapping of her nails, or the raking of her fingers through her long, toffee colored locks that were accented with just the hint of blonde though.

It didn't leave her any comfort over the situation she found herself in, not really.

"This is a horrible idea, you know that right?"

She meant for her words to come out stern, disapproving, and a precursor to a refusal that was itching to break free from her lips. Regardless of the fact that, if she was being honest with herself (which she wasn't) and if she admitted to the fluttery feeling in her chest (which she wouldn't), the place was absolutely perfect. So much so, it almost physically hurt to turn the suggestion down.

The two women before her had used every scrap of knowledge they had when it came to her tastes and preferences, all in their attempts to make it so. To make it something she couldn't refuse.

Everything from the newly installed wide-pane windows across the front of the building that let sunlight filter in across the recently waxed hardwood floors, to the three large studio rooms that had been created by the addition of walls and the multiple smaller practice studios on the second floor. All complete with wall to wall mirrors and chandelier style light fixtures, no less. It was as if they had reached inside her mind while she slept, and yanked the building right out of her deepest fantasies and brightest dreams. The largest room was located toward the back, big enough to fit at least forty people with decent spacing, and even had been outfitted with risers along the back wall for those who wanted to sit and observe. A small office and welcoming counter separated it from the two medium sized studios that spanned the sides of the main hallway, each with the large windows that faced the street front for interested passersby to catch a glimpse of the happenings inside, as well as one-way observation mirrors that gave those in the hallway a peek inside. That left the upstairs after making their way up the sleek spiral staircase toward the back of the building, leading to another hallway with four rooms on each side, around eight smaller studios, outfitted specifically for individual and small group practice. The only thing left were decorations, choosing paint colors and furniture, all things left for her to choose.

She swallowed back the lump in her throat as she gazed around once more, always aware of the keen gazes that remained glued to her person as she tried to find the will to refuse the place that was a living paradise to her dreams.

It didn't change the fact that she shouldn't be there.

It didn't change the fact that her side was on fire, the ink of her past practically burning into the ivory-colored skin of her upper ribs, wrapping around beneath her left breast. The high-grade makeup that covered it may have hid it from view…but it did nothing to keep it from almost throbbing in time with her heart that beat rapidly against the inside of her chest.

"It'll never work." She murmured, raking fingers through her long locks again, her voice shaky in its betrayal of her emotions. "He will never let it work, and you know it. He'll say that you're doing this on purpose, that I've come back to ruin everything he's worked for-"

"He'll get over it sweetie."

She snorted, casting an incredulous look the older woman's way. Hadn't she been there that day, seen how he acted?

"Don't make me laugh."

The woman in question sighed, crossing her arms tightly over the tight, black V-neck shirt she wore, and cocked her hip to the side with attitude as she stared the younger girl down. She had been hard at work for weeks, securing the property when the idea had hit and become available, then arranging for the extensive renovations; all under the radar so that her new, dirty little secret wouldn't be discovered before she had all the pieces in their rightful places, ready to play. It was a feat not made easy in the small, consistently gossipy town, but she had pulled it off. She had managed, just as she always did.

It was quite the accomplishment though, if she did say so herself.

"He's restless," She started, trying a new tactic; if she couldn't appeal to the professional inside then she'd get through to the woman. "Everyone knows it baby. He was restless before, and he'll be even worse now that-"

"Don't." The girl pleaded, shaking her head fiercely as she cut her mother figure off. "Please, just…don't."

Silence echoed around them, aside from the nervous shifting of the still silent woman's feet, the thudding heartbeat of the woman beside her, and the continued tapping of nails from the girl who remained pressed against the counter like a cornered animal.

"I won't," She whispered, squeezing her eyes shut. "I can't be the whore he keeps. I can't go through that, can't afford to…"

Booted heels clicked across the flooring hurriedly before thin but surprisingly long and muscular arms wrapped around her, pulling her deeply into an embrace. She shushed the girl in her arms, her heart clenching painfully at the broken tone she'd used, that had peeked through the mask she kept so firmly in place, and once again cursed the circumstances that led to the situation they found themselves in. If only all her babies could come together, despite the initial shitstorm she knew would rain down on them when the games began.

They were meant to be together, she knew it.

"You listen to me baby, I would never, never let that happen to you. Not ever." She vowed, stroking a hand through the girl's long hair. "We would never let that happen."

Her eyes met with the milky blues of her closest friend, silently communicating for her to step into the embrace, to join them.

"…and you need a safe place right now, the both of you."