Chapter One: Dreaming About the Future.

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POV: 3rd Person.

He was born. Hugh was born. Stunned looks on the parents turned into sadness and disbelief. Crying had not come from the baby himself, but the parents. They had to put with all the crap for this abomination?

Crying like almost every day, Hugh ran up the stairs and into his small room (which was the attic) , blocking off the entrance/exit. The Luxray morph had cried almost his lifetime, being bullied, abused, not allowed in the town and almost abandoned. It wasn't much, but much more drastic measures was applied to the young boy when he was younger. Barely having anything to eat, he was lucky that his ribs weren't poking out like they should've been long ago. The boy looked at the stars in the middle of the roof while crying. Then he looked at his star shaped tail. Hugh sighed. One day, he will have to grow up.

In the newly discovered Jaraton region, Hugh lived with his drunken and abusive parents in Kohretra town, going to high school. He was the only pokemorph there, as there was only a small 0.0025% chance of a Pokemorph child which nobody ever liked seeing. As an abomination in people's perspectives, Hugh was always bullied. Whether it was by a top notch bully to some puny nerd, they bullied him. He would have been able to get payback if he knew how to fight, but an accident happened that made sure that he was never to be using Pokemon moves at all, or at least for a while. He would have no time to practice anyway as his parents made him do all the dirty chores, most of the cooking and everything else to stop him from having time to himself. The only times he did were times like this. Crying in his room. Always punishable the next day.

Hugh was skinny, a blue and black skinny 14 year old kid. He obviously had black hair as a Luxray morph, but some minor details were always missed. Very rarely, he could spot white hairs in the mirror. White was a color he had always liked, but preferred to have black and blue on him. His usual garments was a midnight black hooded jacket, thin like himself. A plain jet black shirt, and black pants with blue on the bottom of it. Yes, he loved to wear black more as it hid him in the shadows, if there was anything to hide from anyway. But tomorrow, he would need it.

Hugh had enough of this, so he planned his escape with every detail. He would be downstairs cooking a meal for his parents. Wearing a bag underneath his jacket, he would take some of it and stash it in his bag. Once their parents would ask for any alcoholic beverage, he would take 3 instead. One for himself. Yes, during the time available, he would have to be fast to snatch up drinks and food for himself for his departure. Once he was done, he would eat quickly, then purposely do something wrong, so he would cry in his room. He would block off the entrance with his mattress, anything possible. Hugh would get another bad he had hidden on the corner, putting clothes, medical supplies and important survival items (compass, map, etc...) inside. Once he was done, he would jump out the window safely and start off a new life. He would do it now, but it had to wait for tomorrow, so he'd be fully prepared.

Hugh lay there, revising his plan multiple times. Will it work? What could go wrong? Nothing could go wrong. It's just get the food, bags and run. What if they catch me stealing? Don't worry, you have been doing small drills for this. You won't mess up. What if they see my bag? There will be nothing in it at the time. Its almost undetectable. What if they see the wine I will have put in my bag afterwards? They will already be too drunk to notice, they can miss that easily. What if I break my legs in the fall? You are a Luxray, you will be fine. If not, you always have your medical supplies Hugh. Do not worry. Nothing will happen.

After what seemed like years, he decided to finally go to sleep. Tomorrow. You run. Be free. Find the fun in life. Find the fun in you. With that, Hugh fell into a deep sleep.

Many dreams entered him, about his failures and what could possibly happen. Even more questions had entered him as he slept. Dreams of possibilities usually ended up in ruin. What would he do once he is free? Will he know how to use the medical kit? One dream however was different. It was not about how he would do. It was not about what he would do. It was, what will precisely happen in the future. It was, different to say the least. In first person view, the person being uncontrolled walked for a small while, then said "Don't worry, I'm perfectly fine." It was his voice! What was he doing here? The Dream Hugh kept walking. Immense pain covered his whole chest, as he was clutching it. Hugh could even feel it through his dream too. Eventually, he went slower, seeing a bit of his company's body, before collapsing. The last word he heard was of his own voice, clearer than anything he had said. "Destiny."

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