Chapter 2: Escaping Home.

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POV: 3rd Person.

Hugh awoke in the bed, eyes wide open. What happened? What was that just now? He sat up thinking about the dream he had just then. Hugh tried to recall what had happened, but as soon as he tried, memories of it became cloudy. Hugh couldn't figure out what it was about. With a sigh, he gave up. Taking a shower and doing the usual, Hugh felt nothing but anxiousness welling up inside of him. Just knowing the fact that he was finally leaving made him feel good. Although the more he thought about it, the more he was scared to do it. He tried telling himself that today was the day, and there was nothing to fear; but eventually, the anxiety came back like before. He was practically shaking now, but calmed himself by sitting on the bed and meditating. It seemed to work well and he was finally ready to go downstairs to start his usual routine.

Hours later…

It was now or never. The moment of truth. Only focused on the bottles of wine and how he would hide them, he decided to give his parents a formal approach, with his parents' in one hand and his behind his back. It worked successfully. All that was left to do was cook. Dinner was roasted Farfetch'd with some salad and mashed potato. Dinner would be delicious, if his parents would let him eat more. He would usually only get an eighth of the food. He sighed and took most of it for himself, putting it in separate large sandwich bags, then saying that he needed more food for the special occasion: the day of his birth. It wasn't very different to his other birthdays, which includes extra cooking, jobs, chores and beatings. His birthday whip would be used, but it was a little different today. This time, he would get no such thing as whip beatings, as he will be running away from home.

Hugh came out of the pantry with the extra food, as well as lots of snacks and water bottles stuffed into his backpack. It would've been easily seen, but his parents were already too drunk to notice. 'Nice.' He thought.

"Phase one is complete," he whispered to himself, as if he were those secret agents he always loved watching on television outside the house.

Hugh began eating as soon as possible, letting himself have enough to live the night without a home. Eating at high speeds, Hugh proceeded to 'accidentally' flick a bone of a Farfetch'd at his father's head. Almost finished, Hugh began to cry once again as he took his extra hard beating for the day. He ran to his room leaving behind the potato and vegetable scraps, with the Farfetch'd already fully eaten. Hugh started his second phase, trying to rid himself with the previous anxiety from the start of the day. He moved his mattress over the entrance of the attic and made it heavier by adding chairs and the bookshelf. Books included, it became so heavy that the Luxray morph himself could barely even carry it.

With that done, Hugh started phase 3. It was the final and easiest phase. Pack up and prepare for escape. He brought everything from extra medical supplies, to the most comforting things he had in this old life. He was ready to go, but just falling down the window could pose as a problem. He wasn't exactly fit, or healthy at all for that matter, so something could happen. The height was pretty high and he had heavy equipment with him. Maybe he could climb onto the roof and find a way!

So Hugh did what he told himself to. Not jump off the roof, but look for a way down. He was pretty high up. If he went to the highest spot on the roof, he would surely break his legs if he fell. He decided to stay away from there. He found a tree, not too tall, but climbable. It was pretty far away from him, but that was his only hope.

Hugh jumped, launching himself high, almost over the tree. He almost forgot the fact that he was a Luxray. He sighed as he slowly climbed down the tree. He hadn't used much of his strength since the accident while training his pokemon moves.

He started to run, happy that it was finally over. No more beatings. No more chores. Although he wouldn't be able to eat as much food as before, it was worth it.

He ran to the forest, the only non-human area in the town. This way, they wouldn't be able to find him and report him, or hurt him... But then again, he himself could understand pokemon. They would shout at him as well, but at least they wouldn't be able to force him to do their bidding, would they? Hugh began to get tired, but ignored it. He just wanted to get away from home. Several hours later... Hugh awoke in a tree. Stretching, he finally jumped down and started walking. As it was early in the morning, he decided to eat and drink. He took out his meal from yesterday, seeing it wouldn't last very long. Hugh went to find a large leaf, where he could place the roasted Farfetch'd from yesterday. Now, he would need to warm it somehow.

'Wait a minute,' he thought, he can use sparks to make a fire! Holding the Farfetch'd, Hugh went to look for sticks that could be used as kindling. A while later, he had gathered enough sticks to start a fire. Hugh set down the sticks and impaled the bird onto a clean stick. Then, while holding the stick in the air, Hugh clicked his fingers, making a spark. It was the only thing he could remember doing, but at least it helped. Multiple attempts proved to be a failure, but he finally succeeded to make a fire.

'Yes!' He thought, finally happy that he was able to accomplish something. He started cooking straight away, and the smell of food wafted through his nose. It was nice, his first cooked food without man-made equipment. He was eager to taste it, drooling over the thought of food. He held it up above him, happy that his breakfast was done. He ripped off part of the Farfetch'd and began to eat. Right then, an ear piercing scream was heard, stopping him from taking another chunk of lovely, cooked meat. His ears twitched.

The scream was obviously loud, it had sounded humanlike, but what would a human be doing here? It couldn't have been a pokemon. Well, most pokemon wouldn't scream like that. He decided to find out what happened. Flipping his hood up, food in hand, he went to find the source of the mysterious scream.

He took his last bite as he ran. Throwing the remains away, he slowed down. "The scream should've came from here, I'm sure of it! I have large ears to prove it!" he whispered quietly so that only he could hear it. Suddenly, he heard movement approaching him on his left followed by very quick breathing. Somebody was running away from something! He decided to wait in a nearby bush. As he waited, he saw a Gardevoir levitating next to a Zoroark. Wait, she wasn't. No way. The Zoroark, who was a pokemorph, had just tripped over a stump and crashed into a tree. The Gardevoir stopped in her tracks and tried to help. Hugh was about to run in as well, but he had heard more movement coming their way. It was a man, an armed man, most likely a poacher. The man walked up towards the two.

"Don't move or I'll shoot you!" He shouted, threatening them by aiming down his sights towards them both. The girls froze until the man lowered his hunting rifle, where they tried to use that chance for running away. "I warned you," he said, aiming down his sights on his rifle at the running girls once again and was about to pull the trigger. Hugh's eyes went wide and saw that there was no way they would get out unless he did something. He didn't want anybody to die because he didn't help them. That would scar him for the rest of his life! The poacher finally pulled the trigger. Aimed directly at the Zoroark, the bullet travelled at fast speeds. The two had looks of pure terror on their face. One of them was going to be shot. Or so they thought.

Hugh fell onto the floor. Pain surged through his body, mainly his chest, but there was too much pain in him that he couldn't tell where he was hit. He looked up. The women were shocked to say the least, seeing a complete stranger save them. The man eventually walked up to Hugh.

"Trying to be the hero, eh?" he told Hugh, who was trying to stand up but failed. "Too bad you never will be one, pathetic abomination." he spat. With the rifle over his chest, he was going to get shot. He had to think of something. Grabbing the end of the rifle Hugh tried to ignore the pain and moved the weapon away, before hearing a loud gunshot, louder than the scream from before. He grabbed the midsection of the gun, careful of the hot barrel and swiftly twisted the gun out of the man's grasp. Now in his possession, Hugh got up and aimed the gun at the poacher. The man had a terrified look on his face, but it quickly turned into a cocky grin.

"You wouldn't even know how to shoot that gun." the man said. Hugh laughed mentally at the stupid remark he had just heard. For the first time, Hugh spoke.

"But even a kid could easily shoot a loaded gun." he countered in his usual deep voice, as he aimed the gun at the unarmed man's foot and pulled the trigger with ease. The poacher stared at his foot in horror as the bullet entered it.

After that had been taken care of, the man left them, limping off into the distance without his rifle. The two women ran to Hugh, who fell down onto his knee. Hugh stood up and started walking, trying to not show the pain he was in.

"Are you okay?" he heard, it seemed to come from the Gardevoir on his left, who was floating near him.

"Yeah, you got shot by the rifle. Come with us so we can help you." The Zoroark morph on his right told him with a concerned look on her face. Hugh kept on walking forward.

"Don't worry, I'm perfectly fine." he said. He walked faster, but suddenly clutched his chest as another wave of pain washed over him. He started walking slower, eyes wide with what had just happened. The dream. Before he remembered all about the dream, he collapsed, closed his eyes, and let out a whisper that only he could hear, "Destiny."

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