Chapter 8: The Lord of The Finile.

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Hugh awoke, feeling a bit of weight on his arms disappear. He slowly opened his eyes to see the two women quietly conversing with each other, before leaving the room. He stared at the door for a moment, before sitting up and stretching. The Luxray recalled his dreams, just like every morning, and found out that another one of 'those' dreams had happened. He told himself to forget trying to remember what was in it, and slowly went to the bathroom in his room. He brushed his teeth then splashed his face with water to get rid of the fatigue lingering inside of him. Then he stepped outside the bathroom to see the girls entering the room, looking for him. They saw him standing out the other door and Rose told him to go outside to start the day with him utilising his cooking skills. He sighed and then went for the door, opening it to reveal a Robin, sitting with Aurora, laughing. Robin saw him, and he turned around, his arm resting on the back rest of the couch. With a look of confidence, he told him,

"Hugh, I am going to beat you," he started, bringing up his arms so that he could see the motions he was doing, "and I'm going to beat you hard!" he shouted a little, punching his own flat hand. Aurora giggled a little, but Hugh stood, unaffected.

"Alright, after breakfast. I'm still deciding on what to make," Hugh said, accepting his offer for a fight. "And I wouldn't be able to play well anyways, without a good amount of food in me." Robin nodded and smirked, now revising his plan to defeat him. Aurora joined him, easily pointing out all the flaws in his tactics.

Hugh went over to Rose, who was pondering breakfast in the kitchen. He waved at her, not getting any sort of gesture back. She then smacked her lips together, thinking about food the Luxray would be able to make, and how good it would be. Hugh looked at her, then waved in front of her face, which turned out to be a good solution to get her out of her trance.

"Huh? O-oh hey, what are we doing now?" she asked, putting a smile on display as she snapped out of her thoughts.

"Preparing to make breakfast, which I have yet to know what will be of it," he said, thinking about what foods would be able to be prepared with the current ingredients on hand. Elise came up slowly and saw both of them sitting silently while Hugh was thinking.

"How about pancakes?" Elise suggested, accidentally surprising him a little and snapping him out of thought. Hugh then gave her a look, then said,

"I thought I told you not to invade our minds," he said, giving her a barely-noticeable frown, though it was quickly replaced by a neutral face. "Actually, I'll let that one slide for today… Nevermind, I'm scrapping that rule. You do it whenever you want. It probably wouldn't matter anyways." Elise gave a somewhat small celebration, and Rose joined in the conversation, after listening to what rule they had.

"I guess that's good. This way, it's easier to make sure that she knows what you're trying to explain sometimes," she said, joining the conversation, "Even I don't know what you're trying to say most of the times you try to talk," she said in a teasing tone. Hugh gave a cough. "I was just kidding. Stop taking things so seriously," she said, ruffling his hair. Hugh pouted, and looked down a bit. "Aww, did I make you feel bad?" she asked in a teasing tone once again. Hugh nodded a bit, before getting hugged by his 'girly-friend'. "Come here then." She gripped him tightly, before they both noticed Elise who was left out in all the action. She pouted.

"Well, let's get breakfast," she sighed, seeing the other two walking to the kitchen and her following close behind.

Asking the female duo to get plates and utensils, Hugh went to the fridge and opened it up, revealing a large assortment of berries. About to grab a small bag of berries, his ears had picked up a faint knock at the door. He picked his head up and looked around, seeing that Rose and Aurora had heard the same thing. Soon, went to the door and looked at the others for permission. They all nodded, and Hugh placed his hand on the door knob. Just in case, Hugh put his ear to the door, only hearing panting as if someone ran here, or something like that.

Opening it though, he was surprised. He saw a red figure, but that wasn't the only thing that surprised him. It was the fact that one of his dreams was like this, and the figure wasn't red because of fur colour or anything, it was blood red. And well, what has a blood red colour? Blood has a blood red colour. Recoiling at the sight, Hugh staggered backwards, to allow the mystery guest to be seen by everybody. The mystery person wore a slightly tattered hoodie, with blood stained onto it, silver being its previous colour. They also had black jeans, with less blood than the hooded jacket, but there was mud and dirt to make up for it. His shoes just looked brown from all the dirt and mud, and at last, the injuries. This unusual person would have looked like a murderer, if there weren't any weird injuries like this. With injuries, he looked even more like a killer, but they didn't have any bandages on or whatnot. Plus, his posture told the others that he only needed a rest.

The mystery person had many cuts and small holes in their hoodie, meaning that they had been in some sort of a fight. Most of the cuts were actually large gashes. The various small holes, upon closer inspection, were bullet holes. There was even a single red dart stuck in him, most likely being a sleep dart but there was one that stood out the most... An arrow, stuck in their knee. A whole arrow, stuck inside his knee. Why did their attackers even bring something like that in the first place?

Before anyone could move, the mystery guest revealed himself to be a Eevee Pokemorph

"I was well enough to fight, then I took an arrow to the knee," he said in an old English accent, catching Robin's attention. Robin failed to stifle a giggle, but immediately stopped as all eyes soon were set towards him.

Looking back at the guest, Hugh told him quickly "We're going to help you. Or at least, I will." Quickly pivoting his head to the left then the right, he saw that Elise and Aurora were ready to help. "And these two. Let's get you somewhere," Hugh said, slinging the Eevee Pokemorph's arms over his own shoulders, allowing him to walk much easily. Elise helped with Psychic and Aurora led the guest to a room made for guests, which would be next to Hugh's.

The room was, for the most part, the same as Hugh's but with small differences here and there. It's was good to know that, since there was usually a first aid kit in the bathrooms to help treat injuries if there wasn't a Pokemon who could use healing moves. Hugh went and brought one from the designated location. Coming back to the main room, Hugh saw the guest resting on his back with a pillow to support his head. Elise was there, showing Aurora all the damaged areas and taking out all bullets, placing them near herself using Psychic. All the while the Lucario used Heal Pulse to deal with the gashes and wounds. It was slow work, but it would have to do.

"Is there anything I can do?" Hugh asked, looking for things that would seem important in the current situation. "I brought the first aid kit, just in case something needs bandaging," he said, placing the small, white suitcase that had a red cross in the middle of it on the bedside table. He didn't listen for a reply though, as he started observing the guest a little.

The guest was around the same age as him, but he looked a little older, somewhere around the age of 14 or 15. The boy had been cleaned of the blood on him, revealing his gold-ish fur, meaning, he was also a pokemorph. Previously, when the mystery guy had shown his face, Hugh had recognised him as an Eevee Pokemorph. He had a face somewhat like an Eevee's but since he had face occasionally cringing in pain, he didn't look like the lil' cute ones he saw on the television and such. Of course, he still had his clothes on, being the silver hoodie and black jeans, and Hugh saw that the arrow had been removed safely, though his jeans had a hole in the space the arrow had previously occupied and the cuts in the jacket remained, looking like battle scars. The guest was rather thin, just like Hugh, but he wasn't as bad as Hugh was.

Too busy thinking and concentrating on the wounds, Hugh and the others failed to notice that the unnamed guest was still awake. He saw the Lucario and the Gardevoir working on him, and the Luxray deep in thought. The Eevee-morph decided to break him out of his trace, swiftly bringing out his now outstretched arm in front of the Luxray's face and clicking his fingers. The three quickly noticed this, attracted to the sight of movement and the sound of the click. Hugh looked at him and saw that he wanted to talk. He got out of bed. Aurora saw this and let him go, along with Elise, letting the Eevee do whatever he wanted.

"Bring the others here," the Eevee said in a slightly harsh tone. Hugh had noticed this, and for some reason, he thought of his parents. Odd. With a nod, he quickly stood up and ran out the door, calling for someone on the way. If was only a moment before he came back, dragging a Blaziken across the room towards the guest.

"Okay," the guest started, sitting in an upright position on the bed, "My name's Ty, and I'm an Eevee pokemorph with a bit of gold colour in my fur." He paused before continuing, "I'm fourteen years old and as you saw me Injured already, you could say that I have adapted to pain, barely feeling anything when a small strike hits me," he boasted a little with a small smirk. "Now that my little introduction is over, may I ask for yours?" he asked everyone, in a slightly fancy tone. Immediately, Robin took out his hand, and held it up for a handshake.

"My name is Robin, I'm a Blaziken, I'm sixteen and my girlfriend, Aurora, is the lovely Lucario here," he said confidently, tilting his smiling head towards Aurora, who smiled in return and planted a kiss on the Blaziken's cheek.

"Our names are Rose, and Elise," the Zoroark said casually, pointing to Elise when her name was mentioned. "And our boyfriend is..." She quickly poked the Luxray on the side and quietly giggled. There was a moment of silence before Hugh sighed.

"My name is Hugh, and I'm a Luxray morph," he plainly stated, feeling slight shivers down his spine. Almost everything he did felt rushed, even his tone of voice. It looked like he was eager to do something. It made Hugh feel… Uneasy for some reason.

"Okay! Short and quick introductions. Cool," Ty said, keeping his cheerful mood. Despite still being a little injured, he acted just like how he would if he was completely fine. Out of the blue, he asked "So, can I show something cool to you guys?" Hugh felt very suspicious. He didn't seem to possess any type of weapon in his hand, and he certainly didn't look at least a little strained, something he felt when he was going to use pokemon moves himself. Even without anything to be afraid about, Hugh was very careful of what would happen next. All the others looked either excited, or happy. Hugh on the other hand, had already started to dislike the newcomer.

The others were asking themselves about what it could be, although they had no idea who this, 'Ty' was really capable of. Robin agreed, and the others followed suit. Though, Hugh was the last one to decide, but they left him out, either forgetting or ignoring him. He knew that they wouldn't intend to do that, but he couldn't help but think of his old home's atmosphere. It kinda did feel like that. All alone, punished for good deeds and abused by his parents. It would be terrible if he felt like this everyday with the people he now called family.

Suddenly, he felt a weird sensation inside of him, which caused him to snap back to reality, or rather, a weird dimension.

"Welcome to... The Finile!" Ty announced, with a smile and voice that reminded Hugh of those game show hosts in the television he occasionally saw. 'The Finile' was a place full of mystery. With several islands housing large buildings atop of them. The area above it was occupied with a cheerful cloud layer. The clouds in the cloud layer acted as the ground, and above that, were more clouds, that were not used for footing, but edible cotton candy clouds, filled with an amount of chocolate rain that rained down, creating brown puddles of chocolate liquid. Off into the distance were those same clouds, though a little darker in tone. They looked like thunder clouds, though they were essentially harmless, unless Raspberries and Razz berries fall from those clouds and bonk you on the head. It was a comical though, instead of the piercing and ear splitting roars, they were replaced by a 'Raspberry' sound. Childish. "Go journey across the Finile! Travel to your hearts content! Until that is, I teleport you back here so we can have a lunch break," He said, as if he was commanding them.

Everyone scattered and hopped around, though, it was hard to get back down due to a gravity decrease, looking at this 'Finile' place, but Hugh, who just stood there, went back to his previous thoughts, pushing the children's paradise away from his mind.

"So," Hugh heard, distracting him from thinking, "uh, how are you doing?" Ty asked, looking at the others wander around, then looking back at him. "You don't look like you're joining them on their expedition right now," he said, knowing that Hugh wasn't so interested in 'The Finile', but was focused on his own problems. Right now, Hugh wasn't in the mood to talk about things and he just wanted to be left alone. He wanted to get away from everybody. Deciding to do this as calmly as possible, Hugh sighed, before looking down and sat, pondering.

"I'm doing fine," he grumbled, looking up at Ty with an obviously-forced smile. Perhaps doing this as calmly as possible wasn't enough. Ty frowned and crouched down to his level, arms crossed.

"Doesn't look like it," he said, waiting for a reply. When none came, he stated, "You forced your smile. And that grumble didn't help support it."

"Look," Hugh said, staring right into his eyes, though not threateningly, "My problems are my own, and I don't want anyone in on it."

"I'm going to try and help you," Ty declared, "I've warmed up with everybody but you. Now is the time I do something about it."

A simple "I don't need your help!" shut him up for a few moments. Hugh took that chance and stood up, saying "I'm going to walk around a bit. Don't follow me." And now, the conversation ended. Though after a few seconds of walking, Hugh heard a bit of shuffling behind him, and now, fast footsteps approaching him. He turned around and instinctively held his arms up to block an attack from a high speed Ty.

It stung a lot, and with little experience in fighting, he didn't know the effective way to block, dodge and attack, but Hugh was sure that he had a small chance against Ty...

One minute of 'intense' low gravity fight scenes after...

Hugh was slowly descending towards the floor, barely conscious after he got kicked up into the air. He looked pretty hurt, though he still didn't look as injured as Ty. Even though not fully healed, it looked like all these cuts and such hadn't affected his performance. Even with an advantage, Hugh felt much shame as he barely landed a hit on the Eevee pokemorph. He looked at Ty, who was crouched next to him, with a pained look and groaned.

"I don't think I'm suited for this stuff," he wheezed out whilst inhaling and exhaling sharply, obviously exhausted by his recent actions. Ty nodded clicked his fingers.

"Better go train then," he said, as the candy-land slowly faded away and everybody on the clouds above, and below were teleported slightly above the ground, and everybody ended up just outside the house. The pink paradise was no longer, and the others were a little sad about that but were mostly concerned of the black and blue fluffy heap on the ground. Hugh tried to stand up and was assisted by Rose.

"What happened?" Rose asked Hugh, who was inspected for any serious injuries. Only bruises were found, all in different places.

"Fell off a cloud," he lied, coughing a little. Clearly, Elise wasn't satisfied with that answer.

"In low gravity? And bruised all around? That's hard to believe. What happened?" she asked again, though more fiercely this time round.

"He was at the islands. There were a bunch of small ones, and a few clouds," Ty said, letting Hugh mentally sigh in relief. "Once I saw 'em laddies, aye took us 'ere," he said, suddenly with an eye patch and sporting a well-polished, drunken Scottish accent. Almost immediately, Robin looked like he had heard of it before, and he was right.

"What makes me good demo-man?" Robin said, with an attempted not-so-well-polished Scottish accent, chuckling with Ty for a little. Nobody knew what they were talking about, but Hugh and Aurora. Too much TF2, Robin. Aurora smiled, but Hugh wasn't in the mood for a laugh. He was tired and his legs and arms ached. And, well, he was beaten up. Speaking of injuries, Hugh took himself to the front door, taking that small distraction as a cue to leave and rest up. He looked back to see both Rose and Elise walking towards him.

"Let's just get you fixed," Rose said, taking Hugh's arm and slinging it over her shoulder to help him walk without difficulty. Elise did the same on the other side, though she was helping with her abilities instead. While that was happening, Hugh thought about how weak he was compared to Ty. Those attacks, even if they were held back, was painful. The damage inflicted onto him was very little, but it still made him whimper quietly. He wasn't strong enough. He wasn't strong enough to even protect himself. There were others to protect as well, but it would prove too difficult for him. He would need training, and lots of it. Perhaps Ty could teach him. Somehow.

It was a short and silent journey to his room, all that was heard was the footsteps and the occasional shift in position. Eventually, Hugh was set onto the bed, eyes still open and looking straight forward. The other two looked at him worriedly.

"Go and get some rest, Hugh," Rose ordered, walking up to him. "I want you alive by the end of the night." She then leaned down, and pecked his cheek. Elise did the same, and both went out of the room. Closing the door behind her, Elise looked back one more time to see Hugh facing her, then said 'thanks' quietly. The door shut with a click, and after the sound of footsteps faded, all was silent. With a yawn, he suddenly felt drowsy. He decided to use the last few seconds while he was still conscious to ponder his thoughts.

Hugh still felt sore all around, but he was used to it already. He sighed loudly, knowing that Rose and Elise probably went back to the others. At least they were still there for him. Slowly, he closed his eyes and let the dream world take him somewhere, where adventures were frequent and although most have been hell for him, living with people he called 'his real family' seemed to lessen the chance of disastrous visions and making things calm. Finally, something to look forward to, after a long day.

It was a nice change.

A nice change indeed.

After a visit to the dream land...

Hugh woke up, feeling refreshed and much more satisfied that his fears were stripped from his dreams, replaced with ones of happiness. Well, this time, at least. Hugh sat up, looking out a window, which showed a pink and orange sky, followed with the bright sun and the clouds hanging up above, half orange, half white. It felt like Autumn. But in reality, it was probably winter. The trees outside were already covered in a very thin sheet of snow, but at least it made the view from the window nice to look at. And it definitely made a Luxray feel warm in the inside.

Hugh decided to really wake up, as in, get out of bed and do something. Stretching, he got ready for the mo- afternoon. After a small amount of stretching, and a change of clothes, he slightly opened the door and peeked outside. Everybody sat in the living room, including Ty, who was still bandaged, but okay. Robin as playing 'Sm4sh' again, with everybody else but Elise. She looked tired, as well as Aurora. With a smile on his face, the Luxray stepped out of his room, and walked into the living room. Ty paused the game, and everybody's attention was directed at Hugh.

"I'm awake now, and I had a good rest," he said, keeping that smile on his face. Smiling felt weird though. As always, Rose was the first to worry about him. She got up and quickly ran over to him. She went to inspect those previous injuries, though they were under the grey short sleeved shirt he wore. Then to his legs, which were covered by a black sweatpants sort-of thing. Essentially, Hugh was fine. Only small bruises remained, and they didn't hurt too much after a good night's- plus morning's- sleep. No words were exchanged as Rose finished her inspection, and even after, it was silent but those 'whack' sound effects and those occasional grunts of pain coming out of the television. Soon after, Rose was done and Hugh was free to go to the kitchen to make some food. Before he started though, he asked everyone whether they wanted some food from the kitchen. Everyone turned away from the television and looked at him and nodded, Robin doing so frantically. What he didn't expect was an Eevee to pop up near Ty, poking its head out and nodding a little.

"Get some for Cassandra here too!" Ty shouted from the living room to the kitchen, which was actually pretty close. Cassandra was the little Eevee, and she looked a little young, around 3-5 years old, and she was darn cute too.

"Hi!" she yapped cheerfully, jumping up and down like a child getting handed candy. Hugh smiled at her and then started on lunch/dinner. Today's dish was something new. He'd never done this before, and he knew how to do some things from it, though, he needed to check if he had the right ingredients to do so. After a little while, a smell permeated the air. A delicious one too. After hard work, and Hugh's 'two little helpers' helping him, it was finally done. A simple, yet delicious meal.

With everybody at the table but the three cooks, Hugh set down all the bowls, filled with a high quality looking, meal of spaghetti, with a little bit of parsley on top. Not only that, but Hugh was sure that 'somebody' (A.K.A: Robin) would eat the meal incredibly quickly and ask for seconds as soon as possible. So he placed a giant bowl with the extras inside, with a note on the side, specifically saying: 'Extras! Get your second serving! Or more!', not only that, but it also had a note at the bottom. 'Robin, don't eat too much. M'kay?' Though, it didn't really matter. The bowls were pretty big, but the big bowl was huge. The big bowl could even fit Cassandra in there, and have little space left over.

With Ty and Cassandra speaking their prayer to Arceus, (which s/he probably wouldn't listen to anyway), the feast began. And boy, it was quite the feast. Well, everybody ate slowly. It was basically Robin making it into the so called feast. By 5 minutes, he had already completed a serving, and half his second. Everybody was up to half their starting serving, some a little less. Ty especially.

Time passed, and Robin almost died from overeating. (Don't worry. He didn't die. He only ate 5 servings of spaghetti. That's okay right?) After a while, everybody was done and packed up, and back at the dining table. Ty was the first to speak up.

"Wow! That was good!" He exclaimed. "I may be rich, but even money can't buy this!" he said, looking down at Cassandra, who gave a happy yip in response. Then he looked directly at Hugh, expecting a thank you. The Luxray felt very flattered, but he didn't want all of the attention.

"You know," he started, "it wasn't only me who made it. These two helped me a lot, and did things that surpassed my own capabilities. Using their powers and skills, we were able to make such good food for you to enjoy," he said, briefly looking at the women adjacent to him, both ways, before looking at the rich man himself. Ty smiled.

"I suppose so," he said, before standing up and bowing as well as adopting an English accent. "Thank you for that delicious meal you've made together, Elise, Rose, Hugh. Perhaps Cassandra and I can come again so we can enjoy that food, as well as even more things together." At this, they all smiled and said their thanks. Ty started leaving.

Everybody said their goodbyes, and Ty and Cassandra went out, but before they closed the door behind them, Ty stopped for a bit and went inside again, seeming to remember something. Cassandra looked at him confusingly.

"Oh wait! It's that time of year again! I forgot!" he exclaimed, laughing a little. "Cassandra! It's time!" he said, ushering Cassandra back in, smiling while doing so. He whispered in her ear, and she became very, very excited.

"It's Christmas! It's Christmas!" she repeated, running around a little. Hugh looked at Rose and went to ask a question, but when he did he noticed that she looked slightly tired and out of energy. Because of that, Rose went to sit on the couch, resting up. So instead, Hugh went to ask Elise. She wasn't the most reliable, since she teased around a lot, but she seemed smart.

Hugh went to her, and tapped her on the shoulder as she looked at some trees with flashing lights. They had some differently-sized boxes and packages around the base of it, wrapped in either a green or red paper with some large, cartoon-ish, old guy in red with the occasional Sawsbuck instead of him. She noticed him, and asked,


"Can I ask you something?" he asked, with a look of confusion shown apparent on his face.

"Go ahead."

"What's Christmas?"

There was silence from her. Hugh's look of confusion changed to curious. Elise's shock carried on for a few moments.

"I dunno" she told him, obviously teasing him. Maybe it wasn't the best of ideas. "Maybe you'll find out soon," she continued, sticking her tongue out and winking. She then placed her focus back on the tree, most specifically the rectangular objects. Wait, how did they get there in the first place?

After waiting around, Ty came into view with a weird red hat, and so did Cassandra. "Merry Christmas!" he exclaimed, and the Zoroark then released all her remaining illusions, showing the rest of the house members lights that lit up magically. Some ribbons were present, and more festive decorations appeared. Being the kid on the inside like he always was, Robin dashed towards the tree, with one of those wrapped packages, and ripped it open, the others slowly doing the same procedure. Hugh was going to look at the contents of their small boxes, but his attention was diverted elsewhere. There was only one last rectangular box, which was really was thin. Curiously, he walked up to it.

Crouching down, Hugh noticed that his name was printed onto the wrapper. Looking at everybody else, he saw that all wrappers had been taken off, and the contents revealed. Looking back at his own, Hugh cautiously and carefully unwrapped the object, taking off the wrappers fold by fold, preserving the outside layer in a very good condition. He looked over to Robin, who held up some... Object. He didn't know. Ignoring him, he opened it up, to reveal Rose, Elise and himself sleeping together in one photo, and another one with all of them smiling together. There were also two photo frames, where he could insert the photos and make them sit where they were supposed to. Finished, Hugh looked at everyone, and stole a glance of the tree. Not noticing it before, there was another package. With everybody here already with a present, Hugh presumed it to be Rina's gift. He then smiled, then went to his room.

The Luxray set down one of the frames on the bedside table, and placed one in a drawer, for if one got destroyed. IF it did. Returning to the living room, Hugh saw everyone with happy faces, enjoying their gifts, and overall welcoming the happy atmosphere and enjoying it together. He lay down on the couch and stared out the window and told himself, "What a wonderful Christmas." Though, there still was a problem. The Luxray, STILL didn't know what Christmas really was. He knew the obvious. This 'Santa' and his group of Sawsbuck were one major thing in this event. So was the presents and the tree. He had a few questions in his mind as well. Who is Santa? What does he do? What's with the red and green decorations? What did Christmas REALLY celebrate? And most importantly, where did those gifts come from?

He knew that he liked gifts, almost everyone did, but he had no idea who sent him the presents. He decided to ask Ty, who seemed most familiar with the event, being the one dressed up and all. Searching for him, he found Ty wandering around the house, his back turned away from Hugh. Upon hearing footsteps, Ty turned around and greeted Hugh.

"Hey," he said, smiling. "What's up?" He didn't look very festive anymore, only having his red hat now. He wore both his silver hoodie and black pants from before, but this time, it looked slightly different. Hugh paid no attention to it.

"I'm kinda here so I can ask you to…" Hugh stopped, trying to think of the best way to ask him about Christmas. Something easily understandable and something that doesn't make him feel stupid. "Err, could you explain what Christmas is?" he said, hoping that Ty would give a proper answer. Hugh expected his reaction to be somewhat similar to Elise's, but his was much different.

Ty ventured around, and found one of the bedrooms, specifically Hugh's room. And, with permission, he entered it. He sat down on the bed, and patted the space next to him, beckoning Hugh to sit. Orders followed and getting comfortable out of the way, they began the explanation.

After a while...

"Is this everything you wanted to hear about?" Ty asked, thinking over some things he might have missed. Despite still having to take such a long explanation and processing it into his mind, Hugh nodded in understanding.

"Alright then," he said, looking out the window to find a warm purple sky with the barely visible stars, the shine they were known to have dull and bland. "It's late. I should get going now."

Ty stood up, stretching, some muffled 'pops' and 'cracks' were heard during his small exercise. Standing up as well, Hugh went to escort him out to the front door. While doing so, Hugh took a look around the house, seeing that lights were scattered across the whole place, and there were strange flower cosmetics not hung up on the Christmas tree, but scattered along the red ribbons on the ceiling. Ty didn't talk about those. Deciding to leave it, he took a glance at the Christmas tree once again, seeing that the last present was taken.

Now at the lounge room where everybody was, Ty called Cassandra over. "Time to go home," he said, earning an 'aww' as well as a pout. As much as they wanted to stay here, both Ty and Cassandra had to go home. With a few 'goodbye's and 'stay safe's, the duo left.

Hugh looked out the window, making sure they were okay and safe until they were out of sight's reach. Despite the two out of sight, Hugh continued to stare outside. For some reason, Ty and Cassandra looked like they were family, though with some distinct differences. They really technically weren't. Hugh couldn't stop thinking about them. Ty seemed like a father to Cassandra, caring and all, and he even used one of those tones parents used when they needed something. They seemed like a great family. A family he wished he had as a younger child.

Again, Hugh started to think about his old family.

"You monster!" the man shouted, raising his arm and slamming it downwards, his weapon being flung around, it's metal tip rusted and coated in blood.

"You're a pathetic excuse of a human!" A loud sounding 'crack' echoing around the room.

"You, letting down all of mankind!" The 'crack', each one louder than the last.

"You're an abomination!" Once more, a 'crack', followed by drips of pain and despair.

"Who do you think you are?" Again, a 'crack' resonated around the room, the sound bouncing off the walls.

"My child?" The beating stopped, allowing the victim to regain his senses. Deep panting heard, and more drops of life, being drained away, the abused slowly inching closer to death.

"MY CHILD?" he screamed. The worst sound of them all, was after the 'crack' turned into a 'snap' and even worse. The sound of silence. The sound of suffering. The sound of acceptance.

Insults thrown around, yet none of these hurt the young boy, the victim of the assault. Neither did the pain of being struck by a steel tipped whip, each strike sending blood to the floor which was already stained with the blood of his own. Dark crimson patches scattered across the dark room, staining the used-to-be bright wood flooring. What hurt him, was the pain of knowing that nobody could help him or even would want to help him get away from this hidden basement. But this basement wasn't a normal basement, even a child would know what it was at first glance. There was a reason why it was a hidden basement. There was a reason why it was a hidden torture chamber.

Hugh snapped out of his thoughts as he heard shuffling behind him. He slowly turned around to reveal Elise with her eyes red and puffy. She had tear trails all the way down her face. She was shaking uncontrollably, but it wasn't too much. In general, her face looked shocked and she had the face of a person controlled by depression. Her hands lightly clasped each other, as if it was carrying something. Surely enough, the same strange flower from before was on the floor, basked in the tears Elise shed herself. Standing close behind Elise, was Rose. It looked like she just came in, but it was obvious that she already knew what happened.

Everyone was frozen in place. Not so much Rose, but she still didn't make much of a move. It wasn't until Hugh walked up to Elise and slowly wrapped his hands around her, and kissed her. He leaned his head onto her shoulder, before walking up to Rose and doing the same thing.

"I think it's time to sleep," he said, taking both their hands to his own, and leading them to his room. "We've had a big day." He lay them both onto the bed, before going in the middle, where he hugged them close. He closed his eyes, and let his mind wander.

'How much did Elise see?'

'What will they think?'

'Does Rose know?'

Those thoughts clouded his mind and his senses were cut off. He couldn't see anything, hear anything or feel anything, but when he opened his eyes, they all came back. Immediately, he saw Rose sleeping peacefully, the moon shining its rays onto her fur, glistening brightly. She looked beautiful like this. He looked to the other side expecting a similar result, but was surprised to see that she was clinging to him, and realizing that, he felt her grip around his arm. He couldn't blame her for it however, she just had a bad time, that's all.

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