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Blue eyes were bright and the owner, that of a young thirteen-year-old boy, couldn't help but to grin in excitement, 'Nee-chan will be happy!'

Sure, he wasn't nearly as good as his older sister at pickpocketing (then again, she had learned personally from a kitsune back when they lived back there and not in this hellish place), but he was learning quickly.

'And this will buy fresh bread for at least a week.' Souta glanced down at the coins and almost licked his lips at the thought, a bit mournful that he had not stolen enough money from that military soldier to buy any meat.

If only his sister possessed that strong will to fight that she once had...

"But I can't blame her," Souta murmured to him in his native language (one that seemed to not exist here), "After all that she has been through..."

"There's the little brat!"

Souta tensed, glancing behind him to see the soldier he had 'accidentally' bumped with a few of his comrades now, pointing in his direction while shouting loud obscenities at him, 'Crap! I wasn't fast enough!'

The young teen began to run, yet he was no match for the trained soldiers as they managed to surround him and herd him against a wall rather quickly.

"Are you stupid, kid?" The man sneered, staring at the trapped Souta with pure disdain, "Stealing from a soldier in broad daylight? It's like you want me to throw you in the dungeons!" He laughed along with his friends as the boy inhaled sharply at the idea and began to tremble.

"W-what are you talking about?" Souta tried to keep his voice from wavering as best as he could, "I didn't steal anything from you."

The three soldiers chuckled in response, clearly enjoying the power they had over the boy, "Hmm, now that I'm really looking at you," The leader stepped forward, bending down slightly to get a get look at Souta's features, "You look like you're one of those Asians I've heard about!"

Souta swallowed, noticing the leers on their faces and he couldn't help but to shiver visibly, "N..." His voice caught in his throat and the soldiers laughed at him once again, "NEE-CHAN!"

And like that, the three soldiers crumpled to the ground completely unconscious.

"I was wondering why you were taking so long," A quiet voice came from the person who had easily snuck up on the trio and she stepped over their still bodies, not caring that she trudged over some fingers in the process, "Souta, what are you doing!?"

"I..." Souta pouted, looking away in slight shame as they conversed in Japanese, "I was just trying to get us some decent food for once, Nee-chan!" His eyes watered when blue orbs stared at him disapprovingly from underneath a hood.

"But stealing from a soldier!?" Kagome shook her head, "And you're letting your face being seen by everyone!" She sighed, "Keeping a low profile is what we need to be doing right now," She grabbed Souta's hand gently despite her cross tone, "Let's go before more of them start showing up." She gestured to the unconscious soldiers with contempt.

"We can still buy some bread, right, Nee-chan?" Souta asked excitedly, causing his sister to sigh in exasperation once more before she reluctantly nodded.

And neither noticed the dark grey eyes watching them with intrigue from high on the rooftop of a nearby building...