Mortal Kombat is the property of Tobias and Boon.
"For the First time in Forever" is property of Robert and Kristin Lopez.

While Frost isn't in the gameplay of MK X, she does make a cameo in the official comic book prequel by DC. (This is actually my 2nd Frost/Elsa combo fic)


"Cassandra Cage! It's time to wake up!" Sonya banged her hand loudly on the door to her daughter's quarter.

"Mrrrmmph…" Cassie groaned.

"Did I wake you?" Sonya asked.

"No maam, I've been awake for hours," Cassie lied.

"It's time to get ready," Sonya said.

"Ready for what?"

"…uh, the premiere."

"The premiere of…?"

Cassie's eyes suddenly snapped open.

"It's premiere day!"

"The servers are ready
As is Steam
It's time to switch on
my Xbox One
Who knew there'd be
so much DLC!

For weeks I've read the comic books
Why show characters with new looks?
Doesn't Scorpion have a manly beard?

Reptile's getting creepy
He looks totally strange
Are the fanboys ready for such a change?

'Cause the First kill lasts forever
There'll be violence, there'll be blood
When the First Kill lasts forever
The Game won't be a dud

Don't know if I'll play solo or multi
The server's almost full
Cause when the First Kill lasts forerver,
I'll take the noobs to school

"I can't wait to fight everyone!" Cassie gasped. "Maybe I might even fight The One!"

Imagine me on the Android app
On an interactive map
Showing off agility and grace
Suddenly Kitana's standing there
A beautiful warrior, princess fair
I wanna shove my knuckles in her face!

'Cause the First kill lasts forever
We'll be online, we'll be live
When the First Kill lasts forever
Not all characters survive

I know it will be gory
A difficult game to pass
But When the First kill lasts forever
It's time to kick some ass!



From her own quarters, Frost quietly watches as her master Sub-Zero performs kata in the dojo.

Make him give in,
Then he'll see
I'll be the Master
I really want to be

then steal
cover him in snow
Grab the medallion
Then everyone will know

Cassie: "It all begins today!"

Frost: "It has to be today!"

Cassie: "The game takes so long to load!"

Frost: "This medallion's making me explode!"

Cassie: "Please Load! -

"Since the First kill lasts forever-"

Frost: "Make him give in,
Then he'll see"

Cassie: "I'm getting what I've been training for,"

Frost: "Reveal,
then steal"

Cassie: "A chance to save the world,

The hype all ends tomorrow
The spoilers officially end
Cause since the First Kill lasts forever
Earthrealm I shall defend!"


A/N: Just something completely random I thought up of. It's my first song-fic, Please feel free to rate and review, and enjoy MK X!