"Garak, do you know that vulcans hold some interesting concept that don't have exact counterpart on Earth? I'm not aware if something similar exists in the cardassian culture. Are you familiar to the word t'hy'la?"

Julian lifted his eyes from the plate, where he was toying with his food, and looked at the cardassian that was sitting in front of him. His observant eyes made Garak's lips tremble in a ghost of a smile.

"On Cardassia we prefer to call things by their proper names. A friend is a friend. A lover is a lover."

Julian grinned.

"And what about your illustrious stories about exquisite figurative language of the cardassian literature and its richness of allegory?"

"With all the richness of allegory, my dear Julian, it's still always clear what was meant," he bowed his head slightly, sending a fork with some food to his mouth. "If you would dare to apply this vulcan concept to me, I would have to think, what kind of feelings you want to convey."

"But Garak," Julian got embarrassed, "we are just friends."

"Of course, my dear Julian, of course," the cardassian smiled, wiping his lips with a napkin.