"There is a Reaper whose name is Death,
and, with his sickle keen,
He reaps the bearded grain at a breath,
and the flowers that grow between"

Takumi turned his head around to face the approaching Shinigami. His eyes widened fractionally as he saw it wasn't any old Shinigami. It was Akuri, the king's personal assistant. They soon narrowed and he turned away. "Akuri." He said. It was a question. She grinned. Akuri was a human-like Shinigami, in the way of body. She had completely black eyes with red pupils. Her body was also black, all apart from her face, which was a cream colour. The front of her body was just black bone, but the back and arms and legs was skin. Her teeth were all pointed and blindingly white.

"Do you know of Kira?"

Takumi snorted and turned to face her again. "Who hasn't?" Akuri grinned, flashing her teeth. "The King has also heard of him, and is intrigued. He wants to play apart in this game." Takumi was slightly surprised at this information but did not let it show. "Oh? And what does this have to do with me?" "The King wants to see you." Takumi chocked on nothing. "…What?!" Akuri grinned. "Yup~!" frowning, Takumi said, "Why?" He was surprised when Akuri replied with a, "I don't know." Takumi raised an eyebrow. "Heh, the great Akuri doesn't know? What is the world coming too?!" He said, his voice laced in sarcasm. She shot him a glare that made him wince. If glares could kill he's be dead many times over. "Anyway, you better hurry up! His majesty doesn't like to be kept waiting!" And then she disappeared, leaving Takumi alone.

Takumi sighed. He had no idea what the king wanted but, as Akuri said, he should hurry up. Not everyone could appear and disappear where they wanted, that was a gift given to her by the king himself. He began to make his way to the King's palace. His palace was huge and black, decorated with skulls and black swirling patterns. He made his way through the huge empty rooms until he found the one that the king occupied. He stopped outside of the door. The door was tall and black, decorated in dark blue patterns.

He hesitated before knocking on the door. "So~! You finally got here! I was waiting A~ges!" Takumi huffed. "So…" His gaze travelled to the door. Akuri laughed. "Let's go!" And she shoved open the door. What he saw surprised him. The entire room was glistening white and on a tall white throne sat the strangest Shinigami he had ever seen. It looked like a human. It looked like a teenager. He barely contained a gasp of surprise. Akuri grinned at him.

The King of Shinigami's looked like a teenage Goth. He had spiky black hair with white at the front, a black and red cloak tied at the waist with four tight belts over a black t-shirt. He had bright red eyes with black eyeshadow over the top. He had skin-tight black jeans and knee-length black boots, and his hands had long spike-studded fingerless gloves that were clasped over some sort of scythe that had skulls clumped together near the top. The blade was a shining black, and so were the black fingernails of the Shinigami King.

All in all, Takumi was surprised.

He hastily bowed, "Um… you asked of me, your highness?" The King blinked at looked at him, then at Akuri. "I did?" Akuri sniggered. "Yup! You asked for a Shinigami for a mi~ssion! And I bought you dear Takumi here!" Takumi was slightly surprised when Akuri addressed the King as such, and without a, 'Your highness' but the King didn't seem to mind. He lazily fingered the scythe and nodded. "I remember now. This Kira guy. If I'd have known Ryuk would've caused something like this, I would've given him that extra Death Note ages ago!" Takumi almost chocked. What?! The King kept on surprising him, and he had the strangest feeling this was just the beginning.

The Shinigami King's gaze landed on Takumi. "So. I have a mission for you. I know you've heard of Kira, also known as Light Yagami, as has the rest of my Shinigami's, and I know how the game between Kira and L will play out. I know who dies and who survives. I know who wins. And to be honest it's boring. Predictable. And I want to change that. I want something that will change the game. Something that will make it more fun. My pawn. I already know who it will be. Someone from the Universe where we are but an anime. I will change her fate along with L and Kira's, and make the game a lot more fun" He grinned widely, showing of rows of gleaming white teeth, all sharpened to a point, much like Akuri's. This was the only sign he was a Shinigami through physical appearances, other than his eyes. The grin sent a shiver down Takumi's spine. "I will give this girl certain abilities, no Death Note will affect her, for one, and many others she will later find out. Also the eyes of a Shinigami. And a Death Note of her own. For that she needs a Shinigami, and that will be you. Me and Akuri will watch over and help you. And I have a fun idea of how I can play a part. Now, I'll run over the details with you and Akuri and then, let's get started"

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