Changing Fate

Chapter 3 – Regretful killer

Aquamarie slid her hands through her hair, staring at her laptop screen. She had a frown on her face as she typed ferociously with one hand. She then clicked 'Save' and leant back in her chair, letting out a small sigh.


The Shinigami in question looked up from his plate of cake. His hand and mouth was covered and his eyes were gleaming in appreciation.


He asked, not looking up from his newly found fascination.

"How long 'till Ryuk drops his Death Note?"

"Huh? …Oh. Um, that'd be…. A month I think." His face scrunched up in concentration for a second. "Yeah. A month." He immediately scooped another mouthful of cake and shoved it in his face, munching happily. Aquamarie stared at him for a second, than face-palmed. "You're worse than L." She muttered to herself, sighing. He didn't seem to hear her.

Still muttering to herself she opened a webpage and typed her criminal name in. The name she's recently been given by, well, given by people in general. Sikyaku. It meant 'Professional Killer'. And she guessed it fitted. She'd only kill those who were going to die on that day. When she had first killed it had been with shaking hands and a pounding head, with lots of throwing up afterwards. But she'd gotten used to it.

The first kill without the Death Note, anyway.

She had found it harder to kill with the Death Note, for the reason it was a lot harder to find people who were supposed to die on the day. She had actually come to enjoy her job. Not the killing part, she would never get used to that, but she loved to blend into the shadows, look awesome in her gear and scare the crap out of people.

She now only killed people with the Death Note occasionally, or if she was feeling lazy. She killed quite regularly. To get L's attention, of course. Sometimes she killed people who were already dead. Well, made it look she had killed them.

She had a special way of killing. She'd first appear in front of the person, then say she was sorry. Not like it made her much less of a murderer. She'd drug them and then put clues everywhere in the room. On the body, from their belongings, in a lot of things. Much like Beyond Birthday did in the LABB murder cases, except she used a lot more clues, killed more often, and the fact the clues always led to a dead end.

She had refused point-blank to kill them when they were still conscious. She felt bad as it was, without having them suffer. She did all her 'decorating', as she put it, after they were dead. And she always left a mark on her victims, a pentagram on the forehead, cut perfectly. The other things she did were varied, no two the same. She loved to draw patterns and as such on the body. Even if she felt incredibly heavy-hearted after. They were supposed to die anyway, she said to herself, I gave them a greater purpose.

After each murder, the family of the dead received a huge amount of money in their bank account.

She was very good at hacking.

And Shinigami's happened to be very helpful at giving her money to give away.

No-one guessed she was the one giving it.

The Shinigami King had visited her 5 times, and on the first after she had first started killing, had asked why she didn't like killing so much. She had replied it was wrong and he had frowned, then said, 'If it makes you feel better I can make sure everyone you kill will go to wherever they want to in the afterlife. Be it to be rerrusected or to join their family, become a Shinigami or any of the other options. Most humans don't get the choice, but occasionally I find interest in one, and let them choose. I can do that with your victims, if you want'

She had replied with an enthusiastic yes.

The results that came up on the computer were immediate. Many news reports were listed, and blogs and information on her. She snorted. Like they knew anything about her. She apparently was a, 'Cold-hearted killer' who was 'evil' and should 'burn in hell'. The comments used to make her upset, but now they did nothing to affect her.

She scrolled down. Not one nice comment. No supporters. Heh. She guessed that was because she didn't kill criminals. She'd killed a few. But it was just coincidence. She was listed as No.1 killer in Japan. Most likely the world. Reading a bit longer, she suddenly slammed her laptop shut. The room fell dark. She walked over to a black backpack and took her mask from it. It was a Wolf mask, in fact it was an exact replica of Kakashi's ANBU mask, from Naruto. {If you haven't watched Naruto just search it up}.

She stared at it for a second before putting it on. She then took the drugs for her victim, Yuuya Mochida, and placed them in a black pouch on her body. She then drew three blades and put them in their sheathed that hung on a belt she wore. She prepared everything else she needed, then turned to Takumi, who was still munching cake, oblivious.

He looked up,

"Let's get going."

He blinked then finished the cake in a huge, swift bite.

"Okay, okay. Man, cake is good. Is this how Ryuk feels about apples? If so then I don't blame him."

A tick appeared on Aquamarie's head.

"Please shut up. Got someone to kill here! Gotta get there before they die from whatever they were gonna die of anyway!"

He sheepishly scratched his head,

"Oh... Yeah. Sorry."

He appeared by her side.

There was an eerie silence for a moment before;
"Let's go."

Yuuya whistled as he locked his car and began to fumble for his house keys. He let himself inside his house, then breathed out a long breath, that sounded more like a sigh. He dumped his bag on the floor. A day of teaching 10 year olds. It takes a lot out of you. He took off his coat and hung it up, then proceeded to take off his shoes. He walked into the living room.

He turned on the light switch. There was a shadowy figure in the corner of the room. He took a sharp intake of breath. "W-Who are you?!" There was a low chuckle. The figure stepped closer. They were dressed entirely in black. There was a black belt with sheathes containing daggers, and a silver skull on each shoulder. The figure was wearing a mask. A white mask with red markings that resembled a wolf. His eyes widened in terror.

It was Sikyaku.

He recognised that mask. He had been watching the news and there was information on new Sikyaku killings. He had sighed, shaking his head. What did the killer hope to gain? It was evil. His interest was sparked when the news reporter said the killer had been caught on CCTV cameras on the scene. It was a figure dressed in black, carrying bloodstained knives and wearing a blood splattered mask.

The mask he was now looking at.

Sikyaku came closer. He was playing with a knife, twizzling it around in his hands. He knew that if the mask were to be lifted up he would be smirking. He let out a squeak of terror and scrambled to the door. When he got there, there was a hand on the doorknob. He looked upwards, shaking. What?! Sikyaku was standing there, blocking his exit. H-How did he get there?! He's fast! Sikyaku looked down at him and said in a muffled voice, "Please try not to escape. It is rather annoying when my prey tries to escape."

"I-I... What do you want with me?!"

The figure chuckled. "Why, to kill you of course. Why else would I be here? To pop in for a friendly hello?"

He saw the eyes of his killer. Two red eyes with a murderous glint in them. His body began to shake. He had heard what Sikyaku had done with his victims. Carvings… sliced body parts… horrible torture he did not want to be subjected too.

"I- Please don't kill me!"
The eyes lost their murderous glint, only to be replaced with a disappointed one. "Oh, I do hate it when my prey cowers with their tail between their legs. Like sheep." He sighed. He lifted a hand. He was wearing fingerless gloves, with his nails on show. They ended long curved points. They were neatly trimmed and painted with a glossy coat of black, and red on the thumb.

The hand came up to his face, and he began to trace the side of it with his thumb. With wide eyes he watched its progress. "Ah, you're a pretty one." He began to hum. "Oh, my. Much better than the last one I killed. Oh, he was so annoying." His voice became high-pitched and mocking, "'Oh, please don't kill me! I'll give you anything!' Oh it was squeal after squeal after squeal. I decided to decorate his body in much more detail than normally." He chuckled. "I do take special care with my victims, you know."

Yuuya decided to not to plead for his life anymore.

He wondered what type of sick person found joy in murder.

"You'll get caught, you know. You'll get the Death Sentence." He said, trying to sound braver than he was.

Sikyaku chuckled. "Oh that's more like it! I can deal with people like you! I know I'll get caught. Death sentence? It's what I deserve, anyway. I won't burn in hell, though."

Yuuya almost frowned. Sikyaku didn't seem to be bothered by the prospect of being caught. Death sentence. 'It's what I deserve anyway'

Did all criminals think like that? He didn't know. He didn't think so.

"You will burn in hell. You're a murder. There's no way you'll go to heaven."

Another chuckle.

"Oh, I definitely won't be going to heaven."


"W-What do you mean?"

Another chuckle.

"'One who has used the Death Note can go to neither Heaven nor Hell', something like that anyway."

He waved a dismissive hand.

Death Note? What was that supposed to mean? He was about to ask when Sikyaku spoke.

"Oh, shut up, Takumi." Pause. "Ugh! Why did the King have to give me you! Hell, Akuri would've been better than you, stupid annoying cake-loving bastard!" Pause. Laugh. "Yeah, you're right. Akuri would've driven me mental! I don't know how the King put's up with her." Pause. Laugh.

Had Sikyaku gone mad? He wouldn't be surprised. And why was he going on about some King? Maybe he was part of a group that killed people, and the leader called himself a King. That didn't explain why Sikyaku seemed to be talking to himself. Sikyaku turned to him. "Shinigami. They're so annoying! I thought that Ryuk was annoying, you know, going on about apples every two seconds. I kinda felt sorry for Light having to put up with him. Now I don't! Now I'm jealous of that stupid bastard! He didn't have to deal with Takumi and Akuri!"

Light? Who did he mean? And why did he keep going on about Shinigami?

"Did I just say I was jealous of Light? I take it back! Light is a stupid selfish bastard who killed L to become 'The God of the new world'! Oh my poor baby L! And Watari! They were the best ones! Near was awesome, yeah, but L was like, soooooo~ much better! Well, Mello's kinda cool, so is Matt. I ship them soooooo~ hard! And Mello looks so badass! With his chocolate and his gun, soooooo~ sexy! And Matt with his head in a game all the time! But they died too! I was so angry! Like, how dare he kill the best ones! L was so much better than him! And Mello is like too badass to die! Stupid Rem who killed L for Light! And damn Misa! 'Oh I'm Misa-Misa and I speak in third person because I have a peanut for a brain and oh Light I'll do anything for you! Rem, kill L for Light so he will like me! Oh, I'll just go and kill Ukita because I'm a bitch and don't care about his life and how it will affect anyone 'cause I'm so damn stupid!' Grrrr she's so lucky she has a Shinigami on her side! The only thing I agree with Light on is wanting to kill that annoying idiot!"

Yuuya looked at the serial killer in shock. What in God's name was going on? The killer was babbling on about people and saying they were sexy! This was not how he imagined Sikyaku to be. And why was he bothered about how this, 'Misa' killed this 'Ukita'? He obviously didn't care as he killed himself. And the mentions of L. The world-renowned No.1 detective. Sikyaku was talking as if this person called, 'Light' had killed him! And he asked as if he cared! He called the supposed killer a bastard! Yuuya was thoroughly confused.

"Sorry, I was going on."

The figure stopped talking and turned to face him, knife in hand. Yuuya gulped.

And asked the first thing that came into his mind.

"Are you crazy?"

The figure stopped twiddling with the knife and looked slowly up at Yuuya. He froze in fear. What the hell was he thinking?! Now he was going to surely get a more painful death. What came next surprised him.

Sikyaku laughed.




"I like you."

Yuuya stared at the figure in shock. The killer was nothing like he expected. Far from it.

"Maybe I should let you live."

Yuuya's eyes widened at this statement. What?! Was he really considering that?!

"In fact, I probably would let you live if I were an ordinary killer."

What was that supposed to mean?!

Sikyaku sighed and sheathed his knife. "But it's sad."

"…W-what's sad?"

"Even if I weren't to kill you, you would still die tonight."


"I don't know how. But I know you would. Be it heart attack, burglar, road accident, collapsing house, I have no idea. But I know you would die."

His red eyes flickered above his head.

"H-How do you know?"

He imagined the figure smiling sadly.

"The numbers, Yuuya Mochida. The numbers." He said with a sad tone to his voice.


"Yes. The numbers. It's like Mello said. All we ever see is Death. Death. Death."

He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a slim black book. It had the words 'Death Note' on the front in silvery lettering. Yuuya looked at it, eyes narrowed. He had mentioned a 'Death Note' earlier. What was it? As if sensing the unasked question Sikyaku opened the book onto a page. It was full with neat black writing.

"My Death Note. It was a gift."

He flipped over the page.

"I have one purpose in the world."


"I have to change the story."


"Ah, yes. It's a chance many would ask for. I don't regret it, and I don't want to give it away."


"I was chosen. It's an honour, I guess."


"It's pretty cool to have the eyes."


"But I understand why B went mad."


"It's hard. Seeing all those people with numbers so low."


"The moms, the dads, the children."


"But I know what I have to do."


"I have to save L."


Yuuya looked at the killer.

"Y-you want to save L? B-but I'd have thought you'd want him to, y-you know, be killed."

"I guess that's what everyone thinks. But I don't. I have to save him!"
Yuuya was taken aback by the sudden fire in his voice.

"Kira will not kill him! And that means that he doesn't have to have a successor! Mello won't have to work with Near and won't run off to the Mafia, then neither he nor Matt will die!"

Yuuya blinked. Here was a hardened killer in front of him, saying that he won't let these people die. Saying he wants to save the detective who could be the bane to his life. The killer seemed close to crying. Then the figure stopped and straightened his back.

"I'm so sorry, Yuuya."

The fear came back, stronger than before. A sense of dread settled in his bones. Sikyaku pulled out the dagger again. Then he lifted off his mask.

"So very sorry."

Sikyaku was a woman! She had red hair and a sad smile, tears glistening her eyes.

"I wish it wasn't like this."

She stepped closer. He could see the regret in her deep red eyes.

"But you will have a good afterlife. I can promise that, at least. And I'll give you a purpose."

Yuuya felt a small stab of pain on his left arm. He began to feel dizzy. He didn't know which way was up. His world span around and around and around. He heard a thud and wondered if it was his body. The last thing he heard was Sikyaku whispering,

"I'm so, so sorry."

Then all was black.

Yuuya blinked open his eyes. Huh? Where was he? Everything was black. Memories came crashing down on him like a wave. Sikyaku. S-she had killed him! B-but then…?

"I believe you are wondering where you are."

He jumped, started. In front of his stood a teenage boy, dressed in black, holding a scythe in his hands. He had the same red eyes as Sikyaku.

"Who are you?!"

The boy stepped closer, a frown on his face.

"My, my. Quite to the point. I must congratulate you. Not many of Aquamarie's victims get that much of a reaction from her. She hasn't shown her face to a victim yet, either. Quite the accomplishment."

"Who's Aquamarie?"

"I believe you already know the answer to that question."

"That's Sikyaku's real name, isn't it?"

The boy smiled, confirming the statement.

"She's so confusing." He whispered to himself.

"Oh, I quite agree." The boy replied. "She never stops surprising me."

Yuuya frowned for a second.

"Anyway, she has killed you. You have a choice to make now."

"W-wait... I'm dead?!"

"I believe you already knew that."

Yuuya sighed.

"What is this choice?"

"Most humans never make this choice. Only a few favoured of mine. However, Aquamarie managed to convince me to give all her victims the choice. She is quite kind-hearted, you know. She may kill, but she does it with good intentions. Kind of. Like she said, you would've died anyway. It would've been in your sleep, at exactly 11:21pm."

Yuuya decided not to question how he knew. Suddenly there was a bright light to his left. He turned around to face it. His eyes widened. There he was, on the floor in his living room. Sikyaku was carving a pentagram onto his forehead.

"This is what is happening now. She always drugs her victims before killing them. She drugs them then stabs them in the heart. So it doesn't hurt. She absolutely refuses to kill them while still conscious. Then she 'decorates'."

He watched her for a while.

"The choice you have to make is simple. There are 6 different options to choose from. Heaven, Hell, A personal space with all your family and friends with access to heaven, becoming a Shinigami, becoming a demon or being rerrusected. Most choose personal family space, rerrusection or heaven. Most the time it's just random, though only those who have committed crimes go to hell, and those who have led a good life, heaven. All Shinigami were humans once. Me, as well."

Yuuya was overwhelmed with all the new information. Then the last sentence was processed.

"You're a Shiniagmi?!"

He all but yelled. The Shinigami let out a low chuckle that reminded him of Sikyaku's.

"Yes. Most don't look human. In fact, I am the only one. I have blessed a few with the ability to look human for a period of time, not like they use it. I am no ordinary Shinigami. I'm the King. I remember my human life, unlike many other Shinigami."

Yuuya saw The King look over at Sikyaku with an almost longing look.

"What is your choice?"

Yuuya thought for a few minutes. "I-I would like to become a Shinigami." He eventually said, shyly.

The King looked over at him, almost surprised. Then he smiled.

"Very well. I shall be seeing you soon, then."

Another bright light came, this time to his right.

"Walk through there, and your wish will be granted."

Yuuya blinked. He turned back to Sikyaku, a faint smile on his features.

"No need to be sorry." He said softly.

He took a step towards the bright white light on his right.

"She is related to you, isn't she?"

He asked the King. The King seemed startled, then turned to face Yuuya with a sad smile.

"You are more interesting than I thought. I look forward to working with you in the Shinigami realm. Yes, she is related to me."

His eyes lingered on her image.

"She is my daughter." He said quietly.

Yuuya nodded, before turning back to the light. There were tears in his eyes as he walked closer.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, before stepping into the light.

The King looked at his daughter sadly. Yuuya was clever.

He watched as she slid her knife back into its sheath.

"Oh, how you've grown."

Wooo! Chapter 3 finished! This one's a lot longer than the others. SO, Aquamarie s the Shinigami King's daughter! How? I guess you'll have to wait and see! So yeah, I made her a killer. L is gonna come in again soon, and Light as well. Yuuya's become a big part in the story soon!