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Don't own these cats. I just play in their sandbox.

There had been scurrying, yelling, and a lot of manhandling before they were all finally aboard the new ship. Of course, not all of the captain's crew made it over. Terrible might have an off name, but he did himself well to live up to the expectations that came with it. Those who were useless were cast down, left bleeding on the deck. He'd laughed, sauntered over the plank to his own ship, and mentioned how hungry seagulls could get.

The man truly was, Terrible.

Tugger was calmly nuzzling Mistofflees, trying to soothe his whimpering as he switched between returning Tugger's nuzzling and trying to calmly nudge at his mistress. She was holding onto both of them tightly, seemingly shielding them from the pirates. They wouldn't come to any harm in her hands, and the look she received from the captain was grateful. Mistofflees gave up trying to alternate and settled for pressing his face into Tugger's, sharing licks to the cheek and brushes of the nose.

Terrible seemed to notice, pulling a disgusted face, "Your bitch in heat?"

Alice scowled at his language, holding the cats just a little tighter, "They're both male."

The pirate scoffed, "All the more disgusting."

The captain scoffed, but Terrible ignored him and gestured to a few of the men. "Take the girl and her cats to my cabin. Two men on the door." he sent an oily smirk in her direction, "We'll talk later, poppet. For now-" he smiled and turned, "I'd like a work with the dear ol' captain."

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