For as long as I can remember Uriah and I have been best friends. I wake up late and realize I am late to my air train so I practically run except we aren't allowed to run so it's basically speed-walking. I walk up to my stop at the air train and see Uriah waiting on me.

"What are you still doing here?" I ask.

"I'm waiting for Tris. Have you seen her?" he teases.

"Yes, actually she is getting on the air train," I tease back, walking up to the air train.

"So why where you late?" he asks.

"Because I slept in, now why did you wait on me? What if I was sick and didn't show up?" I ask him.

"I always wait for you and if you didn't show up you would've called," he sticks his tongue out.

"Hmm you know me well."

"Known you since we were 3," he says trying to be serious. I let out a burst of laughter. "What?" he questions.

"You look so serious and you know I can't be serious," I laugh.

"Oh Tris."

I'm about to say something when the air train stops and says You are now at your destination. Uriah insists I go first so I do. We walk to class together when I trip over nothing and land sprawled out on the floor. Uriah couldn't help it and he just exploded with laughter.

"What was that?" he offers his hand.

"Oh the ground just needed a hug," I say as I take his hand.

"Mmm sure," he walks in the door.

DING, DING, DING the lunch bell rings. I walk into the cafeteria line and get my food then I look around for Uriah. I spot him and walk to him and take a seat by him. He is sitting with 3 other people: Tobias, Christina, and Peter. When I sit Christina say, "The Match Banquet is tomorrow!"

"Hey Guys." I say awkwardly like no one saw me sit down.

"Oh. Hey, Tris," Tobias says.

I eat as much as I was served. Then I go back to class with Uriah. When school ends Uriah walks me home since he lives next door. He stops me before I walk in.

"Hey, Tris. Are you nervous about the. . . umm. . . banquet tomorrow?" he asks.

"Umm kind of, are you?" I respond.

"Nah not at all," he keeps his confident act on. He walks to his house and I walk inside greeted by my mother and father. Then after the day passes, I go to my bedroom and fall asleep.