Knock, Knock, Knock. I squint my eyes then look at the clock. No one else answers the door so I go to the front door and open it.

"Surprise!" Uriah says.

"Oh hey Uri," I say.

"I thought we could spend some time together today."

"Oh um I have grandfathers banquet at 3:00 but I'm free until then."

"Oh okay I will pick you up at 8:30?" he asks.

"Uriah that only gives me a minute to get ready," I say nudging him.

"Exactly," he grins.

"Oh my," I groan.

"Fine pick you up at 9:00?" he says as serious as he can manage.

"Sure," I respond.

"See you then," he says with a wink. I smile the shut the front door, I go to my bedroom and look at my closet and take 10 minutes deciding what to wear. I finally decide on a black, white, pink, and blue chevron high low shirt, dark jeans, and my black and white chevron vans. I curl my hair because I feel like I need to dress up for Uriah. I apply my makeup and make sure it's perfect. I grab my phone and walk out the door. I don't see his black mustang so I sit on the steps and look at my phone; I open the music app and put my headphones on and listen to Music. I look around and still don't see him so I close my eyes and sing along. I open my eyes after 3 songs have passed and don't see him.

I think, He would never be late. I put my passcode in and open my text im typing when something pokes me. I look over and see Uriah.

I take my headphones out, "What in the world?"

"Hi," he says

"What, how did you get there without me noticing?" I ask confused.

"Um well I may or may not have been watching you in the bushes…"

I chuckle, "That's not surprising."

"Ha-ha lets go," he helps me up and walks me to the car then he opens the door and waits until I get in then he shuts the door.

"So where to Princess Tris?" he asks when he gets in the other side of the car.

"First of all don't call me that and secondly I have no clue," I answer.

"How about that play showing today?" he suggests.

"We have seen that like a hundred times," I whine.

"Ah yeah we have, how about a trip for a smoothie?" he asks.

"Sounds good to me," I inform him.

"Alright," he says.

On the way there we listen to Something Big by Shawn Mendes and I remember Uriah saw me dancing and singing.

"Uri," I say.

"Yeah?" he answers.

" Remember earlier. . . yeah, pretend you saw nothing," I tell him.

"How could I do that? You dance great and have an amazing voice Tris!" he says making me blush.

"I don't think so, but seriously don't tell anyone," I say.

"Oh fine," he says pulling into Tropical Smoothie. He runs over to my side and opens the door for me.

"Ladies first," he says offering his hand.

"Thanks," I hold his hand as we walk towards the door. Then he holds the door open.

"Tris's first," he says.

I chuckle, "Thanks again." I say grabbing his hand again. We walk to the counter and I look at the menu

"What can I get you two?" the cashier says I look at his name. Marcus. Isn't that Tobias's dad? I push that out of my brain.

"Beach Bum please," I tell him.

"Alright and for you sir?" Marcus says.

"I will take Mocha Madness," Uriah says.

"They will be right out," he says as I grab my wallet but Uriah pushes it away and pays. I lead Uriah and I to a booth and I take a seat across from him.

"So," I say.

"So… I'm still waiting on a surprise," he smirks

"Oh that," I laugh, thinking, Now I actually have to plan a surprise I was hoping he'd forget, "That will come soon."

Marcus walks over and gives us our smoothies, "For the pretty lady and her lucky man."

I look at Uriah and see a pinch of jealousy in his eyes. He just smiles and says, "Thank you."

"Tris, what's in your smoothie?"

"Lemme see Strawberries, Bananas, and White chocolate," I answer him.

"Yum," he says .

"What is in yours?" I ask.

"There is Coffee, chocolate, and cappuccino yogurt," he tells me.

"Sounds good except I'm not much of a coffee person," I say.


"Yeah Uri?"

"I forgot to tell you how beautiful you looked," he says.

"Awe Uri," I blush.

"Don't awe Uri me it's true," he says.

That all gets ruined when Christina and Will walk in. "Trissy-Poo!" Christina yells.

"Chrisy-Poo!" I yell back.

She laughs and says something to Will then comes and sits by me. "You look gorgeous Tris!" she says still yelling.

"Thanks you to," I reply not yelling this time.

"So what are you two up to?" she asks.

"Just hanging out before Grandfathers banquet later," I start to hurt and I can tell they see it to.

"Oh Tris I'm so sorry," she says.

"It's not your fault," I say. I make a fake yawn. "I'm feeling tired I think I will go home," I say getting up and grabbing my stuff. Uriah knows what to do he says bye and comes right behind me.

When we are both in the car he says "Tris are you okay?"

"Yeah Fine, doing great," I mumble. He stays quiet and drops me off.

"Bye Uri sorry our um date got ruined," I tell him genuinely sorry.

"Bye Tris we can try some other time," he says.

I nod and go in I look at my clock 1:50 "Eh I have time," I say dozing off.