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"It's just another day in Nirvana" thought hibiki as he woke from his sleep.

"Another day full of and an annoying red-haired girl with blue eyes "

Hibiki sighed he'd wish that she would stop following him all day long.

*Knock knock*

"Uchujin-san.are you awake?"

Hibiki sighed "yeah I am .what are you doing here woman?"

Dita opens the door and comes in. "Dita was just wondering if Uchujin-san wanted some breakfast" as she shows hibiki the tray of food.

"food .yeah" hibiki says as he drools. Hibiki grabs the tray and starts eating. Diti just smiles as she watches him eat .

After Hibiki finishes the food he passes Dita the tray.

10 minutes pasts and Dita still was still in Hibiki's room.

Hibiki was starting to get anxious "don't you have somewhere to go?" he asks.

"Dita doesn't have anywhere to go" she replies.

"Can you go out? "said Hibiki.


"I er...ur.I have some important things to do" said Hibiki making up an excuse.

"oh ok." said Dita disappointed ,she had enjoyed the last ten minutes in Hibiki's room being alone with him.

Then suddenly a loud beeping sound was cast out throughout Nirvana.

"An enemy" thought Hibiki, "let's go!!"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` "Uchujin-san let's unite" said Dita.

"ok" After about 15 minutes.

"EEEEEKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Dita and Hibiki together.

"DITA HIBIKI!!!" screamed meia.

Then blackout for Hibiki and Dita.


Dita was the first to open her eyes " where am I , where's... Uchujin-san." Dita then spotted a figure next to her." Uchujin-san!!!!! Are you ok??? Speak to me!!"

"huh.huh.wha.." said Hibiki as he opened his eyes." Where the heck are we"

"I don't know but look at what happened to our vandread."said a sad Dita.

"oh man.I don't thing we can get back to Nirvana on that" said Hibiki.

To be continued

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