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Welcome to my new story! I made this fanfic for two reason. One is because there's so much request to add Rias and Akeno in my another fic, I won't accept those request there because it would make all my planning for that story ruined, so I created this fic for that sake. Another one is because I personally likes Videogamefic XD! (I wrote this after reading lots of Naruto videogamefic)

For the game mechanics, I try to make it simple yet unique. Your reviews would be very appreciated as I new to write this kind of fic. This story harem of course, (It's DxD!)

This fic also contains reference from another universes (mostly Anime and Games).

Edited: 17/04/2015

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plots.

Chapter 1: When Reality turned into a game

On the midnight, on the block where every light already turned off from every room, there's a room in a certain apartment that still bright.

From inside the room, you can hear sound of clashing metal, some musics, and click sound. Before long the sound of clashing metals and clicking sound disappear, leaving only the sound of gentle music.

"And with this, I completed my 1000th games" Said Uzumaki Naruto as he looks proudly at the credit screen on the TV.

Uzumaki Naruto is a fairly average student, he is a 2nd year high schooler at Kuou Academy. Living alone in a small apartment and really, REALLY love games.

In school, he's not that stand out except for his natural blond hair and whisker-like birthmark on his cheeks. He only has a few people who he can call 'true' friend, while the rest are acquittance or classmates.

All in all Uzumaki Naruto are what they call 'normal within normal', however inside Networld, he has more than a million fans. There's no gamer that doesn't know about 'Maelstorm, King of Games'.

There's no game that won't crumble before The Maelstorm, no matter what genre it is, he can finish, solve, break every secret in a game. He already posted countless faqs and walkthroughs throught the net.

And it's not end with just offline game.

You can always see the name 'Maelstorm' in almost every famous online games's hall of fame.

Uzumaki Naruto's love and accomplishment are not missed by the god of games that exist in different dimensions. For his valor, The god decided to grant a gift upon the king.

Unknown to God's plan, the gamer glanced at the alarm clock near his bedside.

"2 in morning, huh? Time sure flow fast when you do what you love" He muttered before yawning.

Naruto blissfully fell asleep while leaned to his bed, unaware of the screen on TV glowing and the light enveloped his body.

Uzumaki Naruto (The Gamer)

Naruto stared incredulously at his reflection on the mirror, why? It's because there's a transparent screen above his head, he wiped his eyes once, twice, thrice but the screen still there.

Naruto can practically hear his heartbeat increase as he tries to calm his anticipation down.

"Is it possible...?" Naruto gulped, then says in low but clear tone "Status!"

Uzumaki Naruto (The Gamer)

Title: King of Game (Increase the quest reward EXP gained by 20%)

STR: F- (800/1000)

MAG: F (100/1500)

AGI: F- (950/1000)

CHA: F (400/1500)

LUK: F (1000/1500)

Naruto stared blankly at the screen, he stood silent as his eyes shadowed by his hair, then he starts trembling before let out a shout.

"YAHOOOO! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! WHY...?!" He continues his rambling for another five minutes before he took a long breath.

He so happy right now, it's like a dream come true. Naruto always wondered how it feels to be game protagonist and half-jokingly wish he is one. He knows that unscientific was impossible, at least until now.

Ooh, he's so going to is enjoying his life now. Naruto thought with a wide grin.

"Help!" nothing happens.

"Guide!" As soon as he said that a large screen appears.

-1. Introduction & Rules

-2. Characters & Stats

-3. Quests

-4. Skills

-5. Features

Naruto tapped the first subject.

-Introduction & Rules

Welcome to the new reality, King of Game. My name is Tet, The God of Game. You might already figure it out, yes it's me who grant this power to you. Your deeds and passion upon game has impressed me so I decided to reward you with this power.

You can use this power however you like, be a hero or villain, you decide it yourself. I just ask you to understand and obey the five commandments below.

1 . You must NOT tell a soul about this power.

2 . There's no save/load and retry or party system.

3 . Carve your own path and make your own decision.

4 . The rules above won't ever change.

5 . Enjoy the game and have fun.

Naruto is not a believer nor he knows that God of Game exists before, but right now if someone asked him which god he worship, his answer is already decided.

"Thank you for this gift, I'll be grateful to you in a lifetime". Naruto said gratefully as he carved the five commandments in his heart."

-2. Characters & Stats

This screen is the place for you to equip the armaments, cards and accessories, and as you can see, there's no level system or numerical stats here so equipping a normal armament won't increase your stats whatsoever, a good armament is infused with an effect or two. Make sure to make a smart choice of the effect of armaments and cards before doing something important. Now let's move to Stats...

There's only five stats, STR, MAG, AGI, CHA, and LUK. The higher the rank the stronger stats get, the rank divided into 20: F-, F, F+, E-, E, E+, D-, D, D+, C-, C, C+, B-, B, B+, A-, A, A+, A++, EX.

STR is a combination of Strength, Durability, Dexterity and Endurance. STR is about how hard you hit and how much you can endure. EX rank STR can easily flatten a mountain in a single hit, when serious he/she can be a planet buster.

MAG is a combination of Intelligent, Wisdom, Magic and Magic Resistance. MAG can make you super smart and also genius in wizardry. EX rank MAG can easily nuke the whole country with a single swing of the staff, when serious he/she can turn a planet into pieces of asteroids.

AGI is a combination of Agility, speed and reflexes. If you like hit-and-run tactic, this is for you. Strike an enemy before they notice you and make them punch wind instead of you. EX rank AGI allow its user to move at the speed of light without getting burned.

CHA is a combination of Charisma, Attraction and Spiritual Pressure. People will respect you and won't ignore your words, or you can make people stunned just by your presence alone. EX rank CHA can make his own cult and many would follow him.

LUK is luck. Determine your own luck! Don't just leave it to fate. EX rank LUK won't allow you to lose in gamble and higher chance dealing instant kill at random.

How to upgrade the rank? Through EXP of course. There's three ways to gain EXP, from battles, quest rewards, and training/chores.

EXP divided into two categories, Universal EXP and Stats EXP.

Universal EXP written as [EXP], it fill every stats after divided by five. For example, you got 5000 EXP then each of your stats's EXP bars would only fill by 1000 EXP each.

Stats EXP written as [XXX EXP], it only fills certain stats's EXP bar which got its name. For Example you got 5000 STR EXP then your STR stats's EXP would be filled by 5000 EXP.

So make sure to plan beforehand.

"Hmm...So that means if I want to upgrade a specific stats faster, it's better to just earn Stats EXP instead of Universal EXP. With that mental note, Naruto move on to the next subject.

-3. Quest

The Quest divided into four categories: Optional Quest, Character Quest, Contradict Quest, and Major Quest. The main quest doesn't exist, as 3rd Commandment stated "Carve your own path and make your own decision", how your story progress solely depend on yourself, choose the quest wisely.

Optional Quest: Do it or not? You decide!

Optional Quest usually not hard nor it's important, but beware that some Optional Quest might be a 'must' condition to clear certain important quests.

Character Quest: Want to be more friendly with someone? Want to know more about their background? Then do this quest!

Character Quest can be considered important optional quest, some characters have their own unique characters' quests. Some can triggered or completed easily (by talking or running errand) while some are harder like a bitch (do this and that first, have certain item in inventory, blah! blah! blah!). The more Character Quest you cleared the more closer you to that specific character. Some Character Quest are missable so be careful.

Contradict Quest: Left or right? You can't obtain everything.

Contradict Quest are two quests that appears simultaneously, which the content are contradicting each other. For example, one quest stated "Kill A" while another one stated "Save A", these quests contradict each others and you can only choose one.

Major Quest: Choose VERY carefully, depend on your action you might end up in paradise or purgatory.

Major Quest is a very important quest that can change your life greatly and it's not necessarily for the better. Don't just accept these kind quest right away! Think carefully first, if you really sure you want to go through it then be my guest.

"So quest can also result in disaster if I don't choose carefully" One more thing Naruto put into mental note.


I skip about Active and Passive skill information since you should already know all about it :3 (cue Naruto Sweatdrop) You can learn skills through four ways: create it yourself, doing the same thing repeatedly for a few times, equip something that has skill effect and skill books. All Passive skills and some Active skills have infinite use limit while some have limited uses, you can recover it by resting.

Skill's efficiency greatly affected by your current stats that connected with that skill. For example, you have a physical offensive skill, more higher your STR rank stronger it gets. You can see from skill information to check which stats connected to that skill, also a skill can be connected with more than one stats.

Some skill can also evolve when the connected status upgraded into certain rank.

Nodded to himself, The King of Game continue


As you progress the story, more features will be unlocked. There also some features can only be unlocked by upgrading your stats to a certain rank. Currently features that was unlocked:

Cards Machine: You can only draw a random card for free once per day or you can draw one random card by paying 10 cards as a cost. You can also obtain cards from enemy drop, quest reward, scattered around the world. Cards' quality divided into four, you can tell the difference from its frame. The order is from bottom to top: plain white, black, silver, and golden. The higher card's quality the better it's effect. There's some special cards that glowing with an aurora, that cards are one of kind, there's no other copy of it. Don't lose it!

Relationship: With this you can keep track of people close to you, you can also use this to view their information (Character Quest can unlock additional information).

"That's all for now, huh?" Naruto said as he closes the window "Now then, time for actual experience. Character!". Naruto shouted, just for coolness sake.

A fairly large window appears, the window split into two vertical. One has his image with 10 slots, seven slots are empty and another three filled. Naruto guessed the slots from the icons is: Weapon, headgear, upper, lower, arms, three accessories, and two cards. Three filled slots are Upper, lower, and one accessory.

Naruto checked his clothes and pants just in case, but both are normal equipments that only stated "plain clothes and plain pants" (At this he got notification "New Skill created: Observe) which means they does nothing but he was surprised with his pendant.

Sage's pendant: An ancient stone that crafted into a pendant by skilled craftsman, many said it holds secret power. (Greatly increase survival chances in critical state)

"In a way, this pendant is a very nice, good luck charm when things go bad though not as much in everyday life." This pendant's original owner was his grandmother's grandfather which he passed to his granny then she pass it to him.

Naruto looked at another screen, it was a screen with 30 empty slots. He instantly knew it was inventory box, that bag icon is a dead giveaway.

For the experiment, Naruto shoved the pillow to the screen which he mildly surprised when a portal opened and gulped his pillow and one of 29 slots filled with pillows. He pulls out the pillow before stated "Skills"


Observe (Infinite): Allow you to see the basic information of an object. [MAG]


Gamer's body: Allow user to live in reality turned game. [none]

Gamer's mind: Prevent user from any mental attack, able to think calm in any situation. [none]

Naruto can't help but to grin when he saw his skills, sure it's not much at the moment but all of them useful.

"Before I forget, Features!"

A window with two icons appears, one is a slot machine icon and another is a handshake icon with red heart as its background. Naruto tapped the slot machine icon first.

The slot machine became thrice bigger and the "push" red button glowing, Naruto immediately pushed it.

"Cmon, cmon, let me get a nice card" Naruto clapped his hand in prayer as the machine shaking.


The slot machine stopped shaking and from the long square hole a card came out. It was a card with black frame and picture of Naruto sitting leisurely as he watching the ending of a game.

A moment of peace: Able to use skill [Invicible]

Naruto immediately equips the card and check the skill section to see the further information.


Invicible (2): Prevent your body from being injured for the next ten seconds. [STR]

"..." Naruto stared at the screen for a while before he ran toward the kitchen and took a knife.

"Invicible!" Naruto said as he lightly grazes his finger by knife and he's fine, no pain and no blood.

"Holy shit! This skill can be considered OP if used correctly." Naruto said giddily as he looks at the skill information of [Invicible] that its remaining use reduced by one, leaving he can only use this skill once until his next rest.

"Relationship!" Naruto said as he tossed the knife to its original place.

-Male (0)

-Female (1)


Naruto almost cries seeing that he actually have 'people close to him' considering his reputation as an otaku. He immediately tapped the [Female] tab and he saw one familiar name.

-Hyoudou Ichihime

He tapped the name and there's another screen appears, this one bigger than previous screen. It contains a picture of Ichihime on the top left with some of her physical information written below and personal information on the right side.

Hyoudou Ichihime

B/W/H: 81/54/79, Height: 155 cm, Weight: 47 kg

The only daughter of Hyoudou Kazuma and Hyoudou Misa, currently 2nd year high schooler and placed in the same class as you. Your fellow gamer who really likes eroge. She told you she had a big dream, but still not tell you what her dream really is.

Other people would describe her as sweet, kindhearted and innocent, but you knew better that she actually high-caliber pervert, which she doesn't show to others in school but didn't bother to hide it in your presence.

She strangely assertive trying to hook you up with girls which always end up in a disastrous situation for you, her reason is unknown.

(Clear her Character Quest to unlock more information)

The Gamer closes the window and look at the clock, then his eyes widened in horror.

"OH SHIT, I'M LATE!" Then his stomach growl "Tch! No time to breakfast too!"

And so with plain bread in his mouth, Naruto ran toward Kuou Academy.

Skill Created

Haste Dash [Passive]: As you run, you can keep gaining speed. However, the faster you are, the harder to turn. [AGI]

Thanks to his newly acquired skill, Naruto able to passed the school gate barely without being late.

Though he almost flatten his nose on the way.

"Finally..." Naruto grunted from his seat, It's finally lunch break. He can't concentrate on the lesson because of fatigue and hunger.

"What's wrong. Naruto-san? You look very tired, want me to accompany you to infirmary" Said one of (only) his 'close people'. Hyoudou Ichihime stand beside his desk as she looks at him in worried expression.

Hyoudou Ichihime have straight shoulder-length brown hair with two red flower hairpin on the left side, she also have a pair of brown eyes that matching her hair. She fairly popular among boys, not as popular as 'Two great Onee-sama' but popular nonetheless.

"No, I'm fine, just feel hungry a little" Once he said that, his stomach growl loudly. He lifelessly put his face on the desk "Aaah, so hungry."

"That was pretty loud, did you even ate breakfast?" Ichihime said as she torn between amused or worry.

"I skipped it".


"I...occupied with something else, not a big deal though." Naruto said, choose his words carefully. It would be problematic if she asked even further, by commandment rules, he can't tell her about his power.

The brunette looked at him for a while before sighing, then she turning a chair and sat opposite of him "Here, I share my Bento with you."

The King of Game immediately looked at the brown-haired beauty like she is a goddess's incarnation. "I knew I can count on you, my friend."

"Don't get too used to this" She replied dryly with a small smile tugged her lips.

Naruto secretly uses [Observe] to the Bento in front of him.

Ichihime Homemade lunch (Partial): Girl's homemade lunch?! DIE RIAJUU!

Eating this can reduce some fatigue and hunger.

Just what he needs at the moment.

After he fueled himself with satisfying lunch, Naruto walked through the corridor (He's not forgotten to thank his best friend for the meal of course, he's not a jerk)

As he walks, he passed a member of Student council and immediately feel something that make him shiver even as he watching her retreating back.

After that another student council member passed him again and then finally Kiba Yuuto, the Kuou prince charming passed him.

Skill Created

Perception [Passive]: You can tell if there's something or someone extra-ordinary within 5 meters distance from you. [CHA]

Naruto silently uses [Observe] from behind Kiba.

Kiba Yuuto

A member of Occult Research Club formed by Rias Gremory, the school most desired male by girls (and a few boys).

(Clear his Character Quest to unlock more information)






"He surpassed me in every stats except MAG?!' Naruto doesn't hold illusion that he better than Kiba, but he never thought their difference is this far.

He just surprised, not depressed. Why? It's because he is The King of Game! It was pretty common in games that the protagonist is the weakest character in the game, however, that was only on the early part of the game, as the story progress the protagonist can grow as a strongest character.

And now that this reality turned into a game, he will make sure that he is growing into the successful protagonist.

Yep, this is only beginning.

If you reading my other fic then you might already know that I like Issei/Rias/Akeno, and it would be hard to make Rias and Akeno into Naruto's harem as long as Issei exist. And suddenly something clicked in my mind, why not just genderbend Issei? that way everyone (?) happy.

And that's how Hyoudou Ichihime born.

I admit it's pretty challenging to make femIssei to be unique from any other femIssei in another fanfic while maintaining her counterpart perverse nature, I hope you like this femIssei like I do.

What's your opinion about game mechanics, I hope it's just like what I hoped (Simple yet unique), tips and constructive critism would be helpful for newbie like me. I not using too many numbers coz I not that good with them :3