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Tyson:What did they vote for?

You'll be happy to know , Tyson, that they voted for your story.

Tyson:Why should I be happy ? Your going to turn me into a girl!

Not really.*yells at the door* I guess you can introduce yourself now!

Tyson: Huh? *female version of Tyson walks in*

FVT:HI, YOU PEOPLE!! I'm a female Tyson! You can just call me Ty!!!

Tyson:O.O Your me?

Ty: Kind of. Only I belong to Karma.

Tyson:Cool. Hey that means I don't have to stay here anymore! *Tyson runs out the door*

O.K then I guess Ty gets Kai then.

Tyson: WWWWWWWHHHHHHHAAAAAAATTTTTTT???????????????????????? * runs back into the room*

Calm down Tyson.

Tyson: Where is Kai anyway?

He won't be here ontill the next chapter.

Tyson/Ty: Why?

Because we need to get on with the story.

Tyson/Ty: Oh

Here's the story you people voted for!!

Poor Tyson Chapter 1

Tyson looked at the digital clock beside the bed sleeply. Ahhhhh, it's 3 in the moring.Tyson rolled over and yawned. I can't believe what happen today. (AN/Tyson is refering to the tour of the BBA reseach center) First Max losing to Emily and then Rei losing to Steve. It is all to much.

Tyson moaned and got out of his and Kenny's bed , well it was Tyson's bed because Kenny was working with Dizzy at the moment. He walked across the hotel room and on to the balcony to get some air. Tyson leaned against the railing as he gazed at the city. Tyson signed with frustration at the problem at hand.How can we beat those tech beyblades?The only option I can think of is if Dragoon becomes twice as strong.

Tyson sighed and continued to think about ways to powerup Dragoon unaware of the looming shadow waiting in his room.

After a while Tyson came back in from the cold outside and flopped on to the bed. " I thought you would never get back in here."

"Who said that ?" Tyson asked the air.

"A friend."

"If your a friend then come out."

"All right then." The voice had came from the dark side of the room.Tyson watched the shadows as a figure stepped out and greeted him. It was a young girl with red hair and shocking green eyes. She wore a shirt and jeans in the colour of black and had forest green jacket.

"Who are you?" Tyson asked.

"As I said before, a friend." The girl replied.

"Did you want something?"

"I only want to help you."

"What makes you think I need help?" Tyson whinced at his own tone of voice.I have been hanging out with Kai way too much.

The girl rised her eyebrow and similed. "You don't need help, Huh?" She continued to simile as she sat on the bed beside him. "I just thought you would like to beat the AllStars."

"You know a way?" Tyson asked her moving away from her to the other end of the bed.

"Yes and it's quite simple. You see the reason that Dragoon is not as strong as he's supposed to be is that you two are too much the same."

"What does that have to do with Dragoon not being as powerful?" Tyson asked, getting nervous as there was no more bed to move away from her.

"Well you see, Dragoon needs a oppitsite person to become more powerful."

" A oppitsite? How will that help Dragoon?"

"Simple again. A oppitsite person would help Dragoon's weak points and strengthen them to be equal to Dragoon's strong points."

"Your saying that I am not the right master for Dragoon." Tyson looked to his beyblade on the nightstand sadly . He got up and took it from the nightstand and returned to the girl." Here, if you know the right master for Dragoon, please give him to that person." He handed her Dragoon.

"Why are you doing this Tyson?" She said frowning at the beyblade in her hands.

"Because ..." He plaused " because Dragoon deserves to be the strongest he can be. And if thats not with me I don't deserve him." He looked down to the floor during all of this.

The girl got up from the bed and went over to Tyson.

"Silly, " she whispered into he's ear. " Dragoon only wants to be with you."

" Then how will he become stronger?"

" Leave that to me." She placed her hand on to his forehead. "Sleep." Tyson fell to the ground breathing softly as he slumbered.

"Don't worry Tyson, all of this will be made clear." She said as she gazed at his body. Damn! How am I going to get him on the bed?Aw well , Kenny isn't coming to bed tonight anyway. She knelt down beside Tyson and placed her hand on his chest, murmering in a forgoten langage.

She pulled away as a stormy blue light surrounded Tyson. There it's done.In the moring you will feel much better.Ty.She looked at Dragoon once again and put the dragon beyblade back on the nightside table.

After that it seemed as she disappeared in to the shadows themselves. Leaving Tyson on the floor sleeping.


In the moring Tyson got up and looked around the hotel room. As he turned to go out the door he's eyes caught something in the mirror across the bed. He looked back at the mirror and screamed for all he was worth.

In the mirror was Tyson. But he was a girl!

To Be Continued.

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