It had been exactly four months since the heroes drove Cruella De Vil out of town, after she had kidnapped Henry. The Charmings and Regina drove the woman out without her chance of getting her happy ending. All was quite content since the devil was banished. Maleficent made peace with the citizens. Belle and Rumplestiltskin had worked out their differences, but still filed for divorce. August had chosen to stay as his older self, instead or becoming a boy once more. Life in Storybrooke was finally peaceful. One morning, Emma and Killian had made their way into the inn, where August had been staying for the past few months. Struggling to hold two cups of coffee, Emma handed one to Killian before knocking on August's door, " August, wake up. Everyone is waiting for us at the mayor's office, and we aren't letting you sleep through another town meeting." Emma arched a brow in confusion when she heard not only August in the room, but a woman. Killian grinned a cheesy grin, "Looks like August found a lass last night at the bar." Emma turned, with an arched brow, "Were you with him last night?" Killian smiled, "Aye, he was getting wasted at the rabbit hole. Let's give the lad a little privacy." Emma shook her head, "He isn't missing another one. I won't let him," said Emma before she turned to knock on the door again, "August, open up…" Emma backed away when she heard footsteps coming towards the door. "Em…hey. What a…erm…lovely surprise?" said August as he cracked the door open. Emma raised an eyebrow, "Umm, yeah, you need to get dressed. We are running late for the meeting." August slipped outside the room, shutting the door behind him, "About that, you see I have come down with a fever and…" before he could finish, Emma interrupted, "Oh no, you aren't missing another one! What the hell is going on? You are acting very shady." August nervously ran a hand through his hair, "Nothing! I just..have a..I have a hangover?" Emma shook her head, "You lie like a dog." Before both then men could stop her, Emma kicked the door open. Emma gasped at the woman who was standing at the door. It was Cruella herself. She looked different due to her blonde shade of hair now. She was wearing nothing but a silk kimono and a laced lingerie set. Cruella's eyes grew big at the sight of the sheriff and her pirate in the hall. "Oh…well, this is…awkward." Emma, blinked, reaching out to close the door. "August…really….Cruella?! You slept with Cruella?!" Killian grinned, patting August on his shoulder, "Good form, mate." August chuckled, "Correction…I have been sleeping with her…" Emma whacked him upside the head, "Do you not recall her keeping you hostage?! Are you insane?!" Killian placed a hand on her shoulder, "Swan, take it easy…" August arched a brow, " Things are different now, Em. She's changed." Emma scoffed, "Yes, a woman like Cruella De Vil doesn't change that quickly!" August shook his head, "I think you need to go, Em." With that said, August stepped back inside, shutting the door behind him.

Once August had stepped back into the room, he saw the blonde sitting at the edge of the bed "I told you this would be a disaster.." Cruella choked out. "Hey…hey…shh, don't say that…" He said, sitting beside her, wrapping an arm around her waist to comfort her. "Emma, is just protective, which I don't know why, I am a grown man. I make my own choices. And if that means being with you, then so be it." Cruella sighed, "They are all just going to run me out of town again, especially after I finally get /my/ happy ending." August sighed, stroking her blonde tresses. "We are going to be fine. I care a lot about you, and I want to be with you. That's all that matters. To hell what they think." Cruella smiled, bright blue eyes gazing up at his, "You're right. Foolish of me to get so emotional over something so silly." August smiled, "That's my girl." He placed a soft kiss to her cheek, before rising up from the bed." I am going to grab a shower, you need your rest. You had a long drive in last night from Great Neck.."

After the meeting was adjourned, Killian, Emma and the Charmings all stayed behind with Regina and her sister. "We have an issue," Emma said in an irritable tone. "Swan, let it go.." Killian groaned. Zelena gave a confused look to Killian, and back to Emma, "What's going on?" Snow, Regina and David all gave Emma the same confused look. "Cruella is back." Regina's eyes widened, "Wait, what? Fur ball is back?" Emma nodded, "Yep, seen her with my own eyes today. Didn't recognize her at first, she's a blonde now." Zelena smirked, "She's always been a blonde, princess." Regina gave a confused look to her sister, "How the hell do you know 'Pound Puppy'?" Zelena shrugged, "I met her when she was a student of Rumples." Snow shook her head, "Anyways..Emma, where did you see her?" Killian laughed "She was cooped up with the wooden boy all night." Snow's eyes widened, "Are you saying…August slept with her?!" Killian nodded, "Proud of the lad, finally got himself a good one in bed." Emma elbowed the pirate in his abdomen, "Shut up! This isn't good. What if she is just using him to get to us again?!" David shook his head, "This doesn't sound like something August would normally do." "Why don't you speak to Marco about it? Maybe he knows something?" said Zelena. "Killian and Emma both glanced at each other before turning back to the witch, " Sounds like a plan." Zelena grinned," In the mean time, I still have boxes to unpack at home. Tata!" Zelena and Regina both walked away from the two couples. "I just don't see August falling for the devil herself. He doesn't realize how cruel she is. She killed puppies for crying out loud!" Snow said. " Hook and I will go speak to Marco, you two head back to the apartment, I am sure Rumple is stressing out with the baby.." The two women nodded before the four of them departed ways for their tasks.

Hope you guys enjoyed! More chapters to come!