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Started: July 26, 2017
Series: Series 1, Story #2

Volume II

by Red Hope

Chapter 43

"Hello, Clarke," Anya greeted in a rough voice. Her raw smile suddenly slipped as her energy faded from her limbs. First her knees gave way then her eyes rolled towards the heavens. She had traveled and fought to get to Tondc, in hopes to find Lexa. She was so close and yet far too spent.

"Anya," Clarke worriedly called. She dropped her sword and rushed to the falling woman. She landed on her knees with Anya's upper body in her arms. "N-n-no." Dread memories from months ago repeated in her head. She pressed her fingertips into Anya's neck. A weak but constant pulse thrummed under Clarke's fingers. She gasped in relief and trailed her eyes down to Anya's waist. This time it was different. There was no blood, no bullet wound, and Anya merely rested unconscious in Clarke's lap. A soft sound made Clarke lift her head to the newcomer.

Ares stood before the two hunched women on the ground. He sniffed the scent that drift under his nose. Finally blue eyes lifted to him, and he gave a low, questioning whine.

Clarke wanted to explain the woman in her arms to Ares. She needed to confess Anya's death like a sin. For an instant, she bowed her head near the ghost cradled in her arms. There was no time to be weak so she looked up. Clarke started yelling, "Octavia!" Each second made her pulse quicken and surge through her veins. "Octavia!"

Ares whipped his head to the left. He danced on his paws when Octavia raced out of the woods with a sword in hand.

"Clarke, what's..." Octavia skidded on her boots as she approached her friend. "Oh my god... Anya?" Even in the low moonlight, she could make out the former general's distinct features. And Anya was breathing, which made Octavia hold her own. "How..."

Clarke shook her head and replied, "I don't know, but I need you to run back to the village... tell Lexa and Nyko."


"Now," Clarke snapped. "I'll bring her." She grew frustrated at Octavia's hesitation so she yelled, "Go!"

Octavia snapped out of her trance then bolted for the village. Her footfall faded away in the darkness.

Clarke refocused on Anya. She reclaimed her sword with an outstretched hand and sheathed it. After a strangled breath, she adjusted her arms around Anya and braced herself for the initial struggle. As her legs lifted, Clarke was surprise at how light Anya seemed in her arms. She decided to take advantage of her seeming adrenaline rush while she had time. With Anya secured, Clarke hastened down the road at a fast walk.

Ares trotted alongside and stole several sniffs of the unknown grounder's hair. He sneezed once too.

After awhile, Clarke made out the village's distant firelight at the gate. She sent a silent thank you to their gods.

"Clarke!" a familiar voice called from behind the open gates.

Clarke rallied at hearing the commander's voice. She then saw Lexa appear from the village and raced to her. Clarke slowed but kept straight for the village.

Lexa was awestruck at seeing her former warrior's dirty face. She halted Clarke's journey and reached for Anya's neck, at the pulse point. She had to be sure it was real. The fragile life against her fingertips told her enough. Her wide green eyes lifted to Clarke. "How is she-"

"I don't know," Clarke cut off. "We were on patrol." She noted Octavia returned to help. "She was walking on the road towards the village." She shook her head because none of it made sense. She noticed Lexa reached for Anya, but Clarke softly insisted, "I've got her." She quickly continued into the village, past the gates. "Did you find Nyko?"

"Sha," Octavia agreed. She was steps ahead of Clarke, Lexa and Ares. "He's waiting for her."

Clarke cut through the village. She ignored the villagers and warriors that had gathered to see who was in Clarke's arms. There were thousands of whispers among them.

Lexa was silent and all her attention on the unconscious woman in Clarke's arms. She had just finished dressing and was preparing breakfast when Octavia stormed into the quarters house. She barely believed Octavia's announcement until she saw Clarke holding Anya. She still was in denial and wondered if she would wake up in bed.

Clarke beelined to the healer's house. She slowed so that Octavia could open the door for them. She hurried up the steps and found everything well lit already.

Nyko had filled a caldron with water, which was being heated from a fresh fire in the long pit at the center of the room. He directed Clarke to lay Anya on the empty pallet to his right.

Clarke gingerly lowered Anya then suggested, "We should remove all her clothes." She and Nyko worked together to remove the tattered fabrics from Mount Weather and tossed them aside.

Lexa stood off to the side with Ares and stared at the nude body before her. Even from a distance, Lexa made out a few familiar scars on Anya's shoulder, thigh, and stomach. It really was Anya, she told herself.

Octavia stood by the closed door to go outside. She remained on guard in case spectators wished to get a better look.

"Let's get her cleaned up," Clarke ordered the healer.

Nyko gathered several clean cloths along with two clay bottles of already sterile water. He and Clarke delicately wiped down Anya's body from head to toe until they discovered a nasty but old wound on the rear of Anya's calf.

"It looks a day or two old," Clarke murmured.

"It's infected," Nyko noted. He pushed against it, which caused green pus to ooze out further.

Clarke bent a little and sniffed the foul scent. She frowned and went back up the pallet. She touched Anya's forehead for quick reference. "She has a fever too." After last time, Clarke refused to lose Anya to a chronic wound.

Nyko returned with a clean blade and waited for Clarke. With her help, they reopened the wound more and started draining the wound.

"Lexa?" Clarke called. She peered over her shoulder at the frozen commander. She was glad her voice broke Lexa from her daze.


"I need my medical kit that my mom gave me. It's in the closet," Clarke reminded. She hoped the mission would help Lexa refocus.

Lexa nodded and hurried out of the house with Ares in tow.

"I have medicine for her fever... if we need it." Clarke wiped the pus and blood from the wound. "Can you make a damp wrap with salt water?"

"Sha," Nyko confirmed. He went to the heated water and spooned out the water. He took the filled bowl to a counter where his herbal supplies waited for him. He skimmed over the tops with his fingers until he found the salt. He pulled it then measured the proper amount for the water.

Clarke suspected that Anya was dehydrated, if not suffering from malnutrition. Anya was only this boney in Mount Weather.

Lexa rushed back into the healer's home with the leather pack. "I have it." She stood there by the pallet and struggled with staring at Anya again. She focused on Clarke and Nyko wrapping Anya's wound after just cleaning it with salt water.

"Lexa, can you go through the bag. There's a soft, clear bag with liquid in it and a clear tube coiled up in there." Clarke glanced at her warrior going over to the counter with the pack. "Let me know when you find them."

Ares took a seat near the fire pit. He remained quiet but watched the humans care for the one on the table. He sighed and slid down onto his belly.

"I have them," Lexa announced. She set the items onto the counter.

Clarke hurried over to Lexa's side. She fished around in the pack further and pulled out several more items. She then cleaned her hands with an antibacterial and tossed the small bottle back into the pack. She quickly prepped the IV tubing with the saline bag. "Here, hold this."

Lexa took the IV bag and watched Clarke check the tube. "Is this an IV?"

"Sha," Clarke softly replied. "She's dehydrated so this'll get fluids back in her body." She confirmed the tube was clear of air pockets. She grabbed the extra items on the table and instructed Lexa to come over to Anya. "I need you to keep this high." After Lexa's low nod, Clarke went to Anya's side. She set several of the items on the open space next to Anya. Carefully, she sought out the best vein in Anya's hand. All her training from medical classes filled her, and Clarke had a strong vein pierced and the catheter tube hooked up to the hub. She returned to Lexa and tested the roller clamp to make sure the saline solution was dripping into the tubing correctly. Thank the gods for gravity fed IVs, Clarke decided.

"Okay this is good." However, Clarke needed the IV bag to be held up by something rather than Lexa. She looked upward at the overhead beams. "Nyko, is there a way to hang this bag?"

Nyko dropped his head back and gauged the beams. "Sha. We can get rope and nails."

"I'll get them," Octavia offered. She took Clarke's nodding approval and left the house.

Clarke returned to her pack. "I'll give her something to reduce her fever a little but..." She looked towards Nyko. "I think it's best she runs through the motions of the infection."

"Her body will ward it off," Nyko concluded.

Clarke agreed with the healer. She finished prepping a needle filled with medicine to reduce the fever. She doubted she would use anymore unless Anya's fever surged to a dangerous level again. She returned to Anya and inserted the needle into a vein. She gently pushed the plunger and watched the liquid hurry into Anya's blood stream to combat the fever. She drew away and stared at the woman's unconscious features. She did as much as possible.

"I have some furs," Nyko mentioned after rooting around in a trunk. With Clarke's help, he put them over Anya. He looked over to the door when Octavia returned with thin rope, nails, and a hammer.

Clarke grabbed a stool from under the counter and brought it near Lexa. She helped Octavia and handed the nail first then the rope.

Octavia hung the line off the thick nail. She stepped off the stool then took the IV bag from the commander. She effortlessly knotted the line through the bag's eye then slowly released the bag in case it fell. She nodded when it remained hanging in front of her face.

"Thank you," Clarke hooked her friend's shoulder.

"No probs," Octavia offered. She took the hammer and remaining nail back. She quietly left the building to return the items.

Nyko went to the counter, to busy himself and give the commander space.

Clarke wanted to clean her hands but focused on Lexa. "She's dehydrated, fever, and an infected wound... it's not too bad."

"For somebody that's been dead for seventy-eight days," Lexa murmured.

Clarke bit her lower lip. A dull ache started in her chest after Lexa's confession that she had been counting the days since Anya's death. She understood the bond between Lexa and Anya, especially now that she was Lexa's second. "She should recover fine," she softly promised. Right now, Clarke was able to function as a medic rather than be consumed by Anya's mysterious return. She broke away from her warrior and went to Nyko's side.

Nyko listened to a few of Clarke's instructions for Anya's care. However, he suspected Clarke would frequently check on Anya regardless. He decided the commander needed more time and left the house. He found Octavia standing guard outside in the blood orange streams of early sunlight.

Clarke tossed the dirty cloth into the basket under the counter. She returned to Lexa's side and silently stared at the unconscious warrior.

"Her grave was dug up," Lexa reminded. She had her arms crossed.

Clarke's medical persona was shutting down under Lexa's emotions about Anya. She become wrought with concern too. The past hours' events washed over her, and she blew out a shaky breath. Onya kom Trikru was really before them with a steady rise and fall of her chest.

"You said she was shot," Lexa softly added. She held no threat in her tone, only confusion.

Clarke brushed blond strands away from her face. When she and Nyko had wiped Anya's body down, she found scars and old battle wounds but Anya's stomach was unblemished by a bullet injury. It was as if Anya's death was simply a bad nightmare that Clarke conjured up with jobi nuts.

"She was dead," Clarke insisted, "Medically dead." She looked at the warrior's hardened profile. "She bled out before she was taken to Camp Jaha." Difficult memories surfaced under Clarke's skin, and she tried willing it to go away. She wrestled against the same tears she had shed when Anya died.

"How?" Lexa whispered.

Clarke had no answers. Hopefully Anya may have the answers for both of them. "We'll know more when she wakes up."

Lexa stayed silent for awhile then hoarsely asked, "Was she held captive?"

Clarke followed her warrior's train of thought and quickly shook her head. "The Skaikru wouldn't-"

"How sure are you?" Lexa finally turned to her second. Her eyes were lit with anger.

"Lexa, I buried her body," Clarke fought. She grabbed her warrior's stiff shoulder and explained, "I gave her a final prayer of passage. I wept over her body. And I saw her face when I shoveled dirt over her." Clarke's voice was sore with emotions. Her eyes glistened under the firelight. "Her life is nothing short of a miracle... or science," Clarke concluded as her eyes trailed over to the unconscious woman.

Lexa felt drowned by her feelings about Anya's return. She had mourned her warrior's death for days. She had wept in the darkness. And prayed for peace to come to Anya in the heavens. She had let Anya go only recently but still held her former warrior in her heart. To see Anya alive stirred darker thoughts about Anya's whereabouts for the past two and half months. If Anya was held captive, Lexa promised vengeance for her warrior.

"I'm going to contact my mother," Clarke softly declared. It was a miracle that Anya was alive, but Clarke believed in scientific explanations. If there was one then Abby Griffin was the most capable of finding it. "She should really check over Anya's vitals too." Clarke wanted to be damn certain that Anya would pull through rather than die, again.

Lexa gave a faint nod, barely hearing Clarke's idea.

Clarke grabbed a stool and set it down by Anya. She stepped in front of Lexa and whispered, "Stay here with her for awhile." She cupped her lover's warm cheek.

For a moment, Lexa was able to only look at her second, who held her heart so deeply. She softened at the concern in Clarke's blue eyes.

Clarke ran her thumb across Lexa's cheek. "We'll figure this out," she promised. She was relieved when Lexa nodded in agreement. "Try not focusing on the... how," she whispered. "Just focus on her being back."

Lexa knew Clarke had a point. Right now, they had more questions than answer, but what truly mattered was that Anya was okay. Anya was here. She sighed and leaned in for a kiss.

Clarke returned it and sadly smiled at her warrior. She slipped away but traded a glance with Ares, who was content to stay in the healer's house with Lexa. Clarke hurried down the steps and nodded at Nyko, who would go back in to check Anya after awhile.

"We should setup a rotating guard here," Clarke suggested to Octavia.

Octavia took it as an order rather than a suggestion. "Sha. I will speak to Ryder." She knew Nyko would stay on guard until her return.

Clarke was pleased and hurried off. She briefly wondered if anybody replaced her and Octavia's posts for patrol. Most likely Ryder heard news and took care of it. If nothing else, Ryder was efficient at his duties.

Shortly Clarke returned to her shared quarters with Lexa. She lit several candles in the room then went into the closet. In one of the built in drawers of the wall, she dug out the smart phone, which booted up when Clarke powered it. She took it over to the nearest window for the best satellite connection. After a minute, she was able to tap the call app and connected to Mount Weather's communication system.

"Hey, Clarke," Monty happily greeted. It was the first time he had seen Clarke call. He was excited it had worked even though he tested it a few times outside of Mount Weather and in Camp Jaha.

"Monty, is mom around?" Clarke felt guilty for the lack of small talk, but she was on edge about Anya's return.

"She and Marcus are having breakfast, I think." Monty had just woken up himself and was in the residence section. Bellamy had already left their shared quarters. "I can have her call you back." He had only recently created the communication application on his tablet so that he could be anywhere in Mount Weather to receive calls from Clarke, rather than just in the Control Room. Now he needed to put it onto Abby and Marcus Kane's tablets.

"I need to talk to her as soon as possible."

"Is something wrong?" Monty was seated on his made bed.

Clarke took a deep breath and tried calming down. "Everything is fine, but it's important I talk to her soon."

"Okay. I'll head down to the dining hall now. It'll probably be about ten minutes," Monty promised.

"Great. Thanks, Monty." Clarke hung up after saying goodbye to her friend. She placed the phone on the table and tried sitting down, but it was too hard to stay still. She started pacing in front of the dead fireplace. Ten minutes felt like an hour, but the smart phone rang with her mother's call.

"Good morning," Abby warmly greeted. She was alone in her residence after Monty had given her his tablet and told her to call Clarke right away. She had rushed to her quarters to have privacy. Something was wrong and Clarke's next words confirmed it.

"Morning, Mom. I need you to come to Tondc as soon as possible." Clarke continued pacing, but near the table and window.

"What's wrong?" Abby adjusted the earpiece that worked wirelessly with the tablet's audio.

"I... I don't know how to explain this but..." Clarke paused and stared out the window, in the direction of the healer's house. "Anya... she's alive." She was hardly surprised by the long silence.

"Are you sure?" Abby countered.

"Mom, I know how it sounds." Clarke was short with her mother, but she was worried and frustrated by Anya's return. "She's alive somehow, and I need your help to figure it out."

"Clarke, she took a bullet to the stomach." Abby clearly remembered inspecting Anya's body after it was brought to her, along with Clarke. There had been no pulse and lots of blood loss. "She can't-"

"I know," Clarke cut off. "Trust me... I know." She dragged her fingers through her hair. "We need to figure it out because right now some part of Lexa thinks we held her prisoner all this time."

Abby sunk down into a desk chair. Such wild notions could damage the new relationship everybody had built between Trikru and Sky people.

"When can you be here?"

Abby came out of her thoughts and considered how long it would take, until she remembered one important thing. "Raven was able to fix one of the rovers."

Clarke blew out a relieved breath. "Can you make it here today?"

"If there's enough charge on the rover then yes." However, Abby was unsure who could drive the damn thing.

"Just get here as soon as you can," Clarke pleaded. "Please."

Abby nodded, more to herself. "I'll be there, honey." She took a deep breath and promised, "See you soon."

"Thanks, Mom." Clarke was close to ending the call but softly added, "Love you."

Abby was startled by the affection from her daughter, who had almost been estranged to her after Jake's death. She touched her chest and fingered her wedding band that hung from her necklace. "I love you." She ended the call and sat still for a moment. She considered what lay ahead of her for the next day or two. She needed the rover to work so she could take all the necessary medical equipment. With that in mind, she started her day.

Clarke left the smart phone on the table and sunk into a chair by the table. She hung her head in her hands and tried processing what Anya's return meant to them, all of them. She was still stunned this was real. Hopefully Anya would wake up and be able to speak to them. However, Clarke worried what the answers may be, if any.

After a shaky exhale, Clarke stood up and debated returning the Samsung phone to its hiding spot. She instead tucked it into her inner jacket pocket, in case her mother called her. She left the quarters house and returned to Lexa, who was seated by Anya.

"I contacted Mom. She's going to try to be here today," Clarke mentioned.

Lexa nodded. She sighed when Clarke's hand pressed into her back.

"Is there anything else I can do?" Clarke softly asked her warrior.

Lexa shook her head and sincerely offered, "Mochof."

Clarke felt guilt for the appreciation. Somehow Anya's return stirred the guilt deeper rather than relieving it. "I'm going back on patrol." She stared at Anya. "I setup a guard for here."

Lexa was pleased because, like Clarke, she knew villagers would want to see the former general, who was once revered in Tondc.

"Let me know if she wakes up," Clarke added. She squeezed Lexa's shoulder.

"Sha," Lexa promised. She covered her hand over Clarke's own before it slipped off. She listened to Ares following Clarke out of the healer's house.

Clarke buttoned her jacket once outside of the house. She stood there longer though once she realized a small pocket of villagers had gathered near the healer's house. She swallowed because they were staring at her, into her, and even through her. Their whispers made her blood hum under her skin.

"Wanheda," they whispered louder between soft conversations. "The Commander of Death brought her back to life."

Clarke looked away from the superstitious villagers. She ignored their claims that Wanheda resurrected Anya of the Tree people. She sighed and peered down at Ares, who wagged his tails at her. She gratefully petted him for his loyalty. She then headed to the gates so she could continue her last hours of patrol. The time away from the village and Anya would give her chance to clear her head.

Lexa remained at Anya's side for hours. She prayed to their gods for Anya's health and prayed for answers. On occasions, she helped Nyko check on Anya, especially with the fever. There were so many duties she ignored today, but Anya was more important. Only once were they disturbed by Indra's arrival.

Indra needed to speak to the commander about today's daily ongoings. She had heard about Anya's return, but to see it left her tongue tied for minutes. She stared at the phantom breathing on the pallet. She broke from her stare and focused on Lexa.

After Indra's departure, Lexa was greeted by a groan from Anya. She was instantly on her feet by Anya's side.

Nyko had been resting on a stool by the wall, on the other side. He came over and watched foggy amber eyes blink open.

Anya first muttered a curse until she realized who was beside her. A hint of relief showed in her features, and she murmured, "Leksa."

Lexa used the pallet to support her weakened knees. Her former mentor indeed recognized her, and it was a relief after thinking so many wild ideas today. "Heya, Onya." She gently placed her hand over Anya's exposed shoulder. "Ha yu?"

"Skrish," Anya replied. She cut her eyes to the healer. "Naikou," she whispered.

Nyko smiled at hearing his name from the formerly dead general. He did a few checks over Anya and mentioned, "I will alert Clarke."

Lexa nodded and watched the healer leave to give the order to a guard. She looked back down at Anya. "We thought you were dead."

"I also," Anya admitted. Her voice was rough with disuse and a low cough did nothing to help it.

Lexa squeezed her friend's shoulder. "Can you drink water?"

"Sha," Anya agreed, or at least she would try.

Lexa went to the counter and picked up a water skin. She returned with it uncorked and helped Anya drink from it. She corked it and set it on the floor near the pallet.

Just the small mouthfuls helped sooth her raw throat after days without water. She cleared her throat again. "I am in Tondc?"

"Sha." Lexa wanted to ask everything at once. She reined in on her needs because Anya was still so sick and disoriented.

Anya had been inventorying her body and lifted her left arm. She was confused by the strange tube that went to her hand.

Lexa understood and explained, "You're dehydrated... and needed fluids. Clarke attached a device to you that will replenish you."

Anya was too weary to argue the Skaikru's method. Besides, Lexa seemed approving of it. "Klark kom Skaikru," she muttered. She remembered their escape from Mount Weather then today's meeting in the woods. She sighed at how different Clarke seemed from the last time they met. "Klark dresses like us," she noted.

Lexa shifted on her feet, unsure how to break the news. Trikru were blunt, even at difficult times. She finally replied, "She is us."

Anya had a thick furrow across her brow as she silently repeated Lexa's words. She parted her lips but the door's opening sounded an arrival. She followed Lexa's attention to the beautiful blond that entered the healer's house. Even in a weakened state, Anya was stirred by the strength in Clarke that had obviously grown.

Clarke waited until Ares passed her before she approached the commander and the healing patient. "Heya, Onya." She took Lexa's side. "I'm glad to see you're awake."

Anya was stunned silent and continued staring up at the blond haired beauty that had obviously changed from the kid that fell from the stars.

"You have an infection," Clarke spoke up. She hoped the medical rundown would center Anya somehow. "Nyko and I cleaned it, but you' have a fever that's fighting off the infection. You're also dehydrated and suffering from malnutrition." She paused and better explained, "You need to drink water and try to eat."

Anya blinked, as if missing every word from the Skaikru leader. Yet, Lexa's earlier statement confusingly made her correct herself that Clarke was possibly Trikru. She cut her stormy eyes to Lexa and asked, "How long have I been... gone?"

"Two and half months," Lexa calculated. She sighed and quietly added, "A lot has changed, Anya."

"Maunon?" Anya asked.

"Don teik daun," Lexa answered.

"By the Nine," Anya rasped. She was at a loss and tried grasping what had happened to her people. She exhaled heavily then looked at the commander and Sky leader, side by side. She noticed how physically close they were to each other, and it told her much more.

"We believed you were dead," Lexa explained to her former mentor. She touched Anya's shoulder again. "What do you remember?"

Anya had been struggling to piece together her life and whereabouts for the last days. She looked at Clarke and replied, "We were in the Mountain."

"Sha," Clarke softly agreed. "But we escaped it."

Anya nodded. "You and I... we struggled for control over the other." She ignored Clarke's slight smirk because Anya had ultimately failed to keep Clarke tied up and under control. "We went to the Sky camp."

Clarke nodded this time.

"I finally agreed to help you." Anya reheard their last conversation about Sky people and Tree people working together so they could stop the Mountain. "We parted ways, but I was shot in the stomach."

Clarke exchanged a glance with her warrior, who was tense from the details. "What do you remember after that?"

Anya's features drifted back, further. She stared blankly at the ceiling and whispered, "Ai gonplei ste odon."

Clarke blinked away the sting in her eyes, but she hoarsely asked, "Then what happened to you?"

Anya was confused by the darkness in her memory. She searched it like she had tried doing for days. She swallowed and settled on the only thing that was solid. "I woke up... against a tree." She finally focused on the two leaders beside her. "Not far from your drop ship. I remember there was a hole in the ground... behind the tree."

Like Clarke, Lexa assumed the hole was Anya's gravesite. She had no idea how it was possible and kept her silence. She allowed Anya to talk about it.

"I was weak," Anya admitted. "But I made myself get up... and walked here."

"How did you get hurt?" Clarke checked. "On your leg."

"A wolf attacked me," Anya explained. "It preyed on me, but I beat it back." She had used a thick, fallen branch to break the wolf's spirit. The creature had been mangy and sick, enough for Anya to scare it off.

Clarke had pressed Anya enough. "Do you think you can eat a little?"


Clarke was pleased and looked at Lexa. "I have soup in our cellar. I'll bring it here to warm up."

Lexa seconded the idea. She was grateful to be alone again with Anya. She attempted slowly giving Anya details about what happened over the moons. It would be a lot for Anya to adjust to, and it had to be done slowly.

Later Clarke returned with the soup, which was quickly warmed over the pit. Nyko also came in and checked on his patient. He was pleased that Anya would try to eat something. With Lexa's help, he was able to prop up the pallet so Anya was upright. Clarke at first helped Anya with the soup until she was sure Anya was strong enough.

Lexa returned to her seat after getting Clarke a stool too. Together, they inwardly awed at Anya's life in front of them. How any of it was possible was beyond their grasp at the moment. Clarke wondered how much Lexa told Anya and decided to ask later. After eating, Anya needed more rest.

Only a hour before sunset, word spread through the village that a strange metal clad wagon was at the gates under its own power. Several Skaikru exited the belly of it and stood in front of the gates, ready to speak to anybody. Ryder was first at the gates where the Skaikru were waiting for entry by the guards. Shortly, Clarke arrived at the gates after practicing with Octavia on the training field.

"Clarke," Abby warmly greeted. She was swallowed by a strong hug.

"Thanks for coming," Clarke whispered near her mother's ear.

Abby squeezed a little harder in response. She withdrew and indicated who else was with her.

Clarke smiled at seeing Raven, Bellamy, Nathan Miller, and David Miller. She noticed that Bellamy, Nathan, and his father were all in guard uniforms for Abby and Raven's protection while on the road. Clarke exchanged hugs with her friends and even David Miller. She then took Ryder's side.

"You will have to disarm," Clarke explained to the Skaikru.

"We know," Bellamy agreed. He sighed but started removing his weapons.

"They may keep their blades," Ryder offered to Clarke.

Clarke saw the three Sky guards were pleased and kept their bowie knives sheathed at their sides. "Are there any weapons in the rover?" Earlier, Raven had been driving the vehicle, which hardly surprised Clarke. She tried hiding her smile when Raven started petting Ares with both hands.

"Just medical supplies," Abby explained. "We'll need to bring the supplies in at some point, but it can wait."

Clarke nodded and then looked to Ryder. In Trigedasleng, she confirmed that the Skaikru could stay in the guest quarters, near the barracks. She turned back to the Sky people and asked them to follow her. She guided them through the village, which looked significantly different than it's previous life. Many of the Sky people looked at the buildings and noticed most were wood planked this time rather than metal sheeting.

After a short walk, Clarke took the Sky people into a small guest house that was built for visitors. She showed them the rooms they could share and explained meals were made at the dining hall on the other side of the barracks. Mostly warriors went to the dining hall, unlike the villagers ate at home.

Like the others, Abby appreciated the accommodations and thanked Clarke. She gave David Miller commands to bring their things to the house for their stay. She then had an alone moment outside the guest house.

"Do you have energy to see Anya now?" Clarke prompted.

"Yes." Abby Griffin shifted closer to her daughter. "Tomorrow I can run tests... to find out what's amiss." She folded her arms to ward off the cold. "We'll need time to setup the equipment."

Clarke decided they could talk on their way to the healer's house. "I'll check with Lexa where the best place would be for that." She suspected Lexa wanted to be cautious where the tech was located in the village. Their people were leery of tech, and it needed to be shielded from them.

"How is she doing?"

Clarke was prompted by the question, and she ran down Anya's health. She even informed her mother that Anya had a gap in her memory, from being shot to waking up near the drop ship. As Clarke recalled, the gravesite had been unearthed some time ago because the dirt had shown grass seed sprouts in it.

Shortly, the chancellor followed her daughter into the healer's house. Abby exchanged a slightly warm smile with the commander, who stood up from a stool beside Anya. But it was Anya's form that held Abby's interests. She remembered Anya being in the same position on a bed in the Medical Bay in Camp Jaha. The only difference was that Anya's chest was lifting up and falling at a steady pace.

"Thank you for coming, Abby."

Again, Abby smiled at the commander. "Of course." She stared at Anya, distantly then finally checked, "How is she doing?"

"She fell asleep over a hour ago," Lexa explained.

"Clarke said she is still disoriented?"

Lexa nodded and looked at the former general. "She has been gone for two and half months, but she feels as if the other day she woke up by her gravesite."

Abby sighed and considered the possibilities. "Clarke, can you retrieve my medical bag? It's in the rover or else one of the boys picked it up."

Clarke squeezed her mom's arm in silent promise to get it. She quietly left with Ares on her heels. She went first to the rover in hopes to catch the Sky guards. She was hardly surprised to see Raven sitting in the vehicle with the door open.

Ares took a seat near the gates and patiently waited for them.

"Don't you have more important things to do than chauffeur my mother around?"

Raven looked up from the dash and grinned at her friend by the open door. "Please." She waved off Clarke. "Like I'd let anybody else be the first to drive this thing."

Clarke chuckled but then leaned into the vehicle. She was curious herself. "How did you get it to run?"

"Not much really," Raven admitted. "I had to replace the batteries first then I rigged up the solar panels on the top." She had realized it was an electric rover from top to bottom, but it had been designed to plug into electrical fill stations. It was easy to setup the solar panels and wire it into the electrical system.

"Good thinking," Clarke murmured.

Raven smiled proudly. "The brake lines had worn out so Sinclair and I took care of that... lubricated a bunch of things... nothing to it." She shrugged and added, "It's old tech compared to the Ark, but it's not bad." She flicked a final switch, which allowed the solar panels to charge the batteries.

"How far you think it can travel?"

Raven considered the possibility, but she still had to test it. "I'd say around five hundred miles... but it'll depend on speed and terrain."

Clarke was impressed and checked, "How long will it take to charge up?"

Raven blew out a breath. "Well, if it's being charged in Mount Weather then about half an hour but with the panels... probably closer to a hour."

Clarke wanted to ask more until she realized she was being distracted when her mother needed the medical kit. Just then she heard Nathan and Bellamy walking past so she turned towards them. "Hey guys, do you have Mom's medical kit?"

Nathan lifted it in his right hand. "Need it?" After Clarke's nod, he set it down on the ground then headed off with Bellamy.

"I need to go," Clarke mentioned to Raven.

"Catch up later?" Raven asked. She slid out of the truck and gingerly landed on her good leg before placing any weight on her handicapped one.

"I would relish that," Clarke teased. She laughed at Raven's eye roll about her stupid joke about ketchup and relish. It was a cheesy joke that her father had taught her ages ago. She scooped up the medical kit but came back to Raven. With one arm, she hooked the mechanic in a strong hug. "It's good to see you, Raven."

Raven returned the tender hug and whispered, "You too, Princess."

This time, Clarke rolled her eyes at the old nickname. She hurried off while Raven went to the back of the rover's open doors. Clarke returned to the healer's house and found that Abby was seated next to Lexa, softly chatting away. It was a strange moment because she never imagined her mother getting along so easily with Clarke's lover, who was also a powerful leader and her warrior. Whatever had transpired from that family dinner had changed the dynamics greatly.

Abby smiled at seeing Clarke with her medical kit.

Ares slipped past and found his favorite spot by the fire. He sighed dramatically because it had been a weird day. The normal routine was thrown off by the stranger's arrival, but he sensed both his friends' distress about the stranger.

"Do you think she'll wake?" Abby asked. She set the now open medical kit on the stool.

Lexa was by Anya's side and gingerly tried waking her up. She found fuzzy brown eyes studying her after a minute. "Anya, a doctor is here to check on you." She indicated Abby Griffin.

Abby came closer so that Anya could see her easier. "Heya, ai laik Chansla Abi kom Skaikru. Ai laik fisa."

Clarke saw the leeriness in Anya's eyes so she added, "Abi laik ai noman."

Anya glanced at the commander, who was obviously comfortable with Clarke's mother. She could tell they waited for her approval for whatever Abby had in store. She finally nodded even though she was still tense.

Abby retrieved the stethoscope from the bag. She hooked it around her neck then started the basic physical to assess Anya's health. She went slowly and explained each thing she was doing to Anya. She also inspected the wound, which looked cleaner than Clarke described to her earlier.

After checking Anya's heart rate, she retrieved a small device from the medical kit. "I'm going to check your blood pressure, plasma levels, and cholesterol levels." She brought the device near Anya's arm and explained, "You'll feel a small pinch, but it's quick."

Anya had no idea what the tests meant. She felt the pinch but never reacted to it.

Abby noted the device's screen indicated it was already analyzing Anya's blood for any irregular indicators. She tapped a side button, which prompted the device to project its findings in a holo image.

Clarke leaned over to her mother and studied the results too. "White blood cells are high... which is normal with an infection."

Abby was more concerned about the plasma levels. She shook her head and reported, "Everything looks normal." The plasma levels show no signs that the kidneys, liver, blood chemistry, or immune system were having any issues. She closed the holo screen then looked at Anya. "You just need rest, food, and water to heal your body."

Clarke was grateful that her mother came with the medical equipment. She suspected her mother wanted to do more in-depth tests than just a physical.

"I would like to take a sample of your blood, Anya," Abby mentioned. She had put her items away but paused with her hand on a needle.

"Why blood?" Lexa questioned the doctor.

Abby turned to the commander and seriously answered, "For further testing to make sure there's no other underlying issues." She sighed worriedly. "While the hemoscanner is good for a quick check, it can miss things."

Lexa sensed there was more to it. She would ask Clarke later. She then nodded at Anya for consent.

Anya had a frown but allowed the doctor to draw blood from her vein. She was slightly awed by the red liquid being gently drawn into a vacutainer for later testing. She hardly noticed any pain due to Abby's delicate touch.

"Thank you," Abby offered after she was done. She touched Anya's exposed shoulder from under the furs. "You should really rest." She looked pointedly at both Clarke and Lexa.

The commander sighed because she could no longer neglect her duties. She had spent nearly the entire day with Anya. It would be dark in less than a hour. She could at least check-in with Indra, even though Indra would handle any issues.

"I will send in Nyko," Lexa promised Anya. "I will return briefly tonight."

Anya silently agreed with the commander.

Abby packed her things after securing the vacutainer in the bag. She was ready to test the blood now to see what secrets were in it. Soon they were leaving the healer's house with Ares in tow. Nyko returned to stand care over Anya for the night.

Once near the guest house, Abby turned to the commander. "I will need to test Anya's blood with special equipment, which we have in the rover."

Clarke understood her mom's thinking so she better explained to Lexa the circumstance. "Mom needs to set it up... is there a safe place?" She indicated the guest house. "Maybe here? I don't think the healer's house is the best spot." The healer's house was more centrally located than the guest house. If the equipment required solar power then Raven could set them up behind the house where it would draw less attention.

"That would be best," Lexa agreed. Similar to Clarke, she thought it was wiser than the healer's house. "I also suggest the equipment does not move until later tonight... after many villagers have gone home."

"You have things in bags... boxes?" Clarke checked with her mom. She started running her fingers through Ares's fur. After Abby's nod, she looked back at Lexa. "Mom will test Anya's blood to see if there's irregularities in it. Maybe there'll be something to explains how she's still alive... or alive again." She shook her head because she was unsure how to define Anya's return. But, she hoped something in Anya's blood, especially the DNA, could tell them something.

Lexa nodded. She put aside Anya's return and mentioned, "I must speak with Indra. Dinner later?"

Clarke took the idea and ran with it. She smiled at her mother. "You can have dinner with us at our place."

Abby was startled by the invite. "Oh." She smiled after a second. "I'd love to."

Clarke wanted to thank her mother somehow for coming this far from Mount Weather and on short notice. "How about at six?" But her question fell on her warrior.

Lexa was in agreement then left the pair.

Clarke studied the guest house and debated about her free time until dinner. She still had to prep dinner, but she had time to visit a little. She missed her friends and especially Raven, who was incredibly busy working between Mount Weather and Camp Jaha. She felt Ares's head against her thigh, and she smiled down at him.

"Come inside," Abby offered. She tipped Clarke past her indecision and together they went into the guest house.

Clarke followed her mother and held the door for Ares. She was hardly surprised to find Raven relaxing in the common room by an already burning fireplace. She suspected Raven needed it. Perhaps the trip to Tondc was also a secret break from Mount Weather for Raven.

Clarke sunk into the chair next to Raven. She smiled at Ares's content sigh beside the fire. She owed him a bone tonight.

"So I guess she dug herself out of the ground?" Raven joked.

Clarke grunted and looked at her friend. "We have no idea... but she was dead, Raven."

Raven stared at the fire and mulled over the news that Abby had told them in the rover. "I'm sure your mom can figure it out."

Clarke was quiet for a moment. "Maybe we'll know more tomorrow." She rested her arm on the chair arm and held her cheek in her palm. "Mom will need help setting up the equipment tonight."

"Aye aye, Princess," Raven promised.

After a long silence, Clarke looked at her friend. "How is Bellamy?"

Raven weighed the truth then replied, "He's a little better." She paused then added, "He went to see O." She sighed and met Clarke's concerned gaze. "I think being back in the Guard has given him direction."

"I hope so," Clarke murmured.

For awhile longer, Clarke continued visiting with her best friend. They talked about many things from the move into Mount Weather to the changes in Tondc. They even gossiped about different relationships among the Sky people. Clarke did notice that nothing was brought up about Wick. She suspected Raven and Wick were done. Clarke understood why Raven had shut down on Wick after he pushed her too much. Raven was thick skinned, if not more than Clarke herself. Yet, Clarke suspected the right person would steal Raven's heart, unknowingly.

From the hallway, the friends missed Abby Griffin's brief presence. For a minute, she had watched the two young women talk and joke. Abby sadly smiled at the rekindled friendship between them. She was happy that Raven was letting go and grew close to Clarke again. It was what she wanted ever since she sent Raven down to the ground to find Clarke. And yet, that truth pained Abby, and she slipped away with an old heaviness in her heart. She had made a promise to Jake years ago, even before Clarke's birth. She decided it was time to soon break it, and she wished Jake was here by her side for his support.

Abby approached her quarters and played with her wedding band attached to the necklace. She had given Jake's wedding band to Clarke only recently. Since then, Abby stopped wearing hers on her finger because her heart was healing and moving on to new love. With a shoulder against the sealed door, Abby lifted the wedding band and under the hallways' firelight, the name Clarke reflected back in gold at her. With a heavy sigh, she dropped the old wedding band and went into her room. Tonight would be a long night once Raven setup the medical equipment and a nap would help her survive it.

To be continued.

Trigedasleng to English

Ha yu? - How are you?

Skrish. - Shit.

Maunon? - Mountain Men?

Don teik daun. - Defeated.

Ai gonplei ste odon. - My fight is over.

Heya, ai laik Chansla Abi kom Skaikru. Ai laik fisa. - Hi, I am Chancellor Abi of the Sky people. I am a healer.

Abi laik ai noman. - Abby is my mother.