Title: In Memory of You

Rating: Rated M

Genre: Romance




The wide sky arched above them and soft breeze blew. Inuyasha and the others had always made their way through their camp before the dark.




"It is starting to get dark. Let's stay here for the night." Inuyasha said as he looked around for a perfect tree to stay for the night.

"Great!" Kagome suddenly cheered up, her face suddenly bloomed.

Inuyasha eyed her suspiciously. "I thought you said that you're tired? Why you do suddenly looked so energetic?" He said in confusion.

"Ehh? Nothing! Uhm.." Kagome looked around for some sort of escape and found Shippou. "I'll sleep now! Shippou!" The kitsune happily ran on the open arms of Kagome.

Kagome prepared her sleeping bag and slept.




Kagome made her way through the woods in the middle of the night. She had a hard time on escaping Inuyasha because every time she moved, comments would fly.

Minutes had passed, and the fight ended. At the end, the defeated hanyou let her go.

'Oh, crap. I'm absolutely late. I wish he was late too.' As she thought of this, she mentally slapped herself for thinking such things.

She knew that he would not break his promise and never ever going to be late.




After 5 minutes of walking or rather running, she finally arrived to her destination. She stood in the middle of the woods and looked around.

Where was he?

All of a sudden, she was thrown to the nearby tree. Kagome closed her eyes at the sudden impact.

Slowly, she opened her eyes and met the cold as seawater gaze of Sesshoumaru.

"I love you." she said softly yet seriously. If he was surprised, then he didn't show it. Running a clawed hand to her down to her small face, he leaned forward and kissed her forehead before he rested his head on her shoulder.

"I do too." Sesshoumaru watched the expression of Kagome changed.

Kagome smiled at him. She knew that action speaks louder than words when it came to him. So, she appreciated all the efforts he was making just for her.

"Why are you late?"

She should have seen that one coming.

"Inuyasha was not happy to let me go, you know."

She sighed at the memory of Inuyasha. Her first love. In a flash, the memories of their journey flooded back in her mind. Sesshoumaru growled, the rough sound draw her attention back to him.

He snarled as if he had read her mind.

"Don't think of him. You just travel with him because of the jewel of four souls. Nothing. More." Sesshoumaru growled once again. Kagome leaned her head on Sesshoumaru's chest and inhaled deeply.

"I think someone's jealous." Kagome teased, knowing that it would only irritate the Taiyoukai.

"Shut. Up. Or. I am going to kill you." He carefully said every syllable of each word for her to understand the hint of his voice.

Unfortunately for him, she didn't catch the message.

"You mean, you're not jealous?" Kagome grinned when she heard a possessive snarl rumbled in his chest, finding itself out through his lips and she felt his eyes flash to red at a moment.

He sighed heavily. "Fine. I was slightly jealous of my foolish brother because he was your first love." He caught her jaw by his left clawed hand and lifted her head slightly to look in her stormy eyes.

"You are all to me." He stated.

His face was expressionless but his eyes that formerly cold had filled with love and trust.

A tear rebelliously fell down her cheek smoothly, and he brushed it away.

"Don't cry." His voice was serious, and he leaned down and placed another kiss on her forehead.

He nuzzled her hair with his nose, bringing one of those soft giggles from her.

"I'm just so happy. It's so… touching. " The last word is said with a sad smile. He kept all of her emotions under control, but when he'd started to stare at her eyes, his control would disappear. He embraced her more tightly.

Without words, Sesshoumaru leaned down and placed a kiss on her lips.