Title: In Memory of You

Rating: Rated M

Genre: Romance




Kagome looked at the wood expectedly.

She was nervous but all she could do was wait and see who was coming since she did not remember.

She clenched the edge of the well hardly as though she was passing all the frustration she could feel on the old wood.

She could hear the loud drumming of her heart in her chest.

What if Naraku was near? What would she do? How come she couldn't remember anything?

Kagome could almost here the woods, crying as the new comers passed through them.

Damn, they were near.

She caught a glimpse of silvery white by the help of the moon.

Her eyes were focused on the thing, almost figuring what it was. She turned herself back as the thing gotten closer to her.

Did they know that she was here? How come?

Really, what would happen to her now?

Her eyes turned into slits as she tried her very hard to figure out the silvery thing. The figure soon becomes a silhouette of a running human.

Then, Kagome immediately became confused. How could a human have an 'I-want-to-run' mood in this kind of hour?

That was really weird.

She stood up from her sitting position and took a step forward, looking more closely.

Then, to her surprise, the silhouette disappeared. Her eyes widened and scanned the area again with sharp eyes.

Kagome frowned deeply. What the?!

She placed a hand on her chest and absently bit her lower lip. Are you dreaming about the figure? A voice said in her mind.

Kagome shook her head. No, she wasn't dreaming. She should believe on what she was seeing starting from now.

If so, she could survive in this place.

She has no identity since she remembered nothing except Naraku.

Only... Naraku.

Kagome doesn't know how was that suppose to happen but she did remember that Naraku was bad. For that, she didn't know why.

Kagome felt another presence seconds after somebody wrapped its arms around her. She gasped and froze as she felt her captor hugged her more securely.

"Kagome, I'm glad your back. Don't leave us again, please." Her captor said warmly.

Kagome's eyes widened a bit. That voice.

She remembered that voice. Kagome closed her eyes and tried her very hard to remember something because she knew that her captor was someone she valued so much.

"Hey, whoever you are I know you have the Shikon no tama! Give it to me!" Kagome was in a village and a boy with long white hair said to Kagome.

The boy was dressed in red haori and had claws. And he was stretching his hand towards her, as of taking something to her. She couldn't see the boy's face since it was covered by shadows.

"Kagome?" Her captor said worriedly, loosening its secure hug from her and slowly turned her.

She was in another place. In a riverside, she guessed. "You idiot girl! Why did you shatter the Shikon no tama?!"

Somebody said from behind. Kagome looked back and caught a glimpse of the boy.

When she turned her head again, she became a face-to-chest with someone who had a red haori.

Her captor caught her chin and slowly brought it closely to his face.

"Kagome, I'm sorry! I'm supposed to protect you..." The boy in red haori said quietly.

Kagome was now in the branch of a very high tree. The boy was a little higher than her.

The shadow in his face was now starting to fade. But still, she could barely make it out. He seems so familiar...

"Are you alright?" Her captor said quietly, concern visible in his voice.

Kagome's eyes still closed.

"Just remember, no matter what happen I will still be here for you," The boy in red haori said, his back turned to Kagome. The boy in red haori slowly turned his head and Kagome can see his face more clearly, but still blurred.

"Kagome?" Her captor shook her slightly; his voice seems frightened in sound.

"Hey, come back here! We should collect more shards!" Kagome heard someone called behind her. She was now facing the old well. Kagome gasped when somebody grab her by the arm and said, "Where do you think you going?"

That somebody turned her harshly.

Kagome's eyes widen as she finally had a glimpse of the boy's face. Golden eyes and doggy ears... That golden eyes and doggy ears...

She knew this man...

His name was...

"Inuyasha," Kagome whispered as she opened her eyes, tears started to roll down her cheeks.

Her knees suddenly gave away and she started to cry in the hanyou's arms.