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Last Time:

"Did you bring all of your equipment?" Peter just grabbed the duffle bag strip that was over his shoulder and said yes.

"Good, Now hand it over." commended Matt as he extended his hand in front of Peter.

"Wait, What?" was all Peter was able to say before Matt said, " From this day forward your night time excursions are over, Peter Parker."

Sunday In Matt's Office

What was the word Peter was looking for?...Stupefy, ah yes, that was the word that would best describe the look that he was making at Matthew.

"Okay, wait, you want me to stop being the Scarlet Spider, meanwhile I'm in training?" asked a still confused Peter, but Matt's response didn't help him lose that confusion.

"No, you will stop being this Scarlet Spider and live your life like any other normal teenager." demanded Matt, which causes a fit of laugher from Peter.

"Normal? Hahaha, you said normal." Peter continued to laugh, "Tell me Matt, In what mess up world do you live in, where a normal teenage can jump three stories high and punch a hole through a concrete wall."

"The choice is yours on how you use your powers, but if you continue to be a vigilante, or worse, become one of those so called super villains, I will stop you," the laughter stopped instantly as Matt moved closer to Peter's face as he continued the threat, " even if I have to expose you to the world."

Once Matt was done with his threat and thinking he finally stop the teen from making a huge mistake, he move away from Peter and headed behind his desk to continue his work. He was about halfway there when laughter once more filled the room. Matt just turned to Peter, confused at the reaction Peter was having.

"Wow! You nearly got me," said Peter as he wiped away some tears. Matt's responded with a stern look, well as stern as someone wearing sunglasses can give.

"Wait you are serious?" Peter just chuckle, "It would have work, your threat, if not for four reasons. One, I know your identity as well. Two, from the diplomas on the wall, I can tell you're an attorney. Three, with a quick Google search I can see if the devil attack anyone involved in your cases. Last but not least, I'm just a kid, you have more to lose if our identity were to get out." Peter finished his threat with a smirk.

With a heavy sigh, Matt moved his hand to take off his sunglasses. He wished he didn't relive his past, but if it stopped the kid, it would be worth it.

With the eye wear off, Matt looks directly at Peter. What Peter saw, made the smuggest leave him. Around Matt's eyes were vein-y scars, almost as if veins were about to pop out of his skin. The eyes were in worse condition. The whites of the eyes were covered with green veins extending to the center of the eye. His Iris had a sickly blue color to them with the same green veins running over them.

"What?...Your eyes...Are you blind?" Peter manage to said as his mind was racing miles a minute with questions and every encounter he had with Matt. It wasn't adding up, Matt as the Devil, he was some ninja that can kick anyone's ass. But blind, that is just insane. He can fight without the most used sense that humans use. Mind Blown.

Matt just sat down before cryptically saying "Yes, I'm not able to see like any other person, and it wasn't cause I was born this way. Oh no, this was my physical proof that this lifestyle will take more out of you than you can give."

Peter didn't know what to say. He was completely stunned. Speechless. All he could do was to look at the ground before him. Not knowing what to do, till he feel it. RAGE.

The fire deep in him started to boil over, like an animal clawing to be free. It came from the deepest part of his memory. The hatred he has for the Devil in front of him, who is trying to stop him, for the world that preys on the weak, meanwhile rewarding the strong with more strength, and for his lost. The pain that is the main fuel for this raging inferno that has no end in sign.

Still looking toward the ground and with that anger burning inside, Peter whispered," That's it." Clearly Matt was not expecting that response as he asked Peter to speak louder.

"Is that it, or do you have some sob story to add to this?" Peter response shocked Matt, but Peter wasn't done just yet.

"You think I don't know how dangerous it is to be doing this? Do you think I'm doing this to be like the Ultimates, like some fan boy? NO! God no. I do this because no one cares. At least it feels like no one cares." the beginning of Peter retort was more like a yell, but ended in a whisper, as he once again relived the painful memory of his losses, while still being helpless to stop them, even with his power.


The clapping sound was coming from behind Peter. He quickly turned around to see Shang-Chi clap. This surprised Peter for a second since he didn't know when he got in the room, or behind him. But then he remembered that the old man was some grand master of ninjas, so with a sigh, he relaxed his body.

"That was a god answer young Parker. Not the best, but passable." The old man said as he stopped clapping.

The way Shang-Chi said that statement, intrigued Peter. He asked, "Wait passed? As in a test pass?"

"Yes." This response caused Peter to raise an eyebrow, which Shang-Chi explained, " What? You think just because I asked you to be trained under me, you would be handed everything? No, no, that isn't how the world works, neither the Hand."

Shang-Chi moved to the couch that was to Peter's left side and sat down. "That was a test, to see if you have the most important attribute, needed for us to teach you." This confused Peter. He was think what this important attribute the old man was talking about. ' Let's see. A ninja suit? Superpowers? Being an all around Badass? Being the chosen ONE?'

Shang-Chi saw the confused look that Peter had and said, "Determination. That is the attribute that all Hand ninjas have." The response deflated Peter's ego, but Shang-Chi didn't notice as he continued, "Without determination, you will not survive the rigorous training or the lifestyle that follow it. So you pass for now."

"Okay, so what now then?' asked Peter, which Shang-Chi answered, " Now, you will be trained by Matthew. We need you to be up to speed before we sent you to be trained in our training facility. Be grateful, young Parker, not every newbie gets to train under as master like Matthew. "

As the grandmaster finished his answer, he got up and headed towards the door. As he put a hand on the door handle, he turn his head to Peter and said, "One more thing. You will hand in your suit and will not participate in any crime fighting actives." Before Peter had a chance to argue, the old man continued, "We do not want you to be hurt out there, by using a technique or tactic you have not fully mastered. So until we say it is okay, you will be 'grounded'." With his command stated, Shang-Chi went out of the room.

Peter turned to Matt, which he was still behind his desk, and said, "Guess this is yours." Peter put the duffle bag on the desk. Matt got up and put his hand out, which Peter shook. "Welcome to Hell." Peter stop the handshake and look at Matt with a deadpan face and said, "You're taking this Devil gimmick too far, you know that, right?"

Matt replayed with a small smirk and a shrug of the shoulders.

ANNND Done! So Peter just passed the first test of many to come. Hopefully they aren't too hard for him to pass, but we'll see. So what do you guys think so far on the story, the student/mentor relationship Peter and Matt are going to have, Peter joining the Hand, Or Who is the Spider-Man that inhabits this world? We will find out, but I would like your input.

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Next Time On Way of the Spider:

We drive into the hellish train Matt has in store for our young hero, as well learn a little about this Peter's past and what makes him tick. So Join us Next time!