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Note on continuity: This series is based completely off of the English anime, and as thus, it will most likely contain discontinuities when compared to any other version of Yu-Gi-Oh, such as the manga or Japanese anime.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium

Season 5: Heirs of Yugoha

Episode 108: Odyssey of Order

Ruins of Order, Antarctica

The courtyard of the ruins is seen. Despite its location near the South Pole, it appears to be located in a lush tropical rainforest, and the ruins are not actually ruins, but rather a completely intact temple complex. At a wall to the far edge is Yuni and Ma'at. Yuni is observing some hieroglyphics, while Ma'at is using a device of some kind on some alien script. Ma'at says, "According to this translator I took off of Valex, this text refers to how this temple was created."

Yuni nods. "It's not what we're looking for exactly, but it's a step in the right direction."

Ma'at nods. "There must be something here somewhere."

The two go through a couple of moments of awkward silence. Yuni finally asks, "Ma'at, why did you ask me to come here with you? Surely there are Guardians more suited to this sort of mission than me."

Ma'at slowly nods. "To tell the truth, it's because I'm afraid of what this excavation might unveil." Ma'at looks up to the unnaturally sunny sky. "Do you know who Themis is?"

"Yeah, I think I've heard that name. Wasn't he the Lord of Order before you?"

Ma'at nods. "Yes, he was my mentor, guide, and, most importantly, surrogate father." Ma'at walks a couple of steps away and looks around. "I practically worshipped him. What I realize now, in hindsight, is that he was practically blinded by tradition." Ma'at sighs and shakes his head. "If he knew that I considered the Lord of Chaos a friend and ally, I would be kicked out of the Guardians in no time, even as the Lord of Order, he carried so much influence. There are those amongst the Guardians who still believe that he should never have selected me as his successor, and that my progressive policy is ruining all that the Guardians stand for."

Yuni chuckles, "In a way, aren't they?"

Ma'at sighs. "I like to think that that's not the case. I may be your friend, but I still can't accept that embracing Darkness is the way to find enlightenment. I still believe in the purity of soul that embracing Order brings." He sighs again. "At least that's what I tell myself. But that's why I'm here. There are promises of countless secrets of Order here. I'm hoping to find something here to reinforce my faith." He laughs. "Maybe something that will sway you to my side as well."

Yuni chuckles too. "Not likely."

"Of course. Anyways, there are those in Guardians of Order, those who wish to return to Themis' traditional values, who think that nothing good can come from investigating these ruins. They think they know the entire history of Order, and anything they don't know is sacrilegious. To them, these ruins present a great threat."

Yuni shakes his head in confusion. "That's awful. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about their culture."

Ma'at nods in agreement. "I know. That's why I had to ask you here. I'm not sure who I can trust to help me investigate these ruins, but I know I can trust you."

Yuni nods. "I'm glad you trust me enough to think that. Don't worry about it, we'll get to the bottom of this mystery."

Yuni and Ma'at have worked their way into the interior of the ruins. They are carefully investigating the script on the walls of a large chamber. Ma'at says, "What I learned from my last trip here was that Order was brought to this galaxy millions of years ago by group that split from the Chaos users known as the Precursors. Do you know of them?"

Yuni nods. "Yes, I know of them well."

"I learned that the Bringers of Order were originally Precursors, but split off from them when they realized that Chaos was easily corrupted. They created their own doctrines of Chaos, which soon became the doctrines of Order."

Yuni nods. "So you're telling me that Order sprang from Chaos?"

Ma'at sighs. "Yes, it would seem that Order was originally Chaos."

"Maybe that's something you should look into further." Yuni considers what he said for moment. "After all, Order and Chaos really aren't that different."

Ma'at seems to cringe at the thought, but he nods in agreement nonetheless. Looking for a change in subject, he holds the translator up to a new section of wall. He says, "Hmm… interesting. According to this, not even the Bringers of Order knew how the Goddess of Order first came about. There's some speculation, but no concrete stories, let alone legends."

Yuni asks, "What kind of speculation?"

Ma'at is just about to answer, when there's a sudden flash of blinding light. Ma'at shields his eyes and asks, "What's happening!?"

Yuni, also covering his eyes, shouts back, "I don't know!" Some sort of shockwave passes them, pushing against their clothes and hair like a strong wind. Both brace themselves against the shockwave.

Even though it didn't seem possible, the light suddenly gets brighter. The pushing force of the shockwave suddenly reverses, and becomes a sucking force. Yuni and Ma'at are pulled forward, into the wall. Both shout in surprise.

Unknown Location

Yuni and Ma'at are passed out on the floor. Yuni slowly wakes up. He looks around. They are no longer in the Ruins of Order. Instead, they seem to be in a bizarre and alien land. The ground itself around them is a bleach white, and appears to glow. The sky is a bright blue, brighter than a normal midday, and streams of white and gold energy flow across it. Yuni turns to Ma'at and shakes him. "Hey, wake up."

Ma'at slowly comes to. As he's regaining consciousness he asks, "Ugh, what happened?" He becomes fully aware and looks at his surroundings. He instantly becomes shocked.

Yuni looks around more and answers, "I'm not completely sure. We seem to have been pulled into some sort of portal or vortex. I have no idea where we are. Any ideas?"

Ma'at slowly nods. "Yeah, we're in the Realm of Order…"

Yuni looks at him surprise. "The Realm of Order!? Order's version of the Realm of Chaos, that Realm of Order!?"

Ma'at nods. "I've heard plenty of stories, I've even had visions, but I never dreamed that I would actually come here."

Yuni goes back to observing the surroundings. "It's actually very similar to the Realm of Chaos, once you get past the blinding misbalance of light. How do you think we got here?"

"I'd have to assume that we were brought here by something we accidently activated in the ruins."

Suddenly, from behind them, a voice says, "That, or we brought you here."

Yuni and Ma'at turn around. Sitting on a rocky outcropping is a man. He is large and muscular. He wears gold and white clothes, and has blond hair. He is overall an intimidating figure. Ma'at appears confused. He states, "You are dressed as a member of the Guardians of Order, and yet I do not recognize you. State your identification."

The man chuckles. "My name is Utu."

Ma'at shakes his head. "I do not know that name. Who are you?"

Utu jumps down from his perch. "I am Utu, and as you observed, I am a Guardian of Order."

"Then why don't I know you?"

"You didn't let me finish. I am a Guardian of Order, and a member of the Hand of Order."

Ma'at steps back in shock. "A…Hand of Order…?"

Utu nods. "So you've heard of me."

Yuni, obviously out of the loop, asks, "What does that mean? What's a Hand of Order?"

Ma'at answers, "They're more of a myth or legend than an actual group, at least that's what I thought. It is like a ghost story told to scare new recruits. They're supposed to be some sort of super-secret, black-ops organization that answers directly to the Lord of Order. Supposedly they carry out the Guardians' most clandestine missions. When I inherited the title of Lord of Order, and heard nothing of them, I rationalized that they must just be a myth."

Utu laughs. "That's because you're no Lord of Order! The Hand of Order would never follow you! Look at you, right now as we speak, you explain the Guardians to the Lord of Chaos, leader of the Guardian's sworn enemy, the Society of Chaos!"

Ma'at shouts, "The Society of Chaos is no longer our enemy! We have made peace!"

"There can be no peace between Order and Chaos! By even believing that is possible you taint the purity of Order!"

Yuni steps forward. "Enough debating philosophy! Why have you brought us here?"

"I brought you here because it is time for a change. There is a moment of reckoning coming, and you two are not a part of it. The time has come for a true Guardian of Order to take charge, and for the Lord of Chaos to fall."

Ma'at asks, "And who's that 'true' Guardian supposed to be? You?"

"No, not me; one who should have been all along. Now, which one of you should I destroy first?"

Yuni steps forward and raises his Duel Gauntlet. "I accept your challenge."

Ma'at warns, "Yuni, are you sure you want to do this? If he claims to be a member of the Guardians of Order, then I should be the one to face him. And if half the stories are true about the Hand of Order, this is not a guy to mess with."

Yuni nods. "I can handle this." He looks Utu in eye. "I've handled far worse." Yuni then declares, "Duel on!" Yuni activates his Duel Gauntlet.

Utu steps forward and summons a Duel Gauntlet using the power of Order. The Duel Computer states, "Duel now underway. Yuni Oha vs. Utu. Scanning decks…decks accepted. Commence Dueling."

Utu states, "Go ahead and take the first move. It doesn't matter to me."

Yuni draws. "Gladly." He looks to his card. "I summon Cyber-Tech Gale Commander (Wind/Level 4/Warrior/Effect/ATK 1600/DEF 1300)!" Yuni's monster is a cyborg warrior with the ability to control wind. Its lower body is covered by a tornado, and wind blows around it. "By simply setting two cards, I'll end my turn (Yuni's hand: 3)."

Utu draws. "Amongst my comrades, I have earned the title of Enforcer of Order. I stop at nothing to enforce Order, and this duel will show no exceptions. I summon Radiant Soldier in defense mode (Light/Level 4/Warrior/Effect/ATK 1000/DEF 1900)." A warrior holding a large shield made of pure light appears. Its armor is silver and gold, and is reminiscent of the armor worn by Ma'at's Order monsters. "Then I'll activate my Spell Card, Shining Radiance. This card summons two more copies of the Radiant Soldier from my deck." Two more soldiers join the first. "Now that I control at least two Radiant Soldiers, I can activate their effects, each of which sends the top two cards of your deck to the graveyard, for a total of six!" Each soldier creates a blinding flare of light, and six cards from Yuni's virtual deck on his Duel Gauntlet fly into the Graveyard Zone of the Duel Screen. Yuni looks surprised, and Utu grins. "That is all I require of my turn (Utu's hand: 4)."

Yuni states, "I don't know what angle you're playing, but sending a couple of cards to my grave isn't going to scare me. I draw! I activate the effect of Gale Commander. It blows a monster on the field back to the deck. Say goodbye to Radiant Soldier number one!" Yuni's monster summons up a tornado that catches Utu's monster and blows it away. "After doing that, Gale Commander increases his own strength by 400 points until the end of the turn (ATK: 2000)! Now that it's strong enough, let's get rid of Radiant Soldier number two!" Gale Commander attacks with gale force winds, destroying Utu's second monster. "Now that you only have one Radiant Soldier, you can no longer activate its effect! That's a satisfying enough turn for me (Yuni's hand: 4)." At the end of his turn, Yuni's monster returns to its base attack strength (ATK: 1600).

Utu draws, and then grins at what he drew. I activate the Continuous Spell Card Blinding Radiance. Then I tribute my remaining Radiant Soldier in order to summon Radiant Commander in Defense Mode (Light/Level 6/Warrior/Effect/ATK 1900/DEF 2600)." This monster is another soldier, armored and armed similarly to the last. This one is bulkier, appearing to be able to take a hit with ease. "I now activate the effect of Blinding Radiance. At the cost of not being able to attack this turn, as long as I control a Radiant monster, I can send the top three cards of your deck to the grave." Three more cards fly into Yuni's Graveyard. "That in turn activates the effect of Radiant Commander. Whenever cards are sent straight from your deck to your graveyard, it doubles that amount!" Three more card are gotten rid of.

Yuni looks curiously at Utu. He asks suspiciously, "What kind of game are you playing?"

Utu laughs. "There's more than one way of winning a duel. I specialize in winning without launching a single attack."

Yuni realizes what he's inferring. "You're trying to make me run out of cards in my deck!"

"Exactly. And half your deck is now gone. It won't be long now until you draw your final card." He grins for a moment, "Both literally and figuratively."

Yuni looks to his deck, which already shows signs of depletion (Yuni's deck: 21). He looks back up at Utu with frustration.

Yugi warns, Yuni, you've got to be careful. This duel isn't going to be like one you've ever dueled before.

Yuni nods. I realize that now. He looks back to Utu. "You don't scare me. As long as I still have a card in my deck, I will not give up."

"Nor do I expect you to, the struggle of my opponents is what makes my job so fun. Go ahead, see what you can do (Utu's hand: 3)."

Yuni looks to his half-empty deck and draws (Yuni's deck: 20). "Your no attack strategy may have the advantage of allowing your monsters to stay in Defense Mode, but that doesn't mean that you're immune to damage. I tribute Cyber-Tech Gale Commander in order to summon Cyber-Tech Inferno (Fire/Level 5/Pyro/Effect/ATK 2200/DEF 200). When this burning hot monster is summoned, it scorches 200 of your life points per card in my hand. I have four cards there." A blast of fire is shot from the monster to Utu (Utu's LP: 3200). "Now all I have to do to win is disrupt your strategy. I activate my facedown card, the Mystical Space Typhoon! Say goodbye to your Blinding Radiance!" In a gust of wind, Utu's card is blown away and destroyed.

"If you think destroying one spell will halt my strategy, you're severely mistaken."

"Not alone maybe, but it can slow you down, and that's all I need right now (Yuni's hand: 4)."

Utu draws. "You know, looking at my opponent's thin deck always makes me appreciate having a nice full deck myself. I summon Radiant Guard (Light/Level 3/Warrior/Effect/ATK 0/DEF 2000) in Defense Mode." This monster, once again, wears armor like the others. It too has a shield made of light, this one larger than the others.

Yuni comments sarcastically, "And let me guess, its effect involves sending more of my cards to the grave."

"You've got that right, since I control two Radiant monsters, it sends four cards from your deck to the grave." Yuni's deck is decreased in size further (Yuni's deck: 16). "And of course my Radiant Commander then joins in and sends an additional four (Yuni's deck: 12)."

As more cards are sent an apparition of the Cyber-Tech Magician flashes for a second as the last card is sent. Yuni grunts. He just got rid of the Cyber-Tech Magician.

Utu taunts, "It looks like I just got rid of a card that was important to you. How nice for me (Utu's hand: 3)."

Yuni looks to Utu and thinks, If I only have so little cards left in my deck, I'd better make them count. Yuni holds his arm towards the sky and declares, "Go, Chaos Draw!" Yuni makes a dramatic drawing motion, but no glowing or energy appears (Yuni's deck: 11). He looks to the card he drew with surprise. What just happened!?

Ma'at shouts, "Yuni, remember where you are! The Realm of Order is interfering with your Chaos powers!"

Yuni grunts. Yugi encourages, You've just got to duel with the cards you've been given, that's never stopped you before.

Yeah. I just hope that I've got enough left.

Utu laughs. "You don't even have control over your own powers! How can you plan to win!?"

Yuni replies, "I plan to win regardless! I activate Cyber-Tech Rebuild! This card allows me to tribute one of my Cyber-Tech monster in order to summon another from my deck with three more levels!"

Utu taunts, "Is it wise to be using up cards from your deck? They're a particularly endangered species right now."

"This move is more than worth it! I tribute Cyber-Tech Inferno in order to summon Cyber-Tech Illumi-Dragon (Light/Level 8/Dragon/Effect/ATK 2800/DEF 0) (Yuni's deck: 10)!" Yuni's first monster disappears, leaving behind its cybernetic parts. These parts then recombine into a new form, and Yuni's dragon of light appears within them. "Cyber-Tech Illumi-Dragon, destroy the Radiant Guard! Light Force Blast Attack!" The dragon attacks with a beam of light that destroys the defending monster. A shockwave is then generated which destroys the Radiant Commander as well. Yuni explains, "When the Illumi-Dragon destroys a Defense Position monster, it also destroys all monsters who have a higher defense value than the attacked one. That should significantly stall your effort to destroy my deck (Yuni's hand: 3)."

Utu draws. "That was your last turn. I hope you realize before the end of mine how much you wasted it! By returning the Radiant Guard and Radiant Commander from my graveyard to the deck, I summon Radiant General of Order (Light/Level 8/Warrior/Effect/ATK 2700/DEF 2700)!" This monster's armor is reminiscent of the others', but it looks much closer to the traditional armor or Order monsters. As well as a shield of light, this monster also carries a sword, and as such, was actually summoned in Attack Mode.

Yuni states, "It seems a little late to start going for the offensive."

"I told you that I planned to defeat you without declaring a single attack. That still stands true. I activate Brilliant Radiance. This card makes it so that both of us have to discard our entire hand." They both do so. Utu laughs. "I really didn't need to do that, since you won't have a chance to activate any of those cards anyways, but it's so much more satisfying to win when every single card in my opponent's deck is in the grave. Now as for my Radiant General of Order. It first destroys one monster on the field, such as your Illumi-Dragon." With a slash from its sword, Yuni's dragon is gone. "Then its second effect all depends on how many cards there are in your Graveyard. Since you have at least 25 cards, my monster can send the top 10 cards of your deck to your graveyard!"

Yuni gasps, "But that would be the last of my cards!"

"Too bad for you!" Utu's monster creates a blinding flash of light that sends every single card in Yuni's deck to the grave (Yuni's deck: 0).

Ma'at shouts, "Yuni!"

Utu is laughing absolutely hysterically. "Now all I have to do is end my turn and you lose! To think, the Lord of Chaos' own draw is going to be what destroys him!" He continues to laugh, paying no attention to Yuni (Utu's hand: 0).

Yuni smiles smugly and draws a card. He proclaims, "You might want to look again."

Utu's eyes go wide in shock. "Bu…but how!? I got rid of every single card in your deck!"

"Yes, you did, but you failed to address the single card on my field. I've been saving it for the worse. You see, while you were busy cracking up, I activated Cyber Circuit before you ended your turn. That Trap Card returned a Cyber monster of my choice from my Graveyard to the top of my deck."

"And that means you still had a card to draw when your turn came…"

"Exactly. Now if you'd excuse me, it's time for me to win this duel. From my grave I activate the effect of Cyber-Tech Sage. By banishing it along with its Ritual Spell Card, Cyber Sage Transcendence, I can summon the Cyber-Tech Magician from my hand (Dark/Level 7/Spellcaster/Effect/ATK 2500/DEF 2100)!" A magical vortex appears and Yuni's magician emerges. "Then I banish the Dark Attribute Cyber-Tech Skull Archfiend and Light Attribute Cyber-Technokinetic!" Cyber-Tech Magician becomes cloaked in light and dark energy. Yuni chants, "O, Will of Chaos, hear my plead, grant me the power that I need! White as day, black as night, Cyber-Tech Magician, unleash your might! I Chaos Evolve the Cyber-Tech Magician into Discordon, the Cyber-Tech Magician of Chaos (Light/Level 9/Spellcaster/Evolution/ATK 3300/DEF 2900)!" Cyber-Tech Magician emerges from the energy in its evolved Chaos form.

Utu is even more shocked. He demands, "What!? You can't use your Chaos powers here!"

Yuni simply comments, "I will always have the support of the Will of Chaos, as long as my goals to protect the Balance! Now I activate Discordon's effect! By banishing the Cyber-Tech Spellbook of Necromancy from my grave, I can activate its effect, which increases the strength of a Cyber-Tech Magician monster by 100 for every card in my graveyard. That's an additional 3400 Attack Points (ATK: 6700)!"

Utu stammers, "Tha…that's enough to defeat me…"

Yuni nods confidently. "And you know the best part? You made it all possible!"

Horror crosses Utu's face as he realizes what Yuni means. "I sent the cards that you used to summon and evolve your magician to the grave…I allowed you to use the Spellbook of Necromancy and loaded the grave for its effect…"

Yuni nods. "I may not have won if it wasn't for you. I really should thank you. How about you do that for me Discordon? Attack the Radiant General of Order with Yin-Yang Stream!" Discordon unleashes its attack of Light and Darkness, which destroys Utu's monster (Utu's LP: 0).

Utu falls to his knees. He says with fear, "I'm sorry my lord, I never meant to fail you." He suddenly cries out in pain, and then disappears.

Ma'at walks over to Yuni and says, "That was a great display of dueling Yuni."

Yuni nods. "Thanks."

Ma'at looks to the spot where Utu stood just moments before. "I've never heard of a member of the Guardians of Order attacking their lord before."

"One thing's for sure, there's a whole lot more going on here than we can understand."