Pritchett threw back the door to the cellar. The scotch he had consumed only minutes earlier, rose in his stomach as the dark, formless shape loomed before him. He took a step back as the shape bore down on him, when suddenly it stopped moving. In fact, everything seemed to be frozen except himself. A blue light grew from the center of the shadow. A girl stepped forth from the light and walked right up to him. She smiled at him as if they were old friends. "Watson Pritchett." His eyes grew wider. "H-how do you know my name?" "Listen Pritchett, I'll explain everything later. Right now we have to ge out of here, because that thing," pointing to the shape behind her, "is going to eat you." He nodded. "Yeah we could if all the windows and doors weren't locked." She cocked an eyebrow at him. "I know that, thank you. I already know how we can get out of here." Watson's fear subsided and was quickly replaced by sarcasm. "Yeah, and how is that?" "We have to go through the portal." Pritchett unfolded his arms and took a step back. "No way. I am not going through there." The girl took a step toward the light. "Well, I guess I'll just go back and let this......thing eat you." Watson appeared to be considering his choices, when the girl grabbed his arm and pulled him through the light. When he had fully recovered from the shock, he noticed he was in a small apartment. DVDs were spred across the floor and walking around the room was a young man with a blue baseball cap, and what appeared to be a permanent dumbfounded look, on. He spun around to face the girl. "Wait, no! You can't leave me with this moron!" But the girl was already gone.