Chapter 28 – Serpents and Lions

- 24th of March 2022, Thursday -

Lysander walked towards Hagrid's hut, however, he turned right, into the forest. It was warmer than it had been, compared to a few weeks ago with snow. The dense clouds made it seem later than lunchtime. At the meeting point, a person in jeans and a red hoodie stepped out from behind the tree.

"Just on time," Dom smiled.

"Of course, but why the woods?" Lysander put his hands in his hoodie leaning against the nearest tree. He looked around at the empty woods, it seemed excessive.

"The walls and even trees have ears," She huffed as if it was obvious. "Did you bring what we need?"

Lysander pulled a folded piece of parchment out of his jumper pocket and offers it to Dom. She looks over it, all of Dixon's movements who he's bullied when Fie is present, "This is good intel. Continue like this, I will decide what to do next." Dom levitated and disintegrated the parchment.

"Well, I'll see you next time." Lysander grimaced at the thought of following Dixon more. He was the biggest jerk and someone he'd rather be ignorant about.

Lysander begins to leave as Dom says, "Thank you, by the way."

He turns around, "No problem," leaving Dom in the woods.

Rose and Scorpius made their way to potions together, as they walked Rose felt the urge to hold his hand, it was relaxing to feel his presence. Do I reach? What if my hand is too sweaty? He likes me, I think, so he wouldn't mind, right? She was barely following the conversation, she reached for his hand and almost gripped it before he pulled his hand back into his pockets. For a moment, he gave you a look of disapproval and continued as if nothing had happened. Rose couldn't help but feel rejected and held back tears the entire lesson as she ignored her partner.

After class, she ran out of the room and straight to the bathroom. She sat in one of the stalls for a while, it was hard to judge time. Rose heard the door to the bathroom open.

"Rose are you in here?" Mya's voice was soothing. Rose opened the door and didn't bother to hide her tears. Mya hugged her as Rose sobbed into Mya's shoulder.

"Rosie what's up?" Mya rubbed her back.

"Scorpius is confusing I hate him," After more sobbing, Rose explained the situations with Scorpius and the mixed signals he was sending.

Mya punched her palm, "Someone's looking for some pain. I think I should have a little talk with Scorpius Malfoy."

"Wait it's ok, we'll work it somehow thank you though, if I need help, I will come straight to you." Rose hugged Mya tighter.

"Let's go have some food yeah?" Mya grinned mischievously.

At dinner Scorpius couldn't find Rose anywhere, on top of that, Mya was glaring daggers at him.

"Hey Mya, do you know where Rose is?"

"Serpents are not privy to such information." She had a cold monotone voice; she was clearly pissed off. It's like facing a dragon.

"Ok then, say yeah."

"By the way," He paused to hear what Mya had to say, "don't play with her feelings, ok. You know what will happen if you do."

Later that night, Rose stood by the notice board outside the Headmistress' office. Rose sighed heavily. She had spent some time crying in the girl's bathroom before waiting. He must be just toying with me if he can reject holding hands when we have already kissed twice. Then what was his reason? Was he that embarrassed to be seen with me? A Weasley and a Malfoy. Unlikely but it's not like our families hate each other anymore. Her heart ached at the memory, all she wanted is for Scorpius to show her more affection in public, to not have to act like they don't like each other.

"Hey, Rose," Scorpius appeared through the dimly lit corridor.

"Finally, you're here, let's go," Rose stalked off without waiting for his response.

"Hey wait up!" Echoed behind her as she continued to walk.

She was pulled back by her right hand, it was undoubtedly Scorpius, so she didn't turn around.

"Did I do something wrong? Why are you avoiding me?"

She couldn't find the right words to reply so she said nothing.

"Please, tell me if I have done something that upset you, I don't use to go back to avoiding each other." He still held her hand, but she gave up struggling to get away.

Now she was angry, he doesn't get to play victim after she has been the one in torment. She turned around while starting to tear up. "You big idiot! You're the one who doesn't even want a relationship with me! You never hold my hand in public! Are you that ashamed to be with a Weasley that you can only kiss in private!" She sobbed as she tugged her arm back and began to run off.

Scorpius was stunned, he could have been mistaken for a statue.